Thursday, 28 August 2014

Bare Faced Nudes | Natural Essentials

Mischief Managed. I have worked my way through most of my Mac voucher - and I have to say - they did not disappoint. Guilt free spending is, without a doubt THE BEST present a girl could receive. Well, it certainly is for me!  As part of my splurge I picked up some of the perfect ingredients for a natural 'nude' face. 

I think I have gone through almost every Mac foundation type. This is natural I suppose, as your skin changes so do your foundation needs - whilst my skin was at its worse I swore by Mac Studio Sculpt because it offered heavy duty coverage and a really matte finish. On reflection, this is not a look I plan to rock in the future. My skin is generally more balanced now and can deal with a lighter more vibrant finish; when helped along with a bit of concealer of course! I get that look with this gorgeous MatchMaster foundation. It is light and dewy. I use the shade 1.0. it looks HEALTHY and NATURAL. 

I also picked up a nude lip, this is in the shade 'Honey Love' and is perfect for every-day application. It's a matte lipstick so does go on in a strong colour block. It also looks amazing with a dash of lipgloss over the top. It's a build able shade that ESPECIALLY compliments pale skin and a soft complexion. 

As far as a natural eye look, you can't go wrong with a trusty Naked Palate. BELIEVE ME that's all i've used for years. BUT, a treat's a treat and I wasn't going to say no to these... I love creme consistency products. THE blogging community has been raving about the creme shade 'Painterly' for eons and i've only just caught on. SO that was my number one MUST HAVE. It's an elegant primer/base shade. The application is smooth and creaseless. I adore it.

For more special occasions I also picked up 'Chilled on Ice'. This is a glistening shade that adds a fairytale dimension to the natural face. IT is quite similar to the 'Let's Skate' paint pot, but is warmed up with champagne tones as opposed to its colder counterpart. THESE shades together work to create an effortless day to night nude. 

I would ALWAYS top off a nude look with some contouring. This is where I step out of bounds and turn to Benefit's Hoola bronzer. IT'S non shimmery and build able with pressure. It's smooth and honey toned. A perfect base bronze but also a beautiful contour in its own right. Sorry bank balance! 

I hope you liked these natural face products, speak soon!

Katy xoxo

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Birthday Haul | Lucky Girl 19

You know when you wait for a bus and none come THEN all of a sudden two come at once... Welcome to my BLOG. I have returned from my untimely leave of absence with some treats for you. WELL, for me. I turned 19 last week AND, in spite of me being entirely ill equipped to enter my last year as a teen, I was delighted with my day. 

I had a lovely time celebrating with my beautiful little family AND a brilliant night of bubbly and boogying with my gorgeous pals. BUT I know what you really want to hear about - and i'm sure the picture up there has it covered. The birthday fairy did NOT disappoint. I thought i'd share some of my favourites with you. 

The beauty addicts amongst you will have skipped passed my attempts to look arty in this picture - upping the brightness to perfection! AND headed straight for the make-up. My gorgeous grandma got me this little gem - a MAC voucher. Trust me... It won't last long! I adore MAC, but it's generally a little out of my price range (a lot) so grandma has gifted me something amazing - guilt free spending! Something that is well overdue... (how excited is everyone for that student loan to kick in next month?).

Both my boyfriend and my mum picked up the same hints and got me the new Marc Jacobs 'Daisy Dream' perfume... Not that I was hinting at all OF COURSE. I now have both the handbag miniature and the full sized daisy - i've got the set! They perfume is lightly fragranced with summery tones and comes in the most elegant packaging. Here's a link to Becca Rose telling you all about how fab it is. 

My mum is great at this birthday business. She knows just how to pick out the little details and go the extra mile. I'd like to think i've inherited some of her attention to detail. She's a lovely lady. ANYWAY she got me some daisy accessories to match up with my gorgeous new scent. A beautiful floral cluster ring from Pandora and the matching daisy earrings - I haven't taken them off since I got them. They are beautiful and so thoughtful. Perfect. 

The last thing is probably my favourite. I love Kate Spade; from her phone cases to her handbags. This range is one that I have admired for a long time. The beautiful cut out bangles are all equipped with their own messages. The silver one (my one) just reads 'Find the Silver Lining'. This is such a powerful message to me and one that I have always tried to live by. It's a beautiful reminder of what's really important to me. It also sits half way up my arm which is a gorgeous change. 

I had such a gorgeous birthday and got the most thoughtful and elegant gifts; what a great start to life as a nineteen year old. 

Katy xoxo

Monday, 25 August 2014

Back to University | Everyday Bag

I've been busy. Doing a whole lot of nothing (sorry bloggers). I was away for a week, ill for another week, having birthday parties and working most days. BUT now there really is no excuse. No more time for blog neglect and NO more putting off getting ready for uni. 

