Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Up The Vamp | Cheat Halloween

Okay, so normally I would ramble on here and sprinkle you with some witty anecdotes, but frankly this look speaks for itself. It's Halloween and you're reluctant to get out the old faithful cat ears AGAIN. You want to try something a bit different but you're not quite sure what? Stuffed olive costumes are all sold out? IF so, this is the look for you. This zombified, vampy, mermaid goul creation encompasses everything you need for a perfect Halloween make up look. It just requires some spooky silvers and a hand full of pixie dust... Urban Decay do that right? 

Okay, so i've laid out some of the essentials for you above. This post is just going to be a picture play by play of how I created my vamped up look... 


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Autumn Make Up | Drug Store Staples

October is a long month. It's an exciting, autumnal, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas kind of month, but it's definitely long... Pay day takes longer to come around and everything moves a bit slower in the cold. Somehow though, I still manage to spend, despite the fact my pocket money is seriously depleting... Hurry up Friday! Here are some tricks and treats... Some make up steals that I have been loving for autumn. 

I haven't written a post in about a week (don't hate me). It's definitely due to another reason why i'm falling out with autumn - it's essay time. I've got a bumper load of hand ins coming up and trust me, on top of all the hours i've been working at CK and uni there just hasn't been time for a bedroom photo-shoot and swatch sesh. BUT i'm determined before I do anymore real work to get a wee post up for you all. (Procrastinating? Of course... ) 

WARNING, this post does not feature product placement but I have caved and purchased a Zoella make up bag - I couldn't resist - comment if you're loving her new beauty range. 

I was naughty and picked up some drugstore bits and bobs after work this week. It's a dangerous thing working in the centre of Glasgow, and with Zoella's new beauty launch there was just far too much temptation around. I managed to stop myself and just picked up an essential... This make-up bag. 

Details of this beauty have been all over the blogasphere so i'm not going to bore you with the particulars, you can see for yourself! It's gorgeous and the bright turquoise colour is stunning and makes a quirky statement on top of my dresser - I love it. It also does a remarkably good job of carrying all of my crap - well done Zoe. AS you can see from the picture above, i've got a lot in there. Even a cheeky wee Tanya Burr nail varnish in Penguin Chic. 

Here are my top 3 new drugstore products for autumn... 

1) Tanya Burr Nail Polish - i'm so excited to try this out. I can't wait to have a pamper night to relieve my swollen essay eyes and just chill out. I love painting my nails and making a statement but sometimes it's really refreshing to go muted. This gorgeous grey-brown colour is totally neutral and very sophisticated. Something about it is so classic and elegant and I think it would be a perfect colour compliment to a neutral look. 

2) Sleek - Face Form Trio - okay, this has got me very excited. As someone who has been taking my spendy side out of buying 'Naked Flushed' for months this was the most amazing find! This little palate retails at £9.99 and is, for all intents and purposes, IDENTICAL to the Urban Decay version. It is such a bargain. The little set comes with a bronze, highlight and blush (which is a dupe for Nars Orgasm). I am amazed by this little wonder product and it's got me so excited about Sleek as a brand - they really are onto something fabulous here. Super compact and great for travel - with a little mirror included.

3) Rimmel London - Kate Moss Lipstick - I'm loving this little cherry scented berry delight. Not only is the gorgeous scent a lovely surprise, it's a perfect colour compliment for any autumnal make up look. I have the shade 30 which is a gorgeous deep berry. I will include a picture below. Despite the staying power not being as long lasting as a matte mac look, it really is a gorgeous, highly pigmented product that is worth the dolla - I mean it's only a fiver!

(Here's me posing in it) Autumn vibes?
Hope your inspired by my cheaper autumn make up options gals!

Lots of love, more posts soon!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Uni | What I Learnt in My First Year

Going to university can be really daunting. Chances are it’s the most ‘independent’ / big girl thing you’ve ever had to do. Whether you’re moving away, or staying at home - it’s new and new things are always intimidating. No doubt after your first year there will be heaps of things you’ll want to go back and tell yourself… Me? i'd say: “Katy, that fringe is not a good idea. Don't...". But hey, there are SOME more pressing regrets than hair mares. 
Here's my run down of things YOU  should definitely do AND some things you shouldn't feel guilty for giving a miss. 

