Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Up The Vamp | Cheat Halloween

Okay, so normally I would ramble on here and sprinkle you with some witty anecdotes, but frankly this look speaks for itself. It's Halloween and you're reluctant to get out the old faithful cat ears AGAIN. You want to try something a bit different but you're not quite sure what? Stuffed olive costumes are all sold out? IF so, this is the look for you. This zombified, vampy, mermaid goul creation encompasses everything you need for a perfect Halloween make up look. It just requires some spooky silvers and a hand full of pixie dust... Urban Decay do that right? 

Okay, so i've laid out some of the essentials for you above. This post is just going to be a picture play by play of how I created my vamped up look... 

1) Prep. Take a white toned foundation with good coverage - I used my Mac Mineralise and go to town with the concealer. You want to create a haunting, porcelain looking canvas for this spooky look... 

2) Highlight - get that goulish finish with lots of lightness - i'm using mac 'Lightscapade' (see my review here) under the brow bone, nose and cheek bones. To get a truly spooky finish retrace these areas with a brush full of silver eyeshadow. I used Benefit's 'Blingo'. 

3) Eyes, so I basically smeared the Urban Decay Primer Potion in ‘sin’ right up to the brown bone and built from there - dotting my highlighter in the inner corners. The main colours I used were Bourjois ’13’ a gorgeous sparkly purple, a generic matte black, UD’s ‘Midnight Rodeo on the lid and my Nars ‘Brousse’ duo under the eye. I applied and blended these products with my favourite three Real Techniques eye brushes. 

DO I look dead yet? The silver around the eyes really creates a zombie look - I just tightened this up with exaggerating my brow and structuring it all again with highlighter. 

4) Finally, the lip. I first applied Mac Ruby Woo as a base shade and built on it with this luxurious YSL lipstick in a glossy purple - very witchy. Finishing it off by patting my Bourjois eye shadow onto the lip. 

Now, test shots. Add some glitter - why not?

I hope you like my finished spooky look - let me know what look you’re rocking this year in the comments. 
Katy xoxo



Abi S said...

Wow looks so good, especially with the darker eyes and lips! Abi :)

Ellabella said...

Lovely make up :)

love how you darkened it slightly


Sophie Athawes said...

gorgeous! great tutorial x

Katy 'J said...

THANK you!! Hope you had a great halloween xxx

Katy 'J said...

thank you! hope you had a brilliant time at halloween! xxx

Katy 'J said...

thank you! hope you had a brilliant time at halloween xxx

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