September is just around the corner. The time when thousands of us will over-pack our ironically floral suitcases and start a new adventure. OR just head back to the one we foraged for ourselves this time last year. I've been through the university move once before - so I can talk to you with some knowledge on the subject. This is not a pots and pans 'unay life' haul - although; I can always do one of those for you if you'd like. This is just a look inside my school bag - and a peek at some day-to-day essentials. 

I alternate between a few bags. Depending on your school the satchel may not be essential... It definitely isn't for me - but hey, I love the way it looks! Very classic AND compact. I switch out between my backpack, satchel AND on days when i've got a slightly lighter load my handbag does me fine. BUT what's inside the bag?

The textbooks, unfortunately are essential. BUT there is always time to customise... I love stationary. From my youngest age it has been my vice. Splashing out on pencil cases week after week... What can I say, my shopping addiction started young. 

The notebooks featured here are from Paperchase. They have a great selection of notebooks; so stock up! You will need one for every subject; if you want to be organised. I reverted to a5 books. they are sweet but also less bulky AND more manageable than huge pukka pads. As well as this I split up my work load into some pretty CK document wallets

I always carry either my laptop or tablet around uni with me. There is campus wifi throughout and a huge part of the course is paperless. You never know when you need to access an email OR download an article from the web. AND it's great for Facebooking in the particularly snooze worthy lectures... Wait, what? It's true. I'm only human... 

I would try to get a hold of a decent computer because, trust me, you'll need it. If you're moving away to study it will become your life. Your contact with home; your source of entertainment AND your study lifeline. My computer has never been so important to me. BUT they are expensive; so if you can at least try to back up all your files on an external hard-drive. You will be thankful of the extra storage; even if it is just clogged up with old Laguna Beach episodes. 

Alongside this I always carry my headphones - another essential; especially for long commutes. AND a flask for my tea. If you have a nine o'clock start you will soon realise just how crucial caffeine is to you. There are some gorgeous flasks in both Urban Outfitters and Cath Kidston. 

I know lots of you will find this patronising. I know we're all used to carrying folders and organising notebooks. BUT this is just a small slice of advice that i've picked up from my first year. 

A final thing that I would suggest is getting ahead of the game BEFORE you start up in September. For me, this is easy; getting a head start reading novels AND brushing up on the news for politics. IF you know what you're studying have a quick scroll online and familiarise/refresh yourself of the basics. IT WILL make a difference so try not to forget... it's easily done. 

Good luck at school everyone! Let me know if there's any other university posts you want to see up soon! 

Katy xoxo


Sunday, 3 August 2014

Lipstick Product Addict | Tag

SO, before I jet off to NYC I have time for ANOTHER beauty related post. This time it's all about my LIPSTICK addiction. Despite my LOVE for lipstick, from creme sheen to matte; high end to high-street, I just wasn't sure if people would REALLY find insight into MY collection all that interesting... HOWEVER, the lovely Jordan challenged me, so thought i'd let you have a peak. 

(Back to NY - Comment if you'd like to see what I get up to on my trip)

I love TAGS. It's a great way to get people talking about new products. It generates interest and pleases nosey parkers like me who want to nick some lip-smaking tips. WELL, that's enough gabbing from me - onto the good stuff, the questions. I'll try to keep it short and sweet for ya. 

1. What is your favorite balm or treatment? TREATMENT wise it's got to be my BubbleGum lip-scrub by LUSH. I picked it up purely as a gimmick. It tastes like a sweet shop and was a perfect pocket money purchase. BUT more than that, this product has become a staple in my routine and provides relief from dry/chapped lips; allowing lipstick to apply smoothly. It's a winner and I always team it with a drugstore lip-balm; easy peasy lip care. 

2. What is your favorite eye catching red? Definitely 'Ruby Woo' by Mac. The first Mac Lipstick I ever bought was 'Russian Red' and that was amazing too. Recently though i've been converted to Ruby; she is a little bit warmer and less severe - but both are matte with amazing staying power; I don't know how Mac do it! 

3. The best luxury and drugstore product? BEST luxury product is definitely this gorgeous coral YSL lipstick that I got for my school dance last year. It is beautiful and a really complimentary shade; plus it looks gorgeous on the outside! That golden packaging, what can I say? It's definitely luxurious and DEFINITELY more than I would normally spend. Not totally worth it; but it does look amazing. Drugstore wise; I love these 'Apocalypse' lip laquers... They have amazing staying power and are a brilliant gloss/lipstick hybrid. 

