Thursday, 25 September 2014

Modern Day Marilyn | Curls and Red Lips

So, the modern day Marilyn. NO this is not a how to guide to having your wicked way with Obama OR a dummy’s manual to becoming an internationally renowned DIVA. It is, however, my attempt to re-create a look of one of THE most beautiful women of all time… NO pressure Katy. I promise you that this is NOT some sort of peroxide ego-trip… It is, in fact, a personal challenge to embrace my cropped locks and take some advice from one of Hollywoods most mis-understood but ON POINT fashionistas. She monopolised an era with her good looks and her allure and this is my attempt to channel my MODERN day Marilyn. (don’t judge me…) 


LETS start with the base. It’s important to achieve a relatively flawless finish. I know, this may appear quite an impossible task ESPECIALLY if, like me, you are dealing with an altogether imperfect canvas. Smooth out those lumps and bumps with a deep cleanse and an indulgent face mask. Even film-stars have suffered through clogged teenage pores. When will they make facial poly-filler? Just make the best of what you’ve got. HEAVY duty concealer is your best friend for this look - well it was certainly mine. 

WITH a Marilyn look it’s all about the hair. I’m not suggesting you crack open the bleach - brunette, red head or natural blonde, this look is easy to emulate. Marilyn is all about the curls. ALL you need to copy her look is a small barrelled curling iron and some curling clips - mine are Babyliss and you can pick them up in Boots OR Superdrug. Curl small sections for about ten seconds at a time. Remove the barrel and hold onto the curl. Let it cool down and roll it into pin curls, holding it together with a clip. REPEAT this step all over your head and leave it there for as long as you have the time - spritzing it lightly with a holding spray - Elnette. 

AS far as make up, this bit is easy. APART from the distinctive Marilyn mole, which I would like to add is DEFINITELY optional… This look is pretty basic. Use a smoothing primer such as ‘Baby-skin’ or the Body Shop blur creme. Use a pale, but flawless finish foundation; I like to use my classic Mac mineralise foundation in Nc15. Add a light bronze and a lot of highlighter to get that HOLLYWOOD glow. 

THIS look is all about the eyes and lips. FOR my Marilyn eyes I started with a base coat of MAC’s creme coat ‘Painterly’ to eliminate bood-lines and creases - topping it off with some Hoola bronzer applied with a real techniques shading brush. A thin black line is next applied close to the eyelash line in that CLASSIC Monroe shape - subtle but sexy. Lips, where else would we look but MAC - Ruby Woo it is. Easy AND Sexy. Marilyn to a T… Excuse the pun. Eyebrows are the last crucial stage of this look. It is important to achieve that high arch and bold look. Think Cara Delevigne with a facelift. Make it strong THIS will  make it more modern. Darken up your brows to add definition and create a more youthful finish. 
FINALLY, take out the pin curls, get on a red dress and as Taylor would say “shake it off” run your fingers through those curls and back comb the front… THERE you have it. Modern Marilyn, how did I do? WELL anyway, it was fun. 

Katy xoxo


Hannah Burrows said...

Your eyebrows are on point! Great tutorial :) xxx

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Abi S said...

Wow in the second to last photo you look so much like Michelle Williams when she played Marilyn! Lovely post and photos! Abi :)

Jessica The Pyreflies said...

You look beautiful! And I agree with Abi S you look like Michelle Williams in that last photo!


Victoria Nightingale said...

Wow your hair turned out so well :) By the way I checked out your youtube channel and you sing really well, you should definitely do some more beauty videos there too though!

Katy 'J said...

thank you so much Hannah! xx

Katy 'J said...

aw wow, thank you so much Abi xx

Katy 'J said...

Aw thank you very much Jessica!! xxx

Katy 'J said...

aw thank you very much! I will maybe do some more soon, thank you!! xx

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