Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Nailed it | My Top Coats

Oh, i do love a good beauty pun. Seriously, it's terrible how chuffed I am with that title... Anyway, frivolity aside let's get down to the good stuff. This post is a focus on my favourite nail polishes of the moment. Trust me ladies, I have tried and tested my fair share of sticky, gloopy and tacky lacquers to find you these gems - they are products I GENUINELY love.

1. The Gel Polish, without a doubt GEL is my favourite consistency of nail polish. Don't be overwhelmed by the name - it's not overly gloopy and thick. I have very short nails (bad habits die hard) but this consistency doesn't overwhelm them. It provides a generous coating in only a couple of applications AND is a lot longer lasting than standard consistencies... Have I convinced you yet? I have the Barry M gel paint in 'Green Berry' and Nails Inc GEL in vibrant blue/purple. 

Colour wise? That's totally personal - in my eyes you can't go wrong with pastel shades but recently i've been rocking this deep purple colour - its a great nod to winter without being all out jingle bells... If you like the GEL consistency be sure to check out Alexa Chung's new range... It's enough to make you GEL-ous - she's got Christmas nailed... Too much? Sorry! 

2. The Neutral Essentials, the application of a neutral nail polish is such a subtle and feminine way to make an effort all year round! Neutral blends from grey to pale pink should be in everyones make up stash. I know how much I adore these basics. As a girl not so long out of school's strict rules - I also know these are an easy way to avoid getting caught for OTT talons whilst still showing off your femininity! Feat - Tanya Burr 'Penguin Chic' and 'Pale Pink' by Aerie. 

3. The Dream Brand. I think i've sampled the nail polish market enough to make an informed decision about my FAVOURITE lacquer brand... It's American Apparel! I love their ultra bright, ultra feminine shades and they apply really smoothly. Also, it's such a treat to find something in that shop that doesn't cost a small fortune... £7 to be exact. 

IF I want to treat myself to a new nail look, they are my go to! For the festive season, i've picked up this sparkle! 

Whats on the agenda for your Christmas manicure?
Let me know in the comments, 
Katy xoxo


Thursday, 13 November 2014

M.A.C | Keepsake Eye Reveal

Mischief Managed. Stepping foot into MAC  is always a dangerous move...Especially IF, like me, you're a fan of obnoxious amounts of glitter. It is also something not to be advised IF you are highly susceptible to marketing, because, trust me, this packaging is beautiful. Mac have really got it right here. They've combined luxury and the every day and come up with the most beautiful seasonal range. If you can't wait to SEE the beauties, keep reading. 

Alright then, lets dive in. I picked up two products on this mini haul... Firstly the gorgeous palate pictured above. This set is simply named the 'Smokey Eye' trinket. THINK the love child of Naked Basics and opulent glamour. The theme of GLITTER is both a festive staple and the main feature of this gorgeous collection. The shades are neutral and classic - but the packaging is extraordinary. WHAT a beautiful pairing. 

Secondly, I picked up this beautiful glitter pigment in GOLD. I've always lusted after these gorgeous shimmers. They create an effervescent sheen to the eye that goes beyond that of a pressed powder. The magic of this sparkling dust is in its simplicity. It transforms a smokey eye into a statement, evening statement, PERFECT for the winter months. I can't wait to try this out and show you all - imagine how perfect and glamorous this would look at a Christmas ball? 

I've attached some close ups so you can have a true look at the beauty of these festive gems. I adore the ease of these products. They make achieving Christmassy glamour simple. AND who couldn't get excited about using such a gorgeous little set? Less basic and more, extraordinary. WELL done MAC, you've outdone yourself...

Let me know if you want me to feature these products in a tutorial. For now, I just wanted to share my excitement. Eeek, Christmas is coming! Bring on the sparkle. 

Katy xoxo


Friday, 7 November 2014

Girl Crushing | What's your Problem?

