Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Make Up Storage | Organisation

I love being organised. 
Not that I can always stick to it. There is no better feeling than de-cluttering. Your life AND your make-up. Here's how I keep all my make up bits in order (kind of). For me, organisation is key. Like I said in my previous post... Check it out guys... getting organised gives you a better perspective on things. 

OKay, so i'm not trying to preach it to you that tidying out your make-up bag will profoundly impact your life - BUT it might impact how you feel today, and for me, that's good enough. Here are the simple ways I keep my vanity deck looking neat and sweet - at least on the surface. We can't be perfect! 

It's important for me - number one for hygiene - number two for beautification that my brushes are on show. For the longest time I stored them in amongst make up clutter at the bottom of bags or lost in drawers. THAT was no way to get the best out of them- it was impractical and, when you think about it, pretty grim. Have you ever looked at the very bottom of your make-up bag? Imagine that on your face... pause for spontaneous 'bleh'. HERE is a very practical AND if I do say so myself rather creative way of storing your brushes (as pictured above). Prior to this I swapped out a pretty patterned mug for a brush holder - but this CK alternative is beautiful on my vanity. 

AS for LIPSTICK. Until very recently they were stored in a little trinket box. BUT as you can see my collection is growing and its expansion has called for a mini homeware haul. I think my hinting has been well and truly noted as mum came home last week with this gem from TK MAX. It's a beaut lipstick stand. Not only does it keep me organised AND stop me losing products - the gaps make it a little more obvious! BUT it also looks gorgeous, especially against my mirrored unit. It was only a cheeky £6, which I thought was a bargain price - and an excellent gift for any beauty geek. Muji also offer alternatives. 

Make up addiction isn't healthy. AND neither is lying. So here is the rest of my clutter - I couldn't hide it from you, and why should I? NOBODY's perfect. We all have a bit of mess, especially when you have THIS many cosmetics. Here I have used a gorgeous biscuit tin AND an old shoe box to create storage. I have to say, if you can find a pretty shoe box at home, think before gifting it to the recycle BIN. THEY really can come in handy. I just stack these bad boys on my unit AND it all looks pretty good in the end. 

SO, turns out i'm not really that organised... BUT, fake it till ya make it gals. 

Katy xoxo

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Liebster Award | Thank you!

Delighted doesn't cut it. I was so happy when I checked my inbox this morning and DISCOVERED that I had been NOMINATED for a Liebster Award by the beaut Alina from 'Beauty with Charm'  & by the just as lovely Julie-Ann from 'Our Dreams of Fashion'. I was absolutely thrilled that two gals with such lovely blogs of their own had taken the time to read mine, and say that they liked it! After reading up on Liebster I am even more glad she did... (Thank you again Alina and Julie-Ann!)  

This is a brilliant idea to connect 'newbie' bloggers like me who have a relatively small network. Through it you can find new blogs to lust over AND even start up relationships with other gorgeous blog-addicts. I LOVED browsing through the award answers that I found on BlogLovin' and am excited to share my own with you all on 'Dissolve in Scottish Rain'... AND, of course, share some BLOGS with you i've been loving myself. 

The rules of the Liebster Award are as follows:
1 - Thank/link the blogger who nominated you.
2 - Answer the 11 questions that they have written for you.
3 - Give 11 random facts about yourself.
4 - Nominate other bloggers with under 200 followers who you believe deserve the award.
5 - Post 11 questions for your nominees to answer & be sure to let them know that they have been selected.

So... You've got the rules down now right? FIRST some random facts... 11 to be precise. 

