Sunday, 22 March 2015

What's in my Handbag? | Evening Edition

If you're anything like me, you will struggle with this...  I don't know how to 'cut down'. Who knows when i'll need that hairbrush? How do you know I won't require a first aid kit?What do you mean I can't take my entire make up bag with me?... I have a lot of stuff okay! If it was by any means socially acceptable I think i'd adopt an even more nomadic approach to my day to day function. Carry some sort of suit case along with me, just incase, make it chic. Call it a statement. BUT i'm just not that wild, for now i'll stick to oversized bags bursting at the zipper - and that's enough of the judgement thank you. 

BUT what do you do on a night out? You know, in the evening, when you have to (I don't believe it) cut down. (I know... It's terrifying). Here's how I got over my 'anything could happen complex' and embraced my clutch. 

Okay, so miniatures are your new best friend. I mean it, anything handbag sized is perfect. You can pick up mini hairsprays for a night out top up, mini deodorants (if you're feeling really optimistic about your evening) AND what I love most- these handy wipes. Lets face it, the world is not a pretty place. And if you're tipsy you might fall over. Keep it clean kids.

I always try to keep the make up to a minimum. Let's be real, if you're having that good a time it won't matter what you look like and there comes a point in the evening when no one is capable of achieving perfect contour or a cat-eye wing. I'm just being honest! The only products I ever take out with me are... 
1) The lipstick of the night. If you've read my latest post you know at the moment i'm loving these Bourgois velvets. 
2) My Laura Mercier 'Secret Camouflage' concealer. It applies like a dream and comes in a gorgeous little compact that is perfect for 'on the go' application. 
3) My solid 'LUSH' perfume in Vanilla. Because it smells gorgeous, which always makes you feel a million bucks! 

Hmm, what else is in there. 

I never take my purse on a night out with me. It's too chunky and there are too many valuables in it. Definitely not worth the risk! I recently picked up this beautiful rose gold card holder from Oliver Bonas which is brilliant for holding my cash on an night out. It's beautiful and compact- so a perfect fit with any clutch or evening bag - but also perfect for holding rail cards and cash everyday. 

Finally, if i've got the room i'll chuck a wee portable phone charger into the mix. This one is perfect and I picked it up in the Urban Outfitters sale for £6. If you've got an iPhone you'll know how useless they can be at keeping their juice and that's not a safe situation to find yourself in on an evening out. This thing is literally a life saver! I love it - so compact and a gorgeous pink as well - it's a winner! 

Okay, so that's it for my evening edition of 'what's in my handbag'. I hoped you like it and have got some tips for how to unburden your own zip ups of those unessentials we carry around!

Let me know what you think! Lots of love,
Katy xoxo


Diana Cloudlet said...

Thank you very much for this post! It’s really interesting!
Fell in love with your blog! You did a great job!

p.s. new post - how I met Victoria Beckham

Diana Cloudlet

SJay said...

Oh My I have the exact same complex, My cousin makes fun of Me because of My "just in case"(s)!
I did a similar post a few days ago :D check!
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