Friday, 1 August 2014

Lush | Mini Haul

My love affair with lush; through the looking-glass. This is just a taster LUSH haul; trust me, it took a lot of will-power to stop with just two things in my smelly basket. This week these were my buys. 1) Marilyn hair treatment AND 2) A pretty in pink bath bomb. 
I'll start with the easy one...

I love a LUSH bath ballistic every now and again. They are the perfect way to unwind AND detox after a long week - an ideal pay day treat. This is one i've never actually tried. Think Pink.  It looked gorgeous on the display with little embossed flowers BUT by the time I got home, they had disintegrated in the bottom of the bag... Testament to my excellent driving, good one Katy. ANYWAY this was gorgeous and turned the bath water a flowery and VERY pigmented baby pink. Perfect for unwinding; and a perfect price point too at ONLY £2.50.

(Here's an action shot of me using it in my bath - pre pink water) 

THE next product was something that I don't know why i've never tried. Hair-care wise I generally stick to what I know; and that's usually minimal effort. BUT this product screams me - Marilyn.  I love Marilyn Monroe and without tooting my own horn we have some certain similarities; okay just the hair and red lipstick... BUT that's good enough for me. 

This is a masque treatment that should be applied to dry hair and left for twenty minutes - or just until you've finished that episode of Pretty Little Liars... It feels REALLY luxurious and is fragranced with soft camomile and lime. It feels beautiful and did leave my hair feeling soft. 

BI hate to say it BUT overall I was quite unimpressed. It claims to reduce brassy tones but in my opinion my hair looks more strawberry blonde than Elsa icy. FOR a better alternative I would suggest a silver shampoo - it really works to combat warm tones AND this is a rather poor substitute. It's BRILLIANT for a deep condition but lacks lustre when it comes to colour - something Marilyn herself certainly would not be pleased about. 

Sorry LUSH, despite the fact this custard coloured concoction was a let down, I still love you. 

Katy xoxo


Anonymous said...

If you're looking for one, a great silver shampoo is the Schwarzkopf Bonacure Colour Freeze. I leave it on my hair for 10 minutes and it makes it a lovely silver-blonde (:

Emma W said...

I love pretty little liars....great suggest on what to do while waiting to take your hair mask off haha! :)

jasmine turner said...

You picked up some lovely bits! I love Lush bath goodies x
xprincessjas | ♥

Katy 'J said...

aw thank you Chantel! I will have to check it out!! xo

Katy 'J said...

haha thank you! It's honestly what I did, such a brilliant programme! xo

Katy 'J said...

aw me too, it's amazing! xo

Abi S said...

The bath bomb looks so nice! I've tried fluffy egg and sex bomb and they were so good and relaxing! Abi :)

Jennifer G. said...

I do enjoy a good bath bomb. It's a shame that the treatment didn't work out though. Although I adore Lush (I bought 9 things earlier this week!) I have never use any hair products from there x

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