I am in love with Taylor Swift. We have never met, and the likelihood is that this love story will be forever unrequited. Her ignoring of my tweet streams and adoring insta-pics will provide perfect fodder for my inevitable Tay-esque country album, BUT we will live our lives as perfect strangers. I'm okay with that. I love her, just as much as my pal Maxine loved that painter from the Xfactor and my mum lusts after Colin Firth. For some reason though, girl crushes get a bad press. 

It's always been this way really.  I should stress that my "love" here Is entirely plutonic... Not that it matters, BUT really loving Taylor Swift in particular, seems more dangerous than waking through a 'yes' bar in Glasgow with NO tattooed on your forehead. I'm cool with adoring her from a distance. Enough politics... Now here's for the serious girl power bit... What is it about young girls taking inspiration from influential, successful women that upsets people so much? I appreciate that there are flaws in twerking your way through life and serious potholes in Beyonce's drunk in love theory BUT what's wrong with admiring the tenacity of talented ladies! 

As in independent woman (of sorts) I find it grossly prejudice to define a woman's capacity as a role model by the cut of their t shirt OR a play by play of their romantic disasters. Some of the most POWERFUL women in the world are yet to figure out men. The best of them have saved the time wasted on heartbreak figuring out loving themselves first. This sass dates back to Cleopatra - trust me, it's something to be admired. 

I see a gorgeous, talented woman achieving something awesome, whether it's making music, writing for a magazine or winning gold and I'm PROUD. Once you brush aside that primitive jealous instinct and self pity, all that's left is girl power. Yes! 

It's so much easier to write a list of all the faults in someone's face than it is to stop and see the beauty in it. Most of the people you admire are people who have learnt to love ALL the faults you could EVER throw at them- or at least learnt to use them to their advantage... These are smart ladies! I have always been uncomfortable in my own skin. The loudest voice in my head is my own, telling myself I CANT and DONT. I believe that true success is measured in your inner monologue. Speak good things. 

I'd really recommend everyone watch Patricia Bright's video on feeling good. She lets you know that it's okay NOT to be like your girl crush... It's true that comparison is the thief of joy. BUT remember, is it possible to really LOVE someone without comparing yourself to them. 

Image wise, I'd love boobs like Katy P, Taylor's legs, Rhianna's bum, Jlaw's face, and well, Marilyn's anything, but that's normal. No one likes what they've got, but the person sitting next to you on the train has probably spotted something on your face that they wish they had... AND you're the lucky one if that's confidence! Looking at beautiful people is like looking at art, it's gorgeous but it's all about the subtext. Make yourself a page turner not just a pretty cover. 

Back to my Taylor obsession. I think she's a great role model! (So long as you don't ask Harry Styles). She inspires so many girls to do what they love and shake off the hate they are giving themselves. She also provides the soundtrack to every teen/twenty something's life movie... But I wouldn't expect anyone else to agree with me! She's the inspiration I need some days to see my own potential and say, if she can do it, I can do it. 

Perhaps Zoella is a more relatable example. She Is a gorgeous, self motivated gal who made success for herself despite her own insecurity. She is probably the most PUBLICISED and real example of someone overcoming their own expectations. I recently read a disturbing article where a journalist attacked the YouTube sensation, childishly labelling her irritating and self important. This frustrated me so much, it's just not the point. Girls don't love ZOE because they want to be here - they love her because they already are her. I hope she read that article and smiled - and felt sorry for the writer who totally missed the point of a 'girl crush'. 

Who are you crushing on? 

Katy xoxo

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

October Favourites | Hello November

October has been and gone. We’ve said our goodbyes to pumpkin spice everything and said hello to the not-quite Christmas cold. Bring back fancy dress… Am I right? I love October and I can’t quite compute the fact that it is now NOVEMBER. That in-between month where it’s too cold to function and we’re all too broke to buy presents. SO, before we need to wake up to this chilling reality i’m going to share some of my beauty/lifestyle favourites from October - the month where my scariest halloween mask was spooky, green and from LUSH. 

