Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Mac | Green Eyes, Nude Lips

Hey guys, just got a quick post for you featuring some recent make up splurges.  During my last trip to mac I spotted their new AND gorgeous Wash & Dry collection. Not only is the packaging super vibrant and futuristic - the product's aren't bad either. I picked up this gorgeous green Eye Shadow trio and a  cheeky matte lipstick in 'Mehr'. 

Let's start with the lipstick. This shade was recommended to me by a friend who really knows her stuff when it comes to beauty! (thank you Jordan! You know me well babe). The colour is a perfect compliment to my 'oh so fair' skin tone as it's a pink based neutral. You know, that Kylie Jenner, your lips but better nude tone everyone is going ga ga for. The lipstick is balmy and highly pigmented. The perfect every day summer shade. (see me wearing it on Instagram @katyjjo). 

Next up is the gorgeous eye trio. If you know me at all, it's no surprise I caved and purchased yet another eye product. You know eyes are the window to the soul, the nipple of the face, the cherry on the cake... I can't justify the spending but, you know what, this product is lush!

The gorgeous greens really pop and provide a perfect colour compliment to my own grey-green eyes. Typically I apply the darkest green into the lid smoothing and buffing it into the crease, working down the colour chart to link it with white shimmer at the tear duct. Sounds complicated? Basically I create a gorgeous emerald smokey eye, which you can also catch a glimpse of on my instagram. A perfect look for fair skin and brown/green eyes!

Who wouldn't want these beauties in their summer make up bag? I think this alternative to a smokey eye is perfect for a summer wedding and fresh faced night out. Go on, be a little daring, let your inner Elphaba out and embrace this vibrant trend. 

Lots of love, 
Katy xoxo

Saturday, 23 May 2015

OOTD | The Chelsea Flower Show

Bonjour lovely ladies! Today I'm coming to you with an OOTD post, all about what I wore to London's Chelsea Flower Show. The show is such a brilliant event with Pims on tap, glorious sunshine, entertainment all day long and of course some beautiful flowers. Well, I took this flowery theme and ran with it... "Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking". 

I know, I know call me clichĂ©d but I couldn't help it. It had to be done! After all if there's ever an excuse to have flowers in your hair this is it! My OOTD comes to you featuring pieces by Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Michael Kors, office and some Vintage finds just to spice things up a bit! Let's start at the bottom - these beautiful sandals are from Office and are available in many colours. I've got mine in the gorgeous and versatile croc print that I find really compliments any look (whether it be simple or more out there like this one). These shoes are simple and really comfortable. Great for CFS where I found myself walking around all day long! 

Next up its my gorgeous floral printed cigarette pants from Topshop - they are to die for! This gorgeous mix up of orange and blue is pretty wild for me, especially as someone who has always found printed trousers unflattering. But these sit perfectly. High on the waist and slim on the ankles.I teamed these super statement bottoms with a basic crew neck in cream. This lightened up the look whilst creating an uncluttered silhouette pulling focus to the gorgeous leg detail. (Also from Topshop). 

Next up is a vintage find - I picked up this beaut tan leather jacket from Camden Market. It's an oh so retro little bomber that has really set my heart a flutter, and it was only £35! It looks brand new but it loaded with 70's vibes. I heart vintage. Lastly, my hair inspo comes from my all time favourite - Rapunzel. Gentle curls swept back and twisted into a crown, laced over a butterfly band. (Miss Selfridge). This look is simple, elegant and the vibrant colours match up with the gorgeous Topshop trousers. It's a winner! 

Well there you have it! My CFS look, now pass the Pims darling! Yah yah 

Lots of love 
Katy xoxo

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Depop | Why i've Set up Shop

Since reading #Girlboss i’ve taken to channelling my inner hustler. Self promotion is really jarring for me, it’s hard to put yourself out there and say "hey you should stop and hear what i’ve got to say"- but I guess, if you don’t do it who will? I’ve been getting myself out there more and promoting my blog and music, and man - it feels good! So this latest venture is along the same vein. I’ve set up a Depop shop! 

I’ve used Depop before as a customer and was so impressed with the service - it’s as easy as scrolling through your Instagram feed, but you can buy it! Click here, to see my last DEPOP related post - a customer review. 

My inner hustler has resurfaced and i’ve decided to set up my own online store, flogging my pre-loved dresses and accessories to make a profit and try my hand at running a little business. I’m loving it! 

Despite being a total novice i’m loving the sense of achievement that comes from someone purchasing an item - that ping that means something you no longer need (or fit in to) has made someone excited! So far i’ve only sold a few items, but i’m loving it - every bit from posting pics to wrapping to running down to the post office. 

I wrap each item in tissue paper and include a little note of thanks - because, I really am thankful! And broke, so every purchase really means a lot to me! 

It’s such an easy way to channel your inner entrepreneur and make a spare bob-or-two! I’d really encourage anyone who’s thought about setting up shop to give it a go. I’m loving it! Check out my shop @katyjjo

Lots of love

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Summer Staple #1 | The Denim Dress

I'm beginning to dress more and more like my mother in the seventies. But trust me, that's no bad thing! Recently i'm obsessed with all things 70's chic, from wacky florals to hours of Carole King albums. But this little denim dress is a sweet and sophisticated way to channel your inner hippie chick. I adore my little belted number from Miss Selfridge and I know you will too. 

Mum has always been a fashion inspo for me, especially when she was in her twenties - she knew how to put a gorgeous outfit together, and i'd like to think i've inherited some of her style smarts. Well, this dress is mama approved! I think she maybe had the same one when she was my age - just shows you how styles come back around! 

This dress is so easy to wear, it really fits every occasion. I've worn it out with thick black tights and Docs (when the Great British weather hasn't been on my side) and like this with flat little sandals! So so versatile, a true summer staple! The fabric is a lovely soft denim which makes it super comfy and wearable. I've been chucking a cute little Urban Outfitters rain coat over it when i've got to make a dash to the shops or into Uni and it's a combo that always gets compliments! Throwback to 6 year old Katy, who could also have been seen rocking this look!! A truly timeless piece. Invest in some denim this summer gals.

Here's a link to me singing some Carole King so you can get your 70's vibes on too ladies! 

It won't let you down! 

Lots of love, 
Katy xoxo

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