Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Cath Kidston Discount | Calling all Bargain Hunters

If you read my ‘brand focus’ post a while ago you will know how much I love Cath Kidston. Their vintage inspired polka dots, floral prints and pinnys are classic and feminine. Season after season Cath puts her quirky twist on timeless prints making them really versatile AND, most importantly, GORGEOUS. 

Okay, so I know why you’re really here. I’ve lured you in with the promise of a cheeky discount and here I am rambling about prints and vintage fusions. If you’re a Kidston fan you won’t need to be tempted. For all you students i’m giving you a heads up about how to save some of that loan, whilst kitting yourself (and your new flat) out in full floral glory… Got you listening? 

Across the CK stores we have a brrrrilliant student promotion night going - 20% off for one night only. Just bring your proof of student id and hey presto, you’ve doubled your usual saving. It’s really worth the trip - and there are some amazing things up for grabs! Get a wish list together, don’t forget to ask your mum - she’ll want in on this saving! I know Christmas seems far off BUT someone told me that it is only 12 Fridays away (scary, right?) SO stocking fillers wouldn’t go a miss… 

Anyway - that’s more than enough sales prattle. It’s time for me to hang up the sales pinny
and show you my FAVOURITE pics. Okay, so you’re a student - you’re needing a big bag to carry around all of your books, that you’ll probably never finish, and that laptop that you carry around EXCLUSIVELY for that guilty google at the back of the lecture. I mean, they’re essential. There are so many different options in store, but they’re not always at the perfect price point for a student budget. WITH 20% off the large tote-bag (rrp £75) it’s down to £60, the same price as the small one which is HALF the size. 

The large tote is STUNNING and fits in with a laid back university vibe. It comes in 5 gorgeous patterns and is enforced with leather trimmings. Laptop, tablet and geek chic friendly. Pair it with dark denim and a fedora to achieve a Serena Van Der Woodsen esque look. In my opinion this is one of CK’s most youthful collections. The totes appeal across the board but to me they look so young and vibrant and it does amazingly to stamp out that twee label that the people often slam on CK products. The modern CK gal appreciates both high fashion and flowery tea-pots. It’s timeless. 

FOR a, perhaps more practical and British proof look i’d suggest my other big bag love… The back-pack. The oil cloth material is amazing. It’s rain-proof and mess proof - totally wipeable. This is the perfect blend of pretty and practical - they fit a 13inch laptop in a built in sleeve at the back which makes it perfect for college OR university. 

For people who have moved away to study there are loads of brilliant travel bags. From my own experience they make a brilliant portable washing bag, for the long commute home to mum’s washing machine. I love the long barrel bag (above) . It’s totally compact and is perfect for the gym and for long weekends. It’s £28 normally, so just think… 20% off… 

THERE’S mugs and bedding for your new flat, iPad cases, stationary galore, purses, travel passes, lunch boxes - anything and EVERYTHING you could need to start your school career in style this term. For all you Scottish ladies (Glasgow area) you’re in luck because it’s just around the corner. WE will be opening our doors from 6.30pm - 9.30 NEXT WEDNESDAY the 8th of October for a night of bargain hunting and giveaways. 

Come along! You don’t have to spend a fortune BUT know that anything you do get will be double the discount you’ll get if you change your mind the next day. 
Come and see us. *DETAILS of other promotions can be found on the FACEBOOK pages of respective CK stores. Come in and see me Glasgow gals!* GALS FROM ABERDEEN - HURRY, YOURS IS ALL DAY TOMORROW! 

Katy xoxo 

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Urban Myth? | I think not

It’s no Urban myth. SO I am a huge fan of the Naked Palate range, I always preach to girls about the amazing versatility that can be achieved with just one of these gorgeous palates. Other than this staple, however, I haven’t really delved much into the ‘Urban Decay’ range. With the hype that has begun surrounding the new ‘Vice’ palate launch in the US I thought it was time to say good-bye to the drugstore and embrace a slightly bigger spend. Sorry mum! 

Inspired by ‘Zoella’ ’s recent post on golden eyes and berry lips I went to the Decay counter with autumnal shades in mind. I was interested in purchasing a shimmer eye-shadow primer, to combat that tell tale Naked fall out, AND a berry toned. highly pigmented lipstick. 

They didn’t disappoint. 

I was immediately drawn to the primer because of its hype on the blogasphere. I had made use of a sample sized potion before and so knew how affective it is, even when used totally sparingly - and at £16 a pop who can afford to use anything but reserved amounts? It’s brilliant though because it smooths out the crease and creates an even canvas for eyeshadow application. IT allows the make up to build but not clog your lids and helps coverage to last all day long - win win. There are an array of different shades to chose from, and i’d presume that if the palates are anything to go by there will soon be heaps more!! BUT I went for the champagne shade ‘Sin’ - designed to compliment the shade of the same name in Naked 1. It’s an iridescent and luxurious sheen that looks great when builded to and alone.

For the look pictured here I simply applied ‘Hustle’ from Naked 1 in my outer corner and through the crease. Next I added a slightly exaggerated liquid line along the lash line in Soap and Glory ‘Super Cat’ - matching it up with a darkened lower lash look. I achieved this by dipping my angled brush in ‘Creep’, again from the original Naked set. 

LIPS. This choice was easy - for a lip colour that is easily VAMPED up and softened down berry is the way forward. After the Mac girls were decidedly unhelpful - more interested in applying their OWN make up than helping me sort out mine - I turned to UD. Despite Mac being my old favourite, i’m glad I did. For the same £15 price tag the packaging is SO much more luxurious. This affected metallic and purple combo is SO eye-catching and very complimentary of the entire UD range. It makes me feel SO much better about spending a little bit more when it looks worth THIS MUCH. 

