Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Accessorize | Queen of Beauty Bargains

I'm notoriously USELESS at spotting a bargain. 
When it comes to SALE SEASON i'm easily distracted by the 'new'. Either that OR I lose the patience required to discover any truly hidden gems. BUT these are some sweet deals that even those who aren't bargain savvy couldn't have missed. 

I found myself in Accessorize having a browse before work, and it did not disappoint - nor did it break the bank. These were somewhat impulse purchases, although i'm sure when you find out HOW good a deal I really got, you won't judge my compulsive attitude to spending... Well, at least judge a little less. THIS is one of the last places I would EVER expect to pick up anything BEAUTY but, put your sleek palates aside because i've found some even better deals from the last place i'd expect to be the real Bargain Beauty Queen. 

Okay, so this sounds crazy and far too good to be true BUT incase you don't believe me, here are some pictures...

See more... You know you want to...

HERE's the run down. I picked up a few different items. 1. A gorgeous eye palate in 'Lovely Day'. 32 shades... £3. Yes, it's that good. 2. A gorgeous highlight and shimmering bronzer duo, £1. 80. AND three lipsticks 2 crayons in deep pink and nude shades and one matte berry pink FOR £1.50. OH, and a mascara for £1.50 too...

Needless to say I was TOTALLY overwhelmed by the bargains and perhaps went slightly overboard - but for 70 percent off, who could resist?

UPON trial I can also say that the products are of an excellent standard. ALTHOUGH, that is not entirely surprising when you look at the quality of the brand. The bronze delivers a radiant and dewy finish - comparable mac 'Soft and Gentle'. THE lipsticks have surprising longevity and last longer than your average drugstore stain. The crayons are also a total dupe for the Clinique 'Chubby Stick'. 

The eyeshadow palate, however, was my most exciting find. You know, if you read regularly, that I LOVE the Naked palate and really enjoy widening my eye-shadow collection. Well, if only Urban Decay would swatch this price-tag. The 32 jewelled shades are sophisticated and flattering AND a will be a perfect compliment for the colder seasons. 

I am converted: Accessorize... Reigning Queen of Bargain Beauty. 

Katy xoxo


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