Monday, 7 July 2014

Trends I LOVE and Trends I Just DON'T Get

So, when it comes to fashion i’m easily pleased. From clashing prints to simple co-ords, with me everything goes. Well, not quite EVERYTHING. There are some trends that, despite widening my styling lens, i just can’t get to grips with. It just goes to show that no matter how ‘fashion forward’ you may think you are, there will always be certain pieces that just don’t make sense. 

First i’ll break it down for you. There are SO many fashion focused trends at the minute - particularly for summer 2014 - that I LOVE. You all know I am a huge fan of pastels. They look effortless and sweet on any feature or accessory, from GRAFEA backpacks to bedazzled clutch bags - they are seamless from day to night, youthful and vibrant. 

Pastels and summer go hand in hand and i’m loving the fresh as a daisy floral crown look as an outfit enhancer. I myself have invested in a couple of these gorgeous headpieces from RocknRose and a brand new pink one that was a steal for £4 in Primark (a bargain worth checking out ladies). This bohemian touch adds ruffage to otherwise clean lines and creates an undeniably sweet seasonal vibe.
Accessory wise i’m also loving the midi ring - I think it’s a really innovative way to style up a simple look and is a gorgeous blend of elegance and style. It is elegant when adopted sparingly and adds a sweet twist to your style - an amazing accompaniment to summer nail paint. (Or the gorgeous Stiletto nails by HH - something I can’t wait to get my paws on). 

These trends that I LOVE are all effortless and accessible but i’ve included some examples on my Polyvore collage and they are listed in the ‘read more’ section. 

As far as the trends I just don’t get… There are a lot less of them, but so much more to say. This category is reserved, not only for fashion ‘no-no’s’ . But for a handful of things that, in my book, are never a good look. From pool sliders to piercings, things that just don’t float my boat. 

Two new trends that I simply cannot get my fuzzy head around are the ‘pool slider’ sandal and the choker necklace. I got over the socks and sandals faux pas AND i’ve even swallowed my fear of the Birkenstock - but this… It’s just gone too far. It’s a trend i’ll never grasp, I mean there are ALREADY so many gorgeous summer shoes from gladiators to Haviannas there was no need to bring this look back... just no need. Even if these were baby pink and completely be-dazzled I don’t think i’d like them. 
AND the choker -  I get it for Halloween, but can’t we just put this trend back in the coffin until October? I like to channel a bit of gothic glamour every now and again, but this… It’s a full on Morticia, Spice Girls combo that has got me reeling - I DON’T get it. Breathe. 
Another trend which I more don’t suit than don’t get is the skort craze. I appreciate that it’s innovative - I mean it’s the spork of the fashion world after all AND it means you will always be free from accidentally flashing the postie. BUT this is the most unflattering look, they worked for girls PE at school, but does that qualify high fashion status? Not to me. The cross over affect of most high-street ‘skorts’ is more than camel friendly and honestly just leaves me sorely disappointed. 

Trends go beyond fashion. At the risk of sounding like my mother there are some literary trends that have got me stumped. I get reem, but who or what is Bae? These are some ‘trends’ that I seriously hope die out soon. Let me know what you think - this is just one girls unimportant opinion. 

Holla if you like any of my faves or feel the same way about my fashion loathes - see the picture for more. 

Katy xoxo

Trends I hate by katyjjo featuring platform canvas shoes

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Topshop petite skort

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