Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Summer Glow | Home & Away Haul

Looking out the window, it seems hard to believe it but this is Summer! If, like me, you've got an inside seat and are enjoying today's Great British wind and rain you'll agree that the concept of seasons has become somewhat of a joke, but I promise you, this is that sunshine, legs out, tan time! Don't let the rain stop you enjoying that! 

I jet off to France tomorrow, so i'm hoping to enjoy a well deserved break from this Summer Slump and dip my toe into some real sunshine for a change. In prep for my little adventure i've put together a 'summer glow' haul equipped with a few sunshine enhancers that will brighten up your holidays at home and away! All of these products can be sourced on the high-street, so don't worry gals, you can look like you've been soaking up those summer rays without spending a pretty penny on a plane ticket! Here we go, some simple ways to cheat summer. 

First up, it's the gradual tan. Want to look like you've caught some sun without lathering on fakery and smelling like biscuits? I think i've found the solution. I picked up this 'St Tropez' gradual in shower tan purely through intrigue... I was really taken with the overall concept and I have to say that this product did not disappoint. Combining my usual showering routine with a little pigment saves time, saves on mess and saves my skin from its usual translucent sheen. Don't get me wrong, the product isn't a fast track to Malibu, it really is gradual, but if you take the time to buff it into wet skin over the course of a week it will leave a super natural super radiant finish. 

As you ladies will know, with any fake tan it's important to have a smooth and hydrated skin surface before application. It's essential to scrub the roughest parts of your body so the tan will glide on evenly and with some precision. For scrub, i've converted to the Body Shop's new Mojito range. The scent is fresh and zesty and the product range is one i've really fallen for (although the cocktail infusion doesn't have quite the same affect after a night out!). All jokes aside this range is beaut and the perfect scent for any summer lover.

Summer is all about skin. It's just as important to stay moisturised in the sun as it is in harsh winters. That's why the St Tropez tan is so affective, it's highly moisturising which enhances your skin's elasticity, something that just gets more important as we age, and as we expose ourselves to UV damage. So, face moisturiser is a real necessity - after all, there is no gym for your face, and you only get one - take care of it! This one from the 'Body Shop' is part of the amazing Vitamin range and it really works to combat tired and life abused skin, with the quality of a product double the price. Love this range! Love this brand!

As for make up... Bare faced is beautiful! I know it is, but it's hard enough for me to squeeze myself into a bikini on the beach and i'm really not sure i'm prepared to let everything hang out just because i'm away from home. What I need is natural looking coverage. That summer, your skin but better glow to match my holiday happy-s. AND it's got to be life-proof. There is nothing summer sexy about panda eyes in the pool or tan streaks by a lounger! That's why I was super excited when Mac brought out their latest foundation. The 'Pro Long Wear Waterproof' edition is simply amazing. It's got that mid to full, dewy coverage that I always covet in a foundation and it's ready for the beach! Colour me impressed! (NW15, because bronzer is your best friend).

I've paired this holy grail foundation with a cheeky creme highlight from the Body Shop. This little honey bronze pigment creates a super radiant highlight that is gorgeous in the summer glow when applied to cheek bones. The creamy consistency is perfect with that that dewy foundation finish, plus the packaging is lush and compact. Love it!

So there you have it! Some products i've been using to fake that summer glow in the midst of the Great British gloom.

Hope you enjoyed it and got some tips!

lots of love,
Katy xoxo



Carys Emily said...

The St Tropez tanner sounds so interesting ! I thought it was a bit gimmicky at first but it's good to now that it actually works

Distant Dreamer

Katy 'J said...

Hey Carys, yeah I completely fell for the marketing! But honestly i'm so impressed, i'm no longer completely see through! AND it's not too orange or cakey so it's really worth a buy! xo

Olivia said...

Great post! Might have to try that Body Shop moisturiser - I've been looking for a new one, and as luck would have it, a huge Body Shop just opened in town...

Katy 'J said...

Aw I love the Body Shop, such a great range! Well, that's as good an excuse to go shopping as any!!

Arabesque said...
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Arabesque said...

I definitely need to step up my "glow for the summer" game ;) Right now I'm using Dove gradual tanner, but I'd gladly try out some of your picks ;)
If you'd like you could check out my new blog arabesque - I'd be honored ;)

Hugo Henrique said...

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