As for the shade, because, of course that’s more important than pretty packaging… DEBATABLE? I went for ‘Rapture’. An autumn based berry with bronze undertones. This lipstick is mature and earthy, a statement on its own or the perfect companion to a defining smokey eye. LOVE IT. 

ALSO. To explain what's been going on in my life recently I have moved back to GLASGOW for university. SO it's all change here, new job, new school year, new flat! Let me know if you want me to do a homeware blog post. I've found so many great and CHEAP storage solutions so let me know if you want me to do a blog post about that guys! 

That’s all for my latest impulse purchase, 
lots of love
Katy xoxo

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Modern Day Marilyn | Curls and Red Lips

So, the modern day Marilyn. NO this is not a how to guide to having your wicked way with Obama OR a dummy’s manual to becoming an internationally renowned DIVA. It is, however, my attempt to re-create a look of one of THE most beautiful women of all time… NO pressure Katy. I promise you that this is NOT some sort of peroxide ego-trip… It is, in fact, a personal challenge to embrace my cropped locks and take some advice from one of Hollywoods most mis-understood but ON POINT fashionistas. She monopolised an era with her good looks and her allure and this is my attempt to channel my MODERN day Marilyn. (don’t judge me…) 


LETS start with the base. It’s important to achieve a relatively flawless finish. I know, this may appear quite an impossible task ESPECIALLY if, like me, you are dealing with an altogether imperfect canvas. Smooth out those lumps and bumps with a deep cleanse and an indulgent face mask. Even film-stars have suffered through clogged teenage pores. When will they make facial poly-filler? Just make the best of what you’ve got. HEAVY duty concealer is your best friend for this look - well it was certainly mine. 

WITH a Marilyn look it’s all about the hair. I’m not suggesting you crack open the bleach - brunette, red head or natural blonde, this look is easy to emulate. Marilyn is all about the curls. ALL you need to copy her look is a small barrelled curling iron and some curling clips - mine are Babyliss and you can pick them up in Boots OR Superdrug. Curl small sections for about ten seconds at a time. Remove the barrel and hold onto the curl. Let it cool down and roll it into pin curls, holding it together with a clip. REPEAT this step all over your head and leave it there for as long as you have the time - spritzing it lightly with a holding spray - Elnette. 

AS far as make up, this bit is easy. APART from the distinctive Marilyn mole, which I would like to add is DEFINITELY optional… This look is pretty basic. Use a smoothing primer such as ‘Baby-skin’ or the Body Shop blur creme. Use a pale, but flawless finish foundation; I like to use my classic Mac mineralise foundation in Nc15. Add a light bronze and a lot of highlighter to get that HOLLYWOOD glow. 

THIS look is all about the eyes and lips. FOR my Marilyn eyes I started with a base coat of MAC’s creme coat ‘Painterly’ to eliminate bood-lines and creases - topping it off with some Hoola bronzer applied with a real techniques shading brush. A thin black line is next applied close to the eyelash line in that CLASSIC Monroe shape - subtle but sexy. Lips, where else would we look but MAC - Ruby Woo it is. Easy AND Sexy. Marilyn to a T… Excuse the pun. Eyebrows are the last crucial stage of this look. It is important to achieve that high arch and bold look. Think Cara Delevigne with a facelift. Make it strong THIS will  make it more modern. Darken up your brows to add definition and create a more youthful finish. 
FINALLY, take out the pin curls, get on a red dress and as Taylor would say “shake it off” run your fingers through those curls and back comb the front… THERE you have it. Modern Marilyn, how did I do? WELL anyway, it was fun. 

Katy xoxo

Friday, 12 September 2014

Short Hair, Don't Care | New Hair Day

Short hair, don't care... Or do I. Excusing the occasional intrusion of a fringe or two i've been rocking the long blonde look for as long as I can remember. BUT recently I took the plunge and gave my hair a much needed trim. And then some... And then some more... AND I love it. 

Inspired by Ashley Benson, Taylor Swift, Marilyn and all the other bob rockers I took the plunge. AND, I think, it's paid off. For a start my hair was wrecked. The ends were more feathered than a duster and it was just as lifeless. This change was inevitable SO i've decided to embrace it. Here is the finished look... 

So, what do you think? It's short but still volumised. MORE sophisticated but somehow more fun. AND certainly easier to maintain. 

Since chopping my locks i've discovered I can still do a lot of the same styles as I did with my boho mane. NOW, however they look a lot more elegant. I suppose it's a reflection of getting older - I certainly feel a lot more feminine and mature - weird right? I thought long hair was key to feeling confident - turns out stripping it all back is a lot more invigorating (and swishable).

My hero products so far with this new look is the Bumble and Bumble 'Surf Spray'. This is definitely an indulgent product - and WAS courtesy of the birthday fairy- BUT I promise you it's how I achieved the messy 'out of bed' texture featured above. Just sprits it onto wet hair and pray for a miracle *or a curling iron*. 

THIS is my HERO product of the minute. It adds texture but not grease. I didn't love it with my longer hair - it made it look tangled and just added confusion instead of volume. 

BUT on shorter hair it is more concentrated and creates a really effortless wave. I would highly recommend this range. Bumble is expensive (way too expensive) BUT it works. If you have any product suggestions please leave them in the comments. Would be GREAT to hear advice from other short haired gals. 
I've got more short hair styles coming up soon, keep an eye out for a Marilyn look tomorrow, 

Katy xoxo
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