Aesthetics are everything- get comfy. This mostly applies to those of you who have ventured out of the house and moved away for university. I know from experience just how daunting this can be, and there are way more complications than just not knowing how to turn on a washing machine. ( I know, i’m useless )… But seriously, you want this space to be yours - you might not have that much free reign, I KNOW there is only so much you can do with one pin-board... But try. This will be your study space, dining room, chill out place and nap spot - so make it pretty. Take lots of photos and sentimental bits with you that remind you of home, familiarity is everything when you’re faced with something new. 

Join societies. This is probably rule number one in any ‘how to be social’ guide - and trust me, the socials really are great… Getting involved in societies is a brilliant idea. Not only does it affiliate you more with the ongoings on campus BUT it allows you to become more of the person you were scared to be at school. Uni is huge, there are no cliques - that I can see - and everyone is accepted. There really is a club for everyone, so make the most of it! Get involved. Where else can you be a pole dancing, skiing cat enthusiast? I became more active in societies during my second semester and I WISHED then that I could go back and give Fresher me a shake and tell her to get involved. Even if you hate it, you’re meeting people and that, in itself, is comforting. CHANCES are you will love it… For ME It’s re-established a love for drama that I thought i’d lost. 

Don’t let a bad environment get the better of you. Chances are your flat won’t be perfect. MINE certainly wasn’t. There was nothing WRONG with the people, they were just quite antisocial and we didn’t have much in common… It was so easy for me to let that get the better of me. It’s much easier to close the door and cry than to get out and FIND people who want to be your pal. (That’s where societies come in…). I had a pretty rough start to my university experience because I was relying on people who, for whatever reason, were doing their own thing. AND that’s fine, it’s what I should have been doing. PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE. Be that person who sits next to someone in a lecture theatre and gets talking, that’s what I did - and it’s how I met some of my closest friends to this day. 

Go home when you want to. Unless you have moved 1000 miles going home won’t be too hard. If you can, and you want to, go home. For me it’s ONLY a train ride away so I should have gone home a lot more often. AND you know what - you shouldn’t feel bad about that, at all. It’s a big deal, moving away and starting it alone. IT doesn’t mean that coming home is a sign of defeat - it means you have dirty washing to be done… Jokes aside - go home, see your mum, it will make you both happy. 

Visit your friends. Chances are, if you’ve moved away - so have your pals - so go and see them! I wish i’d done this a lot more - in fact, if i’m honest, the only person I actually visited - long distance - was Lewis (bf). This is ridiculous. I’m going to make a huge effort to hop on the train this year and see my gorgeous gals. I was so nervous coming back this summer and felt kind of replaced in a way… TURNS out, so did they… It’s daft, you can have school friends and uni friends - those relationships don’t just disappear, unless you let them. Keep it together - if you love them, they’ll love you back.

Take a breath, it’s not that bad. There are bound to be days/nights when you just need some quiet. I wish I had started this blog last year. Writing is something that, honestly, makes me happy. I don’t claim to be good at it, but it’s a project and hopefully one day it will be a career. BUY some magazines, light a candle and take a moment to pamper yourself. DON’T worry about not fitting in, fit in where and when you want to. JUST give yourself a pat on the back and maybe a pamper to go with it. What you’ve done is amazing - your world has turned upside down and you’re still standing. 

I hope this has helped anyone who’s feeling scared about their uni experience. It’s great. Honestly, it’s so tough but you’re ahead of the game. Just breathe and don’t let the pressure get to you. Make your Freshers what you want it to be. 

Check out what Sunbeams Jess has to say...
Never be lonely, 
I was - it’s horrible. But everyone else was lonely too… Give them a call
Katy xoxo


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Autumn Edit | Capsule Casuals

Autumn is here - the leaves are falling off the trees all the money is draining from my bank account. 
This is a time for ‘in-betweens’; something that i’ve really come to hate. 19 year old me is constantly in a state of transition; between where I am and where I want to be (OR feel that I should be). Remember that Britney song - i’m not a girl, not yet a woman? Yeah, kinda like that without the back-up dancers. Transitional phases are not always pretty, and they usually come paired with bad moods and bad style choices- but in the fashion-sphere transition means something VERY different to me. 

