Friday, 11 July 2014

Butter Up | Body Shop Review

This is one beauty secret that I clocked onto FAR too late. 

The Body Shop have been dishing out their famous ‘body butters’ for years; but i’ve, only recently, come to appreciate just how much power is in one scoop of their fruitiness. These little indulgences are divine. From their texture to their long lasting scent and nourishment. They are the perfect compliment to any evening routine. (£13)

I apply TBS body butters now on the regular. In the past I have neglected to include a full-body moisturise in my daily routine. I always viewed these bad boys  more as clutter than a beauty must have; something that came out as rarely as the Easter bunny - a total novelty, easily forgotten. WELL what can I say - I was young, naïve, foolish… ONLY now do I really appreciate what it is to indulge in the Body Shop’s finest. Let me break it down for you…

I have 4 scents on the go at the minute - each sweeter than the next - Blueberry, Raspberry, Passion Fruit and Mango butters that I apply generously every night. Not only have I noticed a massive improvement in the texture of my skin, i’ve said goodbye to any dryness or raw areas - my skin is more supple, vibrant and nourished. BUT I also smell delicious, and that lasts all day. Some of these scents even come with a complimentary fragrance spritzer to keep that fruity scent lasting even into the evening. Thank you Body Shop, don’t mind if I do… 

These products go hand in hand with another new LOVE of mine. I’ve recently turned to St Tropez in an attempt to channel some summer vibes and these moisturisers have made my colour last so much longer. My colour doesn’t fade through the week and it can only be down to regular use of my gorgeous BBs. So if you’re loving your tan too this summer, here’s a great secret to make it last! 

I know, it’s hard enough to find time for a cuppa and a TOWIE catch up these days; let alone treat yourself to an entire pamper night… BUT if you’re going to do anything to make you feel better and keep your skin fresh and dreamy - just pick up one of these. I apply a scoop everyday - generously - all over and i’m yet to touch pan. Go on, treat yourself. 

Give your skin a holiday, even if you can’t make it to Marbs. 

Katy xoxo


beverley koh said...

I love how the passion fruit one smells! It's probably my fav scent from body shop! Maybe I should try out these body butters soon

Btw, it would be great if you could follow back on Bloglovin :)

-Beverley (

Katy 'J said...

They are so gorgeous you should DEFINTELY try them out Beverley! I will have a wee read, thank you xo

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