Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Procrastination Nation | Youtuber Edition

There’s nothing that you can’t find online. Seriously you can buy anything on the internet these days, google your way through your degree (thank you Sparknotes) and diagnose just about every medical ailment you may have - Katy it’s a cold, you’re not dying… BUT my favourite thing to do online, besides spending my student loan on unnecessary make up and clothes is snuggle down with a cup of tea and the magical world of Youtube. I’m going to give you a run down of some of my favourite internet dwellers - the people I turn to for pick me ups, life advice, fashion tips and giggles. Here are my TOP FIVE internet Queens. 

First up its the gorgeous Patricia Bright. I really hope to meet this lovely lady one day so I can tell her just how much her videos bright-en up my week. Patricia is a sassy Brit who knows her stuff when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. Her motivational videos have transformed my attitude on dark days and never fail to make me smile. ESP her ‘Never Feeling Good Enough’ post. Patricia’s ‘cup of tea and breathe’ approach to life really resonate with me and she is a winner for positive vibes. Feel the fear and do it anyway - check out her Youtube guys! 

Next up is Charlotte Fisher. I first came across this blonde beauty on Instagram @CharlotteFisher. Her pastel wardrobe could make any girly girl swoon and not only that she’s a really lovely gal! Charlotte is relatively new on Youtube but she’s taken to it AMAZINGLY. It’s not surprising, her blog is insanely scrollable and has been a huge success so it’s no shock her fashion hauls are hugely addictive. A perfect summer inspo - check out this gal if your in need of some Summer vibes - she’s on it! 

Megan is one of the first Youtubers I subscribed to. She’s an all American fashionista who is beaut inside and out. Megan doesn’t hold back, her daily vlogs and chatty videos have me in stitches mostly because she’s so real. There’s nothing that’s TMI with this gal - she tells it like it is whether its about bullys, depression, toilet habits OR more typically her everyday make up look. She’s hilarious and super talented and has really got the balance of this internet life right. AND can we just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous she is… GIRL CRUSH. 

I’m not the most healthy gal in the world, and i’m certainly not athletic… Ingrid is a super cute health and beauty guru that makes looking after yourself from the inside out effortless and instagramable. This girl is as sweet as they come, radiant and fun with an amazing sense of humour. Her shakes and recipes are easy to replicate and great fun to watch. She makes you want to get up and go and make the most of even the worst days - TRUST me we all need a bit of the Grid monster in our lives (and nugget)

Finally, and most importantly it's my favourites the SACCONE JOLYS. I watch this family’s antics on the daily. They upload their wonderful vlogs each evening at 6pm (just in time for dinner and a revision break). The vids document all the ups and downs of family life focusing on two Irish parents looking after their gorgeous bubbas and six crazy pups. Anna and Jonathan are brilliant parents that are raising two beautiful children. They amaze me with their cuteness everyday. The concept of daily vlogging scares me slightly, it’s so intimate and revealing yet these guys have mastered it. They make every day exciting and are such wonderful role models for the internet and for their gorgeous babies. ps I have their calendar.. Obsessed. 

Okay, so that’s my run down. CHECK these guys out if you haven’t already and give them a wee subscribe - you won’t regret it gang… THANK you internet. 

Lots of love, 

Katy xoxo

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Ewa C said...

I am following you on instagram for some time now, but inly realised you have a blog and I am shocked at how a like we are!

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