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When it comes to Skincare, reverting to convenience is EASILY done. For those days when you want to keep the wipes at arms length; here are some products that will rejuvenate your capsule skin-care collection. I'm lifting the lid on my skincare staples AND giving you some honest reviews and critiques of drugstore cleansers and potions. 

So, in my daily routine there is always temptation to reach for the face wipes - especially at night after a long day of time wasting. BUT when you're trying to be good to yourself and really unclog your skin; here are some staples that really do it for me. 

So, for the longest time I have neglected my skin. I always got as far as buying the 'WONDER PRODUCTS' but I never quite made it to the testing stage. In the morning i'm ALWAYS rushing out the door AND in the evening i'm dying for my bed.

BUT recently; since i've had more time on my hands - i've dug out a few of the old potions. Cleansing and Toning - at least once a day has really brightened up my dull skin, creating a dewy and youthful finish. I'm aware that some of this transition to glowing skin MAY be psychological - convincing myself after years of neglect that my LAZINESS was what was making my skin tired. BUT friends and family have commented on my appearance too; which takes it out of the realms of my own imagining. I've been using the Body Shop -'Seaweed' range. This range is perfect for my combination skin type. Generally quite nice skin, but often rather oily and prone to breakouts: well, they've certainly been kept at bay since this came back into my routine. 

THIS seems like a no-brainer BUT eye make-up remover is something that often slips my daily agenda. And that is crazy. I've brought it back into my life for SEVERAL reasons.
The first of which being I was beginning to scare myself in the morning... The panda look may work for TAYLOR MOMSEN but on me it proves rather terrifying. ALSO I have white pillow cases... Well, I used to. It's crucial ladies; especially if you love trying out adventurous eye concepts - otherwise they'll just end up all over your bedsheets. I'm using the Garnier Fresh Eye Make up Remover at the mo, but any brand will do really.

I like to top-up my cleansing routine with an 'in-shower' face wash too. Ordinarily i'd say that this was my go-to face cleanser because, like I say - the two step cleanse and tone is sometimes impossible, timing wise. BUT this resolves that problem. I've tried SO MANY in shower cleansers - from Neutrogena to Freederm to trusty Boots. The one i've been loving at the moment, however is by SOAP and GLORY. I can't quite explain it. I picked it up purely for the bottle... But it's so much better than I imagined. It's effective but not sticky; with beads of solution that really tingle on the skin. An excellent and deep cleanse designed for young skin. 

AS far as exfolient here's a link to my current favourite by LUSH.  I think this is a crucial stage, especially when accompanied by a really healing face-mask. I don't like my exfoliators to be too intrusive; a gentle scrub will do. I love St Ive's range but LUSH have really got me lusting over this at the minute. Perfect for someone who is acne-prone but product sensitive. 

FINALLY i'm loving this new product from the Body-Shop. I've tried out a lot of moisturisers and have been loving the Benefit range as i mentioned in my JUNE FAVOURITES - but this product is great, and requires ZERO EFFORT. It's the Body Shop 'Vitamin E' overnight serum. This is an 8 hour moisture wonder. You apply it with the pipette and sleep on it - waking up to totally dewy and velvet soft skin. I thought it was a bit of a gimmick and bought it PURELY out of CURIOSITY. BUT it's amazing - and i've used it every night since I got it. Adore. Moisturising is crucial EVEN to acne prone skin because all the products like 'Freederm' and medicine to kill the spots, also  hardens youthful skin. Get that texture back - get a moisturiser that is right for you. 

These are my Skincare loves...

Katy xoxo



Ellis Horne said...

Looking forward to seeing what products you use :)
Would love if you checked out my blog if you wanted x

Katy 'J said...

hope you liked the ones I used! Check it out xo

Katy 'J said...

hope you like what I used! xo

katy barlow said...
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Katy 'J said...

Thank you so so much! :) Will have a wee look at yours. It's honestly so good, I love all things Soap and Glory! xxx

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