4. Best MAC lipstick? RECENTLY i've really loved a bright lip; and i'm trying to stray away from my classic big hair, red lipstick look. SO i've turned to these shades from Mac - don't ask me to pick a favourite - could you? 'Morange' is a bright, sunshine orange and 'Flat out Fabulous' a highly pigmented magenta. 

5. Most disappointing lip product? hmm, probably the Clinique Chubby Stick. They provided a great balm but had little to no colour pigmentation. 

6. Lip Liner: Yes or No? DON'T be scared of lip liner - it can be a huge asset - avoid that line by blending - it just saves any overspill and if you're a fan of a bold lip it's a must... The Body Shop have really reasonably priced neutrals that can be paired with almost ANY lipstick look. 

7. Favorite gloss? WITHOUT a doubt, this gorgeous plush pink lipstick by Benefit. It's a smooth sheen top-coat and it looks beautiful with its Gatsby-esque packaging. 

SO, there we have it. Next post will be coming to you from the big apple. Hope you liked this ladies!
Katy xoxo

Friday, 1 August 2014

Primark Accessories | Style Steals

ALL HAIL Primark; queen of effortless, wallet friendly accessories. 

I am VERY guilty of splurging when it comes to accessories. It's HARD to resist the allure of TOPSHOP and ZARA statements. They are both BEDAZZLING for their rhinestones and their price tags... ON a recent trip to Primark I found some accessories to challenge the MORE HIGH-END highstreet alternatives...

SO, here are my top finds (the blouse is also a cheeky Pri-mani purchase). 

1) I picked up this gorgeous necklace for around the £5 mark. 
2) AND these gorgeous hair scrunchies for 2 quid each. 

AS YOU know if you read my blog, for me it's all about the statement necklace. WELL Primark have a collection that will ease your bank statement ASWELL as your accessory addiction. THIS gorgeous pastel cluster looks gorgeous against all background; neutral and youthful. IT is a total dupe for more high-end alternatives AND is totally on trend. The perfect bend of subtlety and stand out. 

THE beauty of cheaper stores like Primark is in the application. IF you wear head to toe bargain, people will catch on. SELECTING well priced pretties like this and pairing them with statement items further up the price ladder- vintage to Versace - WILL make the CHEAP appear luxurious. THAT is how the true bargain queens look chic and save dolla. (TOP TIP). 

I also picked up some floral scrunchies. THIS is a more subtle, and affordable, alternative to the FLOWER CROWN trend. If you're shy of going all out Midsummer night's Dream - these are perfect - and for only £2 it's a really basic way to add a feminine touch to an up-do or ponytail. Instantly chic. 

SO, that's why I love a bargain - and that's why YOU should give Primark another try - go on, have a rake - I dare ya! 

Katy xoxo


Lush | Mini Haul

My love affair with lush; through the looking-glass. This is just a taster LUSH haul; trust me, it took a lot of will-power to stop with just two things in my smelly basket. This week these were my buys. 1) Marilyn hair treatment AND 2) A pretty in pink bath bomb. 
I'll start with the easy one...

I love a LUSH bath ballistic every now and again. They are the perfect way to unwind AND detox after a long week - an ideal pay day treat. This is one i've never actually tried. Think Pink.  It looked gorgeous on the display with little embossed flowers BUT by the time I got home, they had disintegrated in the bottom of the bag... Testament to my excellent driving, good one Katy. ANYWAY this was gorgeous and turned the bath water a flowery and VERY pigmented baby pink. Perfect for unwinding; and a perfect price point too at ONLY £2.50.

(Here's an action shot of me using it in my bath - pre pink water) 

THE next product was something that I don't know why i've never tried. Hair-care wise I generally stick to what I know; and that's usually minimal effort. BUT this product screams me - Marilyn.  I love Marilyn Monroe and without tooting my own horn we have some certain similarities; okay just the hair and red lipstick... BUT that's good enough for me. 

This is a masque treatment that should be applied to dry hair and left for twenty minutes - or just until you've finished that episode of Pretty Little Liars... It feels REALLY luxurious and is fragranced with soft camomile and lime. It feels beautiful and did leave my hair feeling soft. 

BI hate to say it BUT overall I was quite unimpressed. It claims to reduce brassy tones but in my opinion my hair looks more strawberry blonde than Elsa icy. FOR a better alternative I would suggest a silver shampoo - it really works to combat warm tones AND this is a rather poor substitute. It's BRILLIANT for a deep condition but lacks lustre when it comes to colour - something Marilyn herself certainly would not be pleased about. 

Sorry LUSH, despite the fact this custard coloured concoction was a let down, I still love you. 

Katy xoxo
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