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Autumn Make Up | Drug Store Staples

October is a long month. It's an exciting, autumnal, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas kind of month, but it's definitely long... Pay day takes longer to come around and everything moves a bit slower in the cold. Somehow though, I still manage to spend, despite the fact my pocket money is seriously depleting... Hurry up Friday! Here are some tricks and treats... Some make up steals that I have been loving for autumn. 

I haven't written a post in about a week (don't hate me). It's definitely due to another reason why i'm falling out with autumn - it's essay time. I've got a bumper load of hand ins coming up and trust me, on top of all the hours i've been working at CK and uni there just hasn't been time for a bedroom photo-shoot and swatch sesh. BUT i'm determined before I do anymore real work to get a wee post up for you all. (Procrastinating? Of course... ) 

WARNING, this post does not feature product placement but I have caved and purchased a Zoella make up bag - I couldn't resist - comment if you're loving her new beauty range. 

I was naughty and picked up some drugstore bits and bobs after work this week. It's a dangerous thing working in the centre of Glasgow, and with Zoella's new beauty launch there was just far too much temptation around. I managed to stop myself and just picked up an essential... This make-up bag. 

Details of this beauty have been all over the blogasphere so i'm not going to bore you with the particulars, you can see for yourself! It's gorgeous and the bright turquoise colour is stunning and makes a quirky statement on top of my dresser - I love it. It also does a remarkably good job of carrying all of my crap - well done Zoe. AS you can see from the picture above, i've got a lot in there. Even a cheeky wee Tanya Burr nail varnish in Penguin Chic. 

Here are my top 3 new drugstore products for autumn... 

1) Tanya Burr Nail Polish - i'm so excited to try this out. I can't wait to have a pamper night to relieve my swollen essay eyes and just chill out. I love painting my nails and making a statement but sometimes it's really refreshing to go muted. This gorgeous grey-brown colour is totally neutral and very sophisticated. Something about it is so classic and elegant and I think it would be a perfect colour compliment to a neutral look. 

2) Sleek - Face Form Trio - okay, this has got me very excited. As someone who has been taking my spendy side out of buying 'Naked Flushed' for months this was the most amazing find! This little palate retails at £9.99 and is, for all intents and purposes, IDENTICAL to the Urban Decay version. It is such a bargain. The little set comes with a bronze, highlight and blush (which is a dupe for Nars Orgasm). I am amazed by this little wonder product and it's got me so excited about Sleek as a brand - they really are onto something fabulous here. Super compact and great for travel - with a little mirror included.

3) Rimmel London - Kate Moss Lipstick - I'm loving this little cherry scented berry delight. Not only is the gorgeous scent a lovely surprise, it's a perfect colour compliment for any autumnal make up look. I have the shade 30 which is a gorgeous deep berry. I will include a picture below. Despite the staying power not being as long lasting as a matte mac look, it really is a gorgeous, highly pigmented product that is worth the dolla - I mean it's only a fiver!

(Here's me posing in it) Autumn vibes?
Hope your inspired by my cheaper autumn make up options gals!

Lots of love, more posts soon!


Francesca Picano said...

I really want to get the face form trio but I always veer off to the eyeshadows haha. And I love the penguin chic nail paint, it's such a nice colour! :)

VV Nightingale said...

I really love the Zoella makeup bag but I haven't loved any of her products that I've tried so far unfortunately! I really want to try some Tanya Burr products but can't choose between a lipgloss or a nail varnish!

Also love your glasses, the frames are so nice :)

Fabi said...

Love how the Kate Moss lipstick looks on you!! Suits you great! x

Fabi |

Katy 'J said...

aw I know the feeling! It's so tempting isn't it? haha! xx

Katy 'J said...

thank you so much! They're a bit geek chic, aw no really? that's v disappointing - what have you tried? xx

Katy 'J said...

thank you so much fabi! xx

nikki addison said...

Lovely post, That shade of lipstick is gorgeous! The Kate Moss lipsticks are a great deal.

Katy 'J said...

thank you! I love them, it's the smell too! xx

Summer Hanif said...

I love the kate moss lipsticks! X

Abi S said...

I love that bag! I want some of Zoella's products! I love that body spray too! Abi :)

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