Monday, 20 June 2016

Colour me Summer | Outfit Update

I haven’t made a post like this in what feels like a hundred years. I suppose there are a multitude of reasons for this hiatus, the majority of which can be condensed into the simple, I wasn’t feeling it. Broadcasting ‘how to’ guides on dressing well and feeling good in the skin you're in is easy when you’re preaching truth and (honestly) pointless when what you’re putting out there is a fabrication. Sometimes we experience lows that even a good insta-filter and a well fitting pair of Topshop jeans cannot repair, but, c’est la vie and all that… 
I’ve made no secret of the fact the last few months have been pretty challenging for me. We all have these moments of individual crisis: those, who am I and why am I so different from the me I knew last year moments.Moments when you only see grey (and that size 8 dress you haven’t been able to fit into for months). This has been my life for the past 6 months, and it’s shitty. It’s exhausting to watch yourself give up. To cut your losses and deny yourself the things that used to give you happiness: shut down. Recently though, i’ve opted for a different approach…

My philosophy is simple, i’m not going to give up this time. Over the past couple of months i’ve started losing a little weight, trying a little harder and putting myself out there a little more: it’s paying off. That dress isn’t so scary, the grades are going up, the opportunities are reappearing and i’m ready to take them on (ish). So, last step, i’m posting again. *warning* this post features celebratory Prosecco, because Dutch courage was 70% responsible for this particular garden photoshoot. 
As i’m starting to feel more like myself, i’m beginning to remember why I started blogging and what it is i’ve always loved about playing dress up. I’ve spent 80% of this year slobbing around in size 12 jumpers that were dying to fit me, but now, as i’ve shed that extra stone i’d been carrying, i’m feeling a little closer to my old self. Old me loved clashing prints, bold colours and was unapologetic about it, new me is getting there… 

So here goes. This is an outfit that i’m absolutely loving. It’s a really ‘easy to wear’ look that fits almost every occasion. Let’s talk about the skirt… This skirt is one from my all time favourite Topshop. 
Even when I was feeling at my worst I could usually guarantee that Toppers would have something to flatter. This skirt is perfect for those who want to be a little bit experimental but stay comfortable and relaxed looking. I picked this one up in the size 10 and it’s nice and roomy. The length is very flattering and probably works best with a slight heel, although i’ve paired it with trainers before for a slightly more sport luxe affect. STUNNING. 

There are so many colours to play with when wearing this skirt but I have decided to bring out the green. I picked up this little crinkle, off shoulder top from M & S of all places, love it. 

Lastly, these shoes are an absolute dream (Topshop) I love the bright colours and the intricate paisley detail. They look scary, but trust me they go with everything! A modern classic. 
That’s all folks. More posts to come.

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