So, let’s skip to the good bit. TOP FAVES are… 

Lets dive in with some girl power. This month has been a really tough one for me. I've been battling with a lot of personal demons, and not just your spooky Halloween ones... I felt all round rubbish about myself and it made this month pretty difficult. IT'S always SO important to stay inspired when you feel like this. SO my lovely mum sent me a care package complete with clean washing and a sprinkle of inspiration. This came in the form of #Girlboss. I love this sassy tale of success - it's inspiring and entertaining - a real twist on the extreme personalities that give feminism a bad name. It's really got me motivated to work for my own success, whilst trying to accept imperfection as a positive. 

In the same Girl Power vein we come to another monthly fave - Miss Tay. I am a huge fan of Taylor's country music and I was sceptical of her transition to all out pop; but I have to say i'm loving it. It's a great mood enhancer and a guaranteed booty shaker. My top tracks are 'Style' and 'Bad Blood' Uh oh Katy Perry... 

Okay, now onto beauty faves, don't worry, i've got plenty for you this month! I adore the Tanya Burr nail paint in the shade Penguin Chic. I mentioned this in my Autumn Make Up collection post. It's a subtle nude that is perfect for this in-between month. The grey/brown compliments EVERYTHING and is really classic and effortless. It's not been off since I got it, purely because it's so simple! It's super easy to wear and sophisticated - even on my rubbish nails! 

Another favourite that i've featured on my blog before is this berry lip look. I adore statement lips, but red is quite harsh for this time of year - there is something gorgeous in the warmth of berry tones - it's still bold but less severe. I've been loving the Kate Moss for Rimmel London range. The two tones that i've picked up (and used constantly for the month of October) are 107 and 30. You can see them both in the picture above. They are both deep and highly pigmented - a real must for any lipstick lover... They also smell amazing!

I'm normally pale and proud, but this October I've really embraced my inner pumpkin... Dedication to the festivities or what? I've gone orange. Okay, not quite - but i've definitely ditched the bloodless look and gone for something more golden. I've been using the St Tropez bronzing mousse and i've got to say - i love it! There's something about its light weight, non stick consistency that makes it so effortless. I apply it at night, once a week with a mitt, then shower it off the next day. It's gorgeous and makes me feel so much better about my appearance. I'm not looking my best at the minute, but the tan makes me feel more confident and healthy. 

This month I ditched the face wipes. For anyone who knows my lazy-girl routine, this will shock you. BUT not if you're familiar with this product. I don't normally believe the hype, but this cleanser has been so raved about and I couldn't ignore it anymore.. Something just as simple as make up wipes? BUT better for your skin? I didn't believe it was possible. THIS product has been amazing and really beneficial for my skin. I just dot some onto a cotton pad and in one sweep all my make up - eyeliner included vanishes! Definitely the most impressive trick I witnessed this Halloween. 

My hair has been dry and brittle looking, and i'm determined to get it back in shape. I picked up this el-cheapo treatment to give my locks some much needed TLC and i'm really happy with the results. The gorgeous fusion of argan and camellia oils create a beautiful, lightly fragranced lotion that makes the hair bouncy and smooth. It's a great quick fix! (wow, Garnier is on point right now!)

Last on my list of loves is this 'Snow Fairy' body wash from LUSH. It smells of Bubblegum and happiness. I've been sniffing it non stop since I got it and it's made me so excited for Christmas! I only purchased the little one, but i'll be upgrading as soon as it's finished. I LOVE IT. It's made me so excited for Christmas and getting my paws on more LUSH bits and bobs, they do Christmas best! 

SO, that's your lot for my October favourites. What do you think? Have we been loving the same things this month? Let me know guys... 

ALSO please comment if you'd like to see any similar posts from me - I want to get more things out for ya so let me know. 

Lots of love, 
Katy xoxo

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Vintage Styler | Brand Focus

I love Lydia Bright. There’s nothing cool about admitting you love The Only Way is Essex, but I do. I really really do. For a show that’s famously OTTD and über glam Lyd doesn’t disappoint. BUT she doesn't do it with fake tan and falsies... She defines modern classic and her looks are always on point. I constantly scroll through her online shop and i’m always excited to emulate the outfits she puts together. Yes, girl crush indeed. ANYWAY - when I found out she had a range out on Vintage Styler I was quick to check it out. 

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