Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Nailed it | My Top Coats

Oh, i do love a good beauty pun. Seriously, it's terrible how chuffed I am with that title... Anyway, frivolity aside let's get down to the good stuff. This post is a focus on my favourite nail polishes of the moment. Trust me ladies, I have tried and tested my fair share of sticky, gloopy and tacky lacquers to find you these gems - they are products I GENUINELY love.

1. The Gel Polish, without a doubt GEL is my favourite consistency of nail polish. Don't be overwhelmed by the name - it's not overly gloopy and thick. I have very short nails (bad habits die hard) but this consistency doesn't overwhelm them. It provides a generous coating in only a couple of applications AND is a lot longer lasting than standard consistencies... Have I convinced you yet? I have the Barry M gel paint in 'Green Berry' and Nails Inc GEL in vibrant blue/purple. 

Colour wise? That's totally personal - in my eyes you can't go wrong with pastel shades but recently i've been rocking this deep purple colour - its a great nod to winter without being all out jingle bells... If you like the GEL consistency be sure to check out Alexa Chung's new range... It's enough to make you GEL-ous - she's got Christmas nailed... Too much? Sorry! 

2. The Neutral Essentials, the application of a neutral nail polish is such a subtle and feminine way to make an effort all year round! Neutral blends from grey to pale pink should be in everyones make up stash. I know how much I adore these basics. As a girl not so long out of school's strict rules - I also know these are an easy way to avoid getting caught for OTT talons whilst still showing off your femininity! Feat - Tanya Burr 'Penguin Chic' and 'Pale Pink' by Aerie. 

3. The Dream Brand. I think i've sampled the nail polish market enough to make an informed decision about my FAVOURITE lacquer brand... It's American Apparel! I love their ultra bright, ultra feminine shades and they apply really smoothly. Also, it's such a treat to find something in that shop that doesn't cost a small fortune... £7 to be exact. 

IF I want to treat myself to a new nail look, they are my go to! For the festive season, i've picked up this sparkle! 

Whats on the agenda for your Christmas manicure?
Let me know in the comments, 
Katy xoxo



Nadjet Luisa said...

I really want to try the Nails Inc gel polishes, some lovely colours. I'm off to paint my nails after this x x x


Jodie V said...

I love the Barry M Gellies! They're so easy to apply too!
Jodie xo // La Lune Song

Rachel Marie said...

we have the exact same taste when it comes to nail polish shades! Absolutely love the lilac one but I'm seriously thinking I need all of those polishes in my life! x


Heather McCorriston said...

Natural colours are winning for me right now although I love the look of 'Green Berry'. Sparkles are essential when it hits December though!]

Heather x

Genevieve L said...

love a nice sparkly nail polish for a party lol dont worry you're not the only one who likes beauty puns, check this out :)


Sophie said...

I'm so glad I came across your blog, you take lovely photos! I love all these shades :) x


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