AUTUMN is beautiful. Mother nature has worked her magic and made change something I am very excited about. I’ve never done a proper look book before, so this is my attempt. MY capsule colours for this ‘fall’ period are burnt reds, muted greens and vibrant yellows/oranges. Just taking a little bit of inspiration from nature I guess… The shops are packed with these not-quite winter concepts and I love them all. Here’s how I have worked some key pieces into my autumn wardrobe. SOME of them are so simple that I considered not including them, but hey - this is what I actually wear so wanted you guys to have some real insight. BASICS included. Here’s the run down for my casual capsules this season. 

First up, i’ve got a gorgeous yellow skirt from ‘Urban Outfitters’. The cord affect is quite ‘grandad-esque’ but don’t let that put you off - the button detailing and pockets give it a vintage feel. It’s high wasted so is great from day to night. Here, i’ve teamed it with a three quarter sleeve, ribbed black top from River Island. Tapestry boots from ‘New Look’ last season and THICK black tights. -remember it’s autumn and it’s v. cold!  

I’m also bringing out the winter coat again - this bright orange boiled wool coat is from Topshop last year. It’s such a gorgeous colour pop that really makes any outfit bold and exciting - I mean, how couldn’t you be excited by a colour like that? It’s stunning. HOWEVER if you want to be more subtle, something like my every-day barbour might be more like it… 

I wore my mum’s Barbour jacket from the 70s for years - it had holes in the pockets and was totally faded - but I loved it! IT did, sadly fall apart so now I have my own one, and it’s beaut. I like to turn up the sleeves in Autumn because I love the tartan lining. Underneath i’m reaping the brand and wearing my peter pan detail CK jumper. IT’s so simple and feminine and the perfect colour compliment for an autumn wardrobe. 

NEXT this is a modern vintage piece by Chelsea Girl - it’s a mock 60’s shift dress that can be dolled up and chilled down. I LOVE IT, The look can be worn with crop tops underneath to create a more laid back feel, which I often do with black/white t-shirts. BUT this is it stripped back -with some little Chelsea boots. I’m going all out MIC. 

Next up it’s my ultimate COSY cardi. This is also from Urban Outfitters. It’s been such an amazing investment. Not just because it’s freezing in my flat and I can’t afford heating… BUT because it looks so effortless, layered up or stripped back. I’m a huge fan of the gorgeous suede effect elbow patches and I love the ‘boy-friend’ slumpy fit. THE gorgeous little top i’ve paired with it is from River Island

FINALLY this is the most basic, yet still fashionable look out. I’m pairing my high wasted Topshop Joni jeans in black WITH a crop American Apparel grey and white tee. THAT’S IT. Paired with a little colour pop in my shoes I think it’s a sweet statement. TO me, this shows that you don’t always need to try that hard to look fashion-focused. 

SO let me know what you thought of these looks in the comments - i’ll maybe do an evening look book soon if you liked them! 
Lots of love guys, 

Katy xoxo

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Romance | What Happened to Fairytales?

Observational post// What's the point? Melodramatic, I know; but seriously, what is the point? Making my way through the third series of Veronica Mars I find myself entirely unable to click onto the next episode. Where is my fairytale ending for Logan and Veronica? You know, that happy go-lucky, all too perfect image that was thrown at us throughout our formative years - when did it all become irrelevant? Presuming of course it was actually REAL to start with, and wasn’t created by Walt Disney, romance was once a force for good and not just moral and sexual corruption. 

Too heavy? Noted. I’ve worked it out. There’s some sort of biological sell-by date on hopeful expectation. An,“oh, i’m SORRY you’ve hit your late teens i’m afraid your whole life has been a lie and your virtual happy endings have officially expired”.  Somehow the world starts telling you ‘romance’ has been swapped out. Now you’ve landed with something more like the moody, acne scarred love child of Hollywood and False Hope herself, ouch. I did not sign up for this. 

Honestly; I know there’s a lot to be said for expectations and ‘realism’ BUT i’m all for a dose of inflated reality every now and again if it takes me away from my all too ‘real’ existence. Isn’t that the point? There’s a reason WHY Pretty Woman is so popular, and it’s not because of Julia Robert’s stripper boots - well at least not entirely… It’s because it works out. Good girl, gone bad, gone good again inheriting a fortune in the process that handily comes equipped with the man of all our mother’s dreams. That’s the kind of movie I want to forget about my life to. 

