Monday, 14 March 2016

Moonfish Cafe | A Review

Recently, I visited the gorgeous Moonfish Cafe restaurant in Aberdeen. This relaxed and stylish eatery is located in Aberdeen’s merchant quarter, offering a tasteful injection of sophisticated dining in the heart of the city. We were lucky enough to snag a table at Moonfish on Friday night, after weeks of waitlisting. And, i’ve got to tell you, it was worth it. 

The restaurant is intimate. Stylish. Clean lines only disturbed by packed tables. Featured artwork. Shelves populated with their extensive Gin collection. Features which establish their effortless aesthetic dissolving any fear of pretentiousness off the plate. 

Portion sizes at Moonfish are small, but perfectly formed. Delicate and innovative twists on traditional courses, accompanied, naturally, by a G&T. Despite the unfortunate guarantee that while sipping on an Edinburgh Gin my judgement is a little compromised, I can assure you the first portion of the evening was gorgeous. However, post bottle of Pinot Noir the desert may be a little hazy… I’m kidding! The whole evening was delish. 

So, what did I eat? To start, I opted for the Confit Salmon with Crab, fennel and lemon. Followed by the Fillet of Beef, accompanied with leeks, nettle pesto and salsify. And the Chocolate, pecan, orange, oats to finish. 

This medley was the perfect dinner out. The portion sizes meant that, despite the elaborate nature of the meal itself, I wasn't over stuffed or burdened. The flavours were adventurous yet grounded in the familiar. An absolute treat and a gorgeous night out. 

Star course: The main. The fillet of Beef was succulent and packed with flavour. Tender and more-ish. 

Call them up, book your next meal out at Moonfish. You won't regret it. 

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