Thursday, 2 October 2014

Romance | What Happened to Fairytales?

Observational post// What's the point? Melodramatic, I know; but seriously, what is the point? Making my way through the third series of Veronica Mars I find myself entirely unable to click onto the next episode. Where is my fairytale ending for Logan and Veronica? You know, that happy go-lucky, all too perfect image that was thrown at us throughout our formative years - when did it all become irrelevant? Presuming of course it was actually REAL to start with, and wasn’t created by Walt Disney, romance was once a force for good and not just moral and sexual corruption. 

Too heavy? Noted. I’ve worked it out. There’s some sort of biological sell-by date on hopeful expectation. An,“oh, i’m SORRY you’ve hit your late teens i’m afraid your whole life has been a lie and your virtual happy endings have officially expired”.  Somehow the world starts telling you ‘romance’ has been swapped out. Now you’ve landed with something more like the moody, acne scarred love child of Hollywood and False Hope herself, ouch. I did not sign up for this. 

Honestly; I know there’s a lot to be said for expectations and ‘realism’ BUT i’m all for a dose of inflated reality every now and again if it takes me away from my all too ‘real’ existence. Isn’t that the point? There’s a reason WHY Pretty Woman is so popular, and it’s not because of Julia Robert’s stripper boots - well at least not entirely… It’s because it works out. Good girl, gone bad, gone good again inheriting a fortune in the process that handily comes equipped with the man of all our mother’s dreams. That’s the kind of movie I want to forget about my life to. 

Heartbreak is essential. In real life AND in realistic fiction, but it’s everywhere. Is it too much to still believe that sometimes things just work out? Give a girl a break, ‘One Tree Hill’, ‘The OC’, ‘Made in Chelsea’… I can’t handle all these romance rinses. Maybe i’m too involved, but I know i’m not alone. You just have to take to Twitter after an episode of Made in Chelsea to know the affect a cheating TV playboy has on what girls expect from their other-halves. If he doesn’t text you back, you’re right - he’s definitely cheating on you… The heartbreak gets us more excited than the happiness of these characters and has a strange affect on what is real. Talk about a jaded audience. 

Crying when your favourite TV couple split isn’t socially acceptable, it isn’t, BUT it happens. Netflix; you international heartbreaker you. Watching a series back to back for hours on end transports you, as it should do, away from your own mundanities. But, it only takes you far enough to see into some other shiny American TV blonde’s mundanity (i’ve covered 80% of Teen drama haven’t I?). 

Maybe hers is more exciting, maybe the people are better looking than you and the problems are more exaggerated but 1) she’s not real AND 2) you can rest assured the writers won’t keep her happy for long. 

This breaks my heart as a viewer, but stepping away from the screen it makes me realise something. Logan and Veronica aren’t really that perfect. BUT, neither are me and my boyfriend, or you and yours, or everyone else in the world and their partners or friends or cats or cactus… It’s okay, after all, they get their happy endings AND their heartbreaks written in for them by some CW top dogs.WE, as the fundamentally privileged living human beings get to be the authors of our own romantic heroes. For me, I think i’m going to put away the Netflix for a while and start living like my own Veronica; except she’s called Katy and she’s half as cool - but that’s fine - she can write the end. 

Just a thought for the week 
Lots of love 

Katy xoxo



Kassi Allcock said...

Absolutely love this post! I watch so many romantic movies and tv shows that I sometimes forget that my life isn't a movie and that dramatic moments don't have big love confessions with soft soothing music in the background... but oh how I wish they did! x x x

Ashley Prendergast said...

1. You are so cute.
2. I agree with everything.
3. Let's be dreamers together. That real love IS out there somewhere ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Katy! I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! More info here:

Jessica Madgewick said...

I LOVE your background and photos! So cute. Lovely post,
Jessica x

Sanja said...

Thanks for following my blog, I absolutely love yours and I'm definitely a new reader :)
Also, if you want some more Logan&Veronica action, go and watch the Veronica Mars movie, it's my crack :D

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