Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The Peachy Palette I Can’t Get Enough Of!

This Christmas I was lucky enough to get my hands on Too Faced Cosmetic’s ‘Sweet Peach' Palette. This gorgeous 18 piece eyeshadow palette is one i’ve had my eye on since it was released last year. The packaging, in true Too Faced style, is gorgeous and the shadows themselves are highly pigmented and scented like your favourite 00’s gel pen… What’s not to like?

I’ve been reaching for this product every day since it was gifted to me (thanks mum!) AND It was so worth the shipping delays and Instagram stalking. The shades themselves range from shimmering neutrals to sunset oranges, earthy greens and deep plums. Simply stunning. 

I really enjoy the fact that this palette is both generous on both the showstopping colour and champagne nude front. Those lighter shades are always the ones I finish first so it’s refreshing to see a palette that really caters to that highlight we all love! The shades ‘White Peach’ and ‘Bellini’ are my favourite for those inner corners. A real ‘Tah-Dah’ effect. 

For me, there is something so glam about the bronzed sunset shades in this palette. I love creating a smokey eye with warm browns and earthy greens, something that really works with hazel/emerald eye colours. For that, there is a clear winner in this palette: the gorgeous ‘Summer Yum’. I will never tire of this warm shade. I typically blend it right into the crease, using my fluffy Zoeva cosmetics shadow brush to reduce sharpness and create a soft, ethereal winter look. 

This product is gorgeous and I’d go as far as to say I prefer it to the classic ‘Chocolate Box’ set. The colours are so flattering, the packaging is super aesthetically pleasing and you can easily create countless contrasting looks with just one product. Pick this up while you still can! Love.

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