Heartbreak is essential. In real life AND in realistic fiction, but it’s everywhere. Is it too much to still believe that sometimes things just work out? Give a girl a break, ‘One Tree Hill’, ‘The OC’, ‘Made in Chelsea’… I can’t handle all these romance rinses. Maybe i’m too involved, but I know i’m not alone. You just have to take to Twitter after an episode of Made in Chelsea to know the affect a cheating TV playboy has on what girls expect from their other-halves. If he doesn’t text you back, you’re right - he’s definitely cheating on you… The heartbreak gets us more excited than the happiness of these characters and has a strange affect on what is real. Talk about a jaded audience. 

Crying when your favourite TV couple split isn’t socially acceptable, it isn’t, BUT it happens. Netflix; you international heartbreaker you. Watching a series back to back for hours on end transports you, as it should do, away from your own mundanities. But, it only takes you far enough to see into some other shiny American TV blonde’s mundanity (i’ve covered 80% of Teen drama haven’t I?). 

Maybe hers is more exciting, maybe the people are better looking than you and the problems are more exaggerated but 1) she’s not real AND 2) you can rest assured the writers won’t keep her happy for long. 

This breaks my heart as a viewer, but stepping away from the screen it makes me realise something. Logan and Veronica aren’t really that perfect. BUT, neither are me and my boyfriend, or you and yours, or everyone else in the world and their partners or friends or cats or cactus… It’s okay, after all, they get their happy endings AND their heartbreaks written in for them by some CW top dogs.WE, as the fundamentally privileged living human beings get to be the authors of our own romantic heroes. For me, I think i’m going to put away the Netflix for a while and start living like my own Veronica; except she’s called Katy and she’s half as cool - but that’s fine - she can write the end. 

Just a thought for the week 
Lots of love 

Katy xoxo


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Witch Product | Spot Prone Skincare

When it comes to skincare the question is always WITCH product is right for me? Don’t you just love a play on words? Anyway, back to the point: skincare. Neglecting your skin is one of the easiest things to do in the world. I know- face wipes will always be the most SIMPLE alternative. They are quick and painless… BUT are not necessary the most rewarding means of cleansing. OR getting rid of acne when it comes around… AND trust me, it always will. 

Balance is a really important component of any skin-care regime. Okay, i’m no expert and I know this sounds a bit self important- I’ll plead ignorance -  EVERYTHING I know is from my own experience.SKINCARE is a spectrum, all it takes is a scrub that’s too rough or a moisturiser that’s slightly too oily to upset the balance and take you rrrright the way back to that spotted step one. WITCH has the potential to be one of these ‘too far’ product lines.

I have been using the products for a couple of weeks now. My skin, prior to starting the regime was in the midst of PEAK breakout time and SINCE it has really improved. It’s not perfect - but that is probably more due to my student diet of chips and chocolate… The products - exfoliator, face wash AND blemish stick are all excellent for combatting tricky RED spots. 
HERE are my loves and recommendations for this range. If you have even remotely dry skin DON’T bother. MY skin type is combination - oily and I found this totally drying. This is a brilliant feature for getting rid of acne but not so hot on the rest of your skin, causing peeling and flaking. IF you are bold enough to use it MAKE sure you keep your face moisturised or else it really won’t be pretty. 

I would recommend using this regime thoroughly BUT for a limited usage. WHEN skin is bad, it’s brilliant. It’s so affective but better in small spats - say three days at a time maximum? That will avoid too much drying and hardening of the facial skin. 

MY HERO product of this range is definitely the blemish stick. Across the board the packaging is really bold and fresh. This little stick is compact and bright on the outside and a power-house on the inside. It should be applied sparingly to problem areas in the morning and at night. It really helps to hurry along the process of drying out problem areas. MY least favourite is definitely the wash. It’s not as satisfyingly foamy as other, more luxurious (and, actually cheeper) face washes that i’ve used before. FREEDERM wash is a great one for spotty faces. 

SO that’s your round up - witch is your get out for spot-prone skin. Use it wisely ladies. 

Katy xoxo
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