Monday, 25 August 2014

Back to University | Everyday Bag

I've been busy. Doing a whole lot of nothing (sorry bloggers). I was away for a week, ill for another week, having birthday parties and working most days. BUT now there really is no excuse. No more time for blog neglect and NO more putting off getting ready for uni. 

September is just around the corner. The time when thousands of us will over-pack our ironically floral suitcases and start a new adventure. OR just head back to the one we foraged for ourselves this time last year. I've been through the university move once before - so I can talk to you with some knowledge on the subject. This is not a pots and pans 'unay life' haul - although; I can always do one of those for you if you'd like. This is just a look inside my school bag - and a peek at some day-to-day essentials. 

I alternate between a few bags. Depending on your school the satchel may not be essential... It definitely isn't for me - but hey, I love the way it looks! Very classic AND compact. I switch out between my backpack, satchel AND on days when i've got a slightly lighter load my handbag does me fine. BUT what's inside the bag?

The textbooks, unfortunately are essential. BUT there is always time to customise... I love stationary. From my youngest age it has been my vice. Splashing out on pencil cases week after week... What can I say, my shopping addiction started young. 

The notebooks featured here are from Paperchase. They have a great selection of notebooks; so stock up! You will need one for every subject; if you want to be organised. I reverted to a5 books. they are sweet but also less bulky AND more manageable than huge pukka pads. As well as this I split up my work load into some pretty CK document wallets

I always carry either my laptop or tablet around uni with me. There is campus wifi throughout and a huge part of the course is paperless. You never know when you need to access an email OR download an article from the web. AND it's great for Facebooking in the particularly snooze worthy lectures... Wait, what? It's true. I'm only human... 

I would try to get a hold of a decent computer because, trust me, you'll need it. If you're moving away to study it will become your life. Your contact with home; your source of entertainment AND your study lifeline. My computer has never been so important to me. BUT they are expensive; so if you can at least try to back up all your files on an external hard-drive. You will be thankful of the extra storage; even if it is just clogged up with old Laguna Beach episodes. 

Alongside this I always carry my headphones - another essential; especially for long commutes. AND a flask for my tea. If you have a nine o'clock start you will soon realise just how crucial caffeine is to you. There are some gorgeous flasks in both Urban Outfitters and Cath Kidston. 

I know lots of you will find this patronising. I know we're all used to carrying folders and organising notebooks. BUT this is just a small slice of advice that i've picked up from my first year. 

A final thing that I would suggest is getting ahead of the game BEFORE you start up in September. For me, this is easy; getting a head start reading novels AND brushing up on the news for politics. IF you know what you're studying have a quick scroll online and familiarise/refresh yourself of the basics. IT WILL make a difference so try not to forget... it's easily done. 

Good luck at school everyone! Let me know if there's any other university posts you want to see up soon! 

Katy xoxo



Kelsie Reynolds said...

Love those notebooks, and your bag....kind of makes me want to go back to school....just kidding! ;)

Abi S said...

Great post I love your photos too! Abi :)

Katy 'J said...

haha, they're nice but maybe not quite THAT nice! lol xx

Katy 'J said...

thank you very much Abi! xx

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