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October Favourites | Hello November

October has been and gone. We’ve said our goodbyes to pumpkin spice everything and said hello to the not-quite Christmas cold. Bring back fancy dress… Am I right? I love October and I can’t quite compute the fact that it is now NOVEMBER. That in-between month where it’s too cold to function and we’re all too broke to buy presents. SO, before we need to wake up to this chilling reality i’m going to share some of my beauty/lifestyle favourites from October - the month where my scariest halloween mask was spooky, green and from LUSH. 

So, let’s skip to the good bit. TOP FAVES are… 

Lets dive in with some girl power. This month has been a really tough one for me. I've been battling with a lot of personal demons, and not just your spooky Halloween ones... I felt all round rubbish about myself and it made this month pretty difficult. IT'S always SO important to stay inspired when you feel like this. SO my lovely mum sent me a care package complete with clean washing and a sprinkle of inspiration. This came in the form of #Girlboss. I love this sassy tale of success - it's inspiring and entertaining - a real twist on the extreme personalities that give feminism a bad name. It's really got me motivated to work for my own success, whilst trying to accept imperfection as a positive. 

In the same Girl Power vein we come to another monthly fave - Miss Tay. I am a huge fan of Taylor's country music and I was sceptical of her transition to all out pop; but I have to say i'm loving it. It's a great mood enhancer and a guaranteed booty shaker. My top tracks are 'Style' and 'Bad Blood' Uh oh Katy Perry... 

Okay, now onto beauty faves, don't worry, i've got plenty for you this month! I adore the Tanya Burr nail paint in the shade Penguin Chic. I mentioned this in my Autumn Make Up collection post. It's a subtle nude that is perfect for this in-between month. The grey/brown compliments EVERYTHING and is really classic and effortless. It's not been off since I got it, purely because it's so simple! It's super easy to wear and sophisticated - even on my rubbish nails! 

Another favourite that i've featured on my blog before is this berry lip look. I adore statement lips, but red is quite harsh for this time of year - there is something gorgeous in the warmth of berry tones - it's still bold but less severe. I've been loving the Kate Moss for Rimmel London range. The two tones that i've picked up (and used constantly for the month of October) are 107 and 30. You can see them both in the picture above. They are both deep and highly pigmented - a real must for any lipstick lover... They also smell amazing!

I'm normally pale and proud, but this October I've really embraced my inner pumpkin... Dedication to the festivities or what? I've gone orange. Okay, not quite - but i've definitely ditched the bloodless look and gone for something more golden. I've been using the St Tropez bronzing mousse and i've got to say - i love it! There's something about its light weight, non stick consistency that makes it so effortless. I apply it at night, once a week with a mitt, then shower it off the next day. It's gorgeous and makes me feel so much better about my appearance. I'm not looking my best at the minute, but the tan makes me feel more confident and healthy. 

This month I ditched the face wipes. For anyone who knows my lazy-girl routine, this will shock you. BUT not if you're familiar with this product. I don't normally believe the hype, but this cleanser has been so raved about and I couldn't ignore it anymore.. Something just as simple as make up wipes? BUT better for your skin? I didn't believe it was possible. THIS product has been amazing and really beneficial for my skin. I just dot some onto a cotton pad and in one sweep all my make up - eyeliner included vanishes! Definitely the most impressive trick I witnessed this Halloween. 

My hair has been dry and brittle looking, and i'm determined to get it back in shape. I picked up this el-cheapo treatment to give my locks some much needed TLC and i'm really happy with the results. The gorgeous fusion of argan and camellia oils create a beautiful, lightly fragranced lotion that makes the hair bouncy and smooth. It's a great quick fix! (wow, Garnier is on point right now!)

Last on my list of loves is this 'Snow Fairy' body wash from LUSH. It smells of Bubblegum and happiness. I've been sniffing it non stop since I got it and it's made me so excited for Christmas! I only purchased the little one, but i'll be upgrading as soon as it's finished. I LOVE IT. It's made me so excited for Christmas and getting my paws on more LUSH bits and bobs, they do Christmas best! 

SO, that's your lot for my October favourites. What do you think? Have we been loving the same things this month? Let me know guys... 

ALSO please comment if you'd like to see any similar posts from me - I want to get more things out for ya so let me know. 

Lots of love, 
Katy xoxo


Abi S said...

I really want to try that Garnier Micellar Water!! Also I really want Snow Fairy, I hear it smells so nice and sweet! Abi :)

Chloe B said...

I love love love the Garnier Miceller Water! xx

nikki addison said...

I have been considering purchasing the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water but I live in the US and I wasn't sure about ordering it online without a good idea of if I was going to like it! lol I have always been an avid user of make up wipes but I have been hearing that they aren't the greatest for the skin. IDK what I wanna do! haha


Leah and Rachel Collins said...

I absolutely love the garnier water! The Lush snow fairy looks amazing!


Robbers Corner said...

I wanna try the Garnier micelar water but I'm on my La Roche Posay bottle atm so I'll get that one when I finish it!
I absolutely love Snow Fairy... BEST... SHOWER GEL... EVER!!!
And I love Taylor Swift and it happened like me I wasn't too kind on that big change but I love it actually! Amazing lyrics and beats!



sampan_27 said...

I bought a can of St Tropez in July, but dare not use it, after reading your post though, I am definitely going to give it a go! I usually embrace to pale too in winter, but I do need a perk me up, so will give it a go! :)

Amy said...

I really want to try the Micellar water, I want to try it so much! My eye makeup is quite stubborn, so I'm looking forward to using this!
Lush's Snow Fairy is my weakness. It's gorgeous! xx

Gilly Mixture said...

The Micellar water is the best thing I have ever used! I am going to write up a post on it soon x

Katy 'J said...

It's amazing - get down to LUSH! xo

Katy 'J said...

it's great, such a brilliant find! I love it xo

Katy 'J said...

aw it's really really good and it's meant to be really good for your skin! xo

Katy 'J said...

`it smells so good, you should give it a whiff! xo

Katy 'J said...

Oh, how is that? Never heard of it!

Oh my, it's so good isn't it? Really want to see her live but tickets are so expensive!!


Katy 'J said...

Oooh, it's brill and SUCH a confidence boost, go for it GAL! xo

Katy 'J said...

It's really really good, comes off in one! AW the smell is just beaut isn't it? xo

Katy 'J said...

Aw, look forward to reading it! It's so good, big love xo

Caitlin Isaacs said...

I am in love with the micellar water! it's amazing at getting make up off x

Heather McCorriston said...

I'm so lazy when it comes to skin care and I really don't think make-up wipes are particularly good for my skin so I will definitely look out for Micellar Water :) Snow Fairy smells INCREDIBLE, so glad it's back!
Hope you're feeling better!

Heather x

Robbers Corner said...

Oh how I feel you! I wanted too but well, she isn't even coming to Spain to start with so I wanted to do London but apart from tickets being expensive I'd have to pay for a stay and flights and ahh :(
Hopefully we'll get more chances!


Chrisylla Octavia said...

Do you think the Garnier Micellar Water works the same as Bioderma cleanser?


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