Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Cath Kidston Discount | Calling all Bargain Hunters

If you read my ‘brand focus’ post a while ago you will know how much I love Cath Kidston. Their vintage inspired polka dots, floral prints and pinnys are classic and feminine. Season after season Cath puts her quirky twist on timeless prints making them really versatile AND, most importantly, GORGEOUS. 

Okay, so I know why you’re really here. I’ve lured you in with the promise of a cheeky discount and here I am rambling about prints and vintage fusions. If you’re a Kidston fan you won’t need to be tempted. For all you students i’m giving you a heads up about how to save some of that loan, whilst kitting yourself (and your new flat) out in full floral glory… Got you listening? 

Across the CK stores we have a brrrrilliant student promotion night going - 20% off for one night only. Just bring your proof of student id and hey presto, you’ve doubled your usual saving. It’s really worth the trip - and there are some amazing things up for grabs! Get a wish list together, don’t forget to ask your mum - she’ll want in on this saving! I know Christmas seems far off BUT someone told me that it is only 12 Fridays away (scary, right?) SO stocking fillers wouldn’t go a miss… 

Anyway - that’s more than enough sales prattle. It’s time for me to hang up the sales pinny
and show you my FAVOURITE pics. Okay, so you’re a student - you’re needing a big bag to carry around all of your books, that you’ll probably never finish, and that laptop that you carry around EXCLUSIVELY for that guilty google at the back of the lecture. I mean, they’re essential. There are so many different options in store, but they’re not always at the perfect price point for a student budget. WITH 20% off the large tote-bag (rrp £75) it’s down to £60, the same price as the small one which is HALF the size. 

The large tote is STUNNING and fits in with a laid back university vibe. It comes in 5 gorgeous patterns and is enforced with leather trimmings. Laptop, tablet and geek chic friendly. Pair it with dark denim and a fedora to achieve a Serena Van Der Woodsen esque look. In my opinion this is one of CK’s most youthful collections. The totes appeal across the board but to me they look so young and vibrant and it does amazingly to stamp out that twee label that the people often slam on CK products. The modern CK gal appreciates both high fashion and flowery tea-pots. It’s timeless. 

FOR a, perhaps more practical and British proof look i’d suggest my other big bag love… The back-pack. The oil cloth material is amazing. It’s rain-proof and mess proof - totally wipeable. This is the perfect blend of pretty and practical - they fit a 13inch laptop in a built in sleeve at the back which makes it perfect for college OR university. 

For people who have moved away to study there are loads of brilliant travel bags. From my own experience they make a brilliant portable washing bag, for the long commute home to mum’s washing machine. I love the long barrel bag (above) . It’s totally compact and is perfect for the gym and for long weekends. It’s £28 normally, so just think… 20% off… 

THERE’S mugs and bedding for your new flat, iPad cases, stationary galore, purses, travel passes, lunch boxes - anything and EVERYTHING you could need to start your school career in style this term. For all you Scottish ladies (Glasgow area) you’re in luck because it’s just around the corner. WE will be opening our doors from 6.30pm - 9.30 NEXT WEDNESDAY the 8th of October for a night of bargain hunting and giveaways. 

Come along! You don’t have to spend a fortune BUT know that anything you do get will be double the discount you’ll get if you change your mind the next day. 
Come and see us. *DETAILS of other promotions can be found on the FACEBOOK pages of respective CK stores. Come in and see me Glasgow gals!* GALS FROM ABERDEEN - HURRY, YOURS IS ALL DAY TOMORROW! 

Katy xoxo 


Victoria Nightingale said...

I love Cath Kidston, bought a bag from there about four years ago and I've used it constantly ever since.


Katy 'J said...

aw yeah it's such a brilliant brand! xo

Taylor said...

Cath Kidston is so gorgeous - their products is so pretty! & 12 Fridays away? I didn't realise that Christmas was so close - exciting!! I've been flicking through your blog and your design is so nice and your writing style is fantastic - love it!! :)


Katy 'J said...

thank you so much Taylor! that means so much!! I know, how crazy is that? aw thank you doll!!! <3 xxx

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