Saturday, 19 September 2015

One Little Haul | & One Big Apology

Hello lovelies! It's been a while... I owe you an XL, glitter coated, heart shaped apology. I haven't blogged in weeks! I could rattle off a plethora of excuses, just becauses and i'm sorries but the truth is, sometimes life just takes us by surprise and we RUN OUT of time. So, i'll save you the nonsense and get right back to it with a little haul. 

I was feeling a bit spendy today and my birthday money was seriously burning a hole... First stop, House of Fraser. Having drained my old faithful foundation (Laura Mercier, Silk Creme) it was operation FACE. I headed to the NARS counter to check out a product long coveted, their SHEER GLOW foundation. This product is radiant and light weight with a dewy finish. The liquid glides on the skin without clinging to imperfections. I picked it up in 'Deaville'. 

To compliment this base I went for Tanya Burr's favourite NARS 'Radiant Creamy Concealer' in the shade 'Vanilla'. This luxurious creme glides over under-eye circles without creasing and provides medium-full coverage over blemishes - which after FRESHERS week, I have plenty of! It's definitely an indulgent spend, but good CONCEALER is an absolute must have to brighten your eye bags and lift your mood. IF only bad decisions were covered up so easily...

NEXT UP (I know, this haul isn't really that LITTLE) it's time for a splash of colour. I've noticed recently that HULA bronzer is getting a little bit overpowering for my pasty completion. The brash brown goes on streaky and clings unflatteringly throughout the day. AS an alternative i've gone for something a little softer and, hopefully, more durable. NARS 'LAGUNA'. I've always wanted to try this bronze and believe its olive base is better suited to someone with my OH SO WHITE complexion... What do you think?

TO complement the autumn that is fast ensuing it was time to darken up my blush. I adore ORGASM by NARS so knew i'd love the quality and consistency of their other shades. For a more autumnal hue I went for the GORGEOUS 'SEDUCTION'. A plummy matte blush that fits perfectly into a transitional colour palate. 

LASTLY, it was time for me to replace my trusty ARBONNE 'It's a Long Story' mascara with a newbie. I went for the oh-so-bloggable BENEFIT Roller Lash in black. The product promises to lift and curl... Only time will tell if it's a keeper. 

SO I hope you can forgive my untimely absence and thank you all for sticking around. Check out my INSTAGRAM tomorrow for a preview of how this make up look comes together! @katyjjo 

Lots of love, 
Katy xoxo

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