Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Witch Product | Spot Prone Skincare

When it comes to skincare the question is always WITCH product is right for me? Don’t you just love a play on words? Anyway, back to the point: skincare. Neglecting your skin is one of the easiest things to do in the world. I know- face wipes will always be the most SIMPLE alternative. They are quick and painless… BUT are not necessary the most rewarding means of cleansing. OR getting rid of acne when it comes around… AND trust me, it always will. 

Balance is a really important component of any skin-care regime. Okay, i’m no expert and I know this sounds a bit self important- I’ll plead ignorance -  EVERYTHING I know is from my own experience.SKINCARE is a spectrum, all it takes is a scrub that’s too rough or a moisturiser that’s slightly too oily to upset the balance and take you rrrright the way back to that spotted step one. WITCH has the potential to be one of these ‘too far’ product lines.

I have been using the products for a couple of weeks now. My skin, prior to starting the regime was in the midst of PEAK breakout time and SINCE it has really improved. It’s not perfect - but that is probably more due to my student diet of chips and chocolate… The products - exfoliator, face wash AND blemish stick are all excellent for combatting tricky RED spots. 
HERE are my loves and recommendations for this range. If you have even remotely dry skin DON’T bother. MY skin type is combination - oily and I found this totally drying. This is a brilliant feature for getting rid of acne but not so hot on the rest of your skin, causing peeling and flaking. IF you are bold enough to use it MAKE sure you keep your face moisturised or else it really won’t be pretty. 

I would recommend using this regime thoroughly BUT for a limited usage. WHEN skin is bad, it’s brilliant. It’s so affective but better in small spats - say three days at a time maximum? That will avoid too much drying and hardening of the facial skin. 

MY HERO product of this range is definitely the blemish stick. Across the board the packaging is really bold and fresh. This little stick is compact and bright on the outside and a power-house on the inside. It should be applied sparingly to problem areas in the morning and at night. It really helps to hurry along the process of drying out problem areas. MY least favourite is definitely the wash. It’s not as satisfyingly foamy as other, more luxurious (and, actually cheeper) face washes that i’ve used before. FREEDERM wash is a great one for spotty faces. 

SO that’s your round up - witch is your get out for spot-prone skin. Use it wisely ladies. 

Katy xoxo


Abi S said...

Lovely post! I used to use the WITCH stick and loved it, I thought it worked really well! Abi :)

Victoria Nightingale said...

Never tried any Witch products, but I really should :)

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