  1. I am the proud owner of not one but TWO Blue Peter badges... Hold your applause, please.
  2. I am hopelessly bad at sports, lacking any co-ordination at all - in fact my teachers used to bet on how SLOW I would be, thanks guys - confidence boost...
  3. I have a Diploma in Musical Theatre.
  4. I have to hide my hopeless addiction to cheese because my boyfriend can't stand the stuff. 
  5. SOMETIMES I have dreams and wake up worried because i'm convinced they've come true...
  6. WHEN i'm not at uni I live at home in a little house that I LOVE with my gorgeous mama, she's my rock.
  7. I appear quite confident when i'm comfortable but I never rush into new situations, i'm scared of people sometimes...
  8. I LOVE adventures, no matter how small. 
  9. I want to live in BERLIN when I leave uni and not JUST because beer is cheaper than water; because I LOVE it. 
  10. I HATE not having a job, keeping busy and earning money makes me HAPPIER. 
  11. I've watched that Slow Loris eating a rice ball video over one hundred times. 
SO, i'm sure that was absolutely delightful... BUT if you still have any burning questions that my array of pointless facts failed to answer, fear not. Here are some lovely little conversation starters from Alina...
  1. What is a recent movie you went to see and loved? RECENTLY I went to see the Fault in our Stars. I know it's cliché to say 'I love it' and 'I cried' but this is not the time for lies. I did love it and I definitely cried. I'd forgotten a lot of the details from the book so the bits that were altered didn't matter to me. It was a brilliant film and the texting made it so relatable... It broke my heart all over again. 
  2. What is your current beauty product that you just can’t live without? THIS is a difficult question for me. A combination of my curiosity and addiction to make up hauls MEANS that I rarely over-use any one product. BUT cosmetic wise, the one product that will never get old for me is a classic red lip. EITHER Mac 'Ruby Woo' or 'Russian Red' (my first Mac lipstick).
  3. What is your favourite social network site and why? The site I check on most is probably Facebook. It's where I can communicate old friends and get some insight into everyone's lives since they've moved on with university/work. BUT Instagram is the most fun. 
  4. How are you finding the whole blogging experience? I love blogging. It has given me purpose where I was lost. It's a brilliant community and I feel connected to something I never thought I could have been. 
  5. If you could choose to have one superpower, what would it be? I would say mind-reading BUT i'm not sure I want to hear some of the mean comments/weird stuff that goes on in people's heads. SO i'll say something awesome like being able to FLY.
  6. Who is an inspiration to you in your life? My inspiration is definitely my grandpa. He's a teacher and a DJ and he's in his seventies... Tell me your grandpa is cooler? You can't. 
  7. What is your favourite guilty pleasure? (It can be anything at all) I don't think I have any... i'm so embarrassing anyway and MOST of what I do is out there. I'm like an open book, everyone knows it all. 
  8. Can you describe yourself in three words? (All positive please) passionate, driven and real. 
  9. What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you? Honestly, far too many embarrassing things have happened to me to narrow it down to ONE. But once I got into an old ladies car and demanded she take me home thinking she was a TAXI driver. Yeah, she wasn't...
  10. Can you name one place in the world you would love to visit? I would LOVE to go to San Francisco - have done since The Princess Diaries. Looks amazing; and hey - if Julie Andrews wants to make me a Princess while i'm there I won't complain. 
  11. What is your worst habit? overthinking. 
NOW, time for my NOMINATIONS. I've found some hidden gems for ya, don't you worry. 

  1.  Abbie from 'Abbie-Says' 
  2. Kaitlin from 'Blue Valentine Vintage'
  3. Emily from 'Missemr'
  4. 'The Cherry Boudoir'
  5. Karin from 'Trendy Tuesday'
  6. Jordan from 'All Things Beauty'
  7. Roseanne from 'All things Rosy' 
  8. Carrie from 'Pretty Little Design'
  9. Emily from 'Under the Scottish Rain'
  10. Kirsty from 'Keep it Classy' 
  11. Anna from 'A for Vogue'
So, you lovely ladies are the people I have chosen to nominate for this lovely challenge. All you have to do is answer some very exciting questions prepared by yours truly AND link me up when you're done because I can't wait to read the answers! 
  1. What would be the name of your alter-ego?
  2. If you could write a drama based on your life who would play YOU and your BEST FRIEND?
  3. What high-street shop is your kryptonite?
  4. Where do you see yourself in 16 years (precise, I know)? 
  5. What are your blogger goals? 
  7. What is one trend that you will NEVER be able to get your head around?
  8. You're having a dinner party, you can invite three people - who?  (dead or alive / famous or friends) 
  9. If you could look into the future and see your life, would you do it?
  10. What's your most annoying feature?
  11. Who is your inspiration? 
SO ladies, I think that's it. AND guess what? That was so much fun. I am so chuffed to have been asked to take part in this blogger to blogger award nomination game. I will wear my badge with pride. 

Check out these blogs guys! I read them myself, and even know a couple of the girls - they're great - YOU WON'T be disappointed. 
Enjoy... Katy xoxo


Saturday, 26 July 2014

5 Easy Steps | Towards Feeling Good

It's no secret that we are ALL our own biggest critics. 
Sometimes you NEED a pick me up. If you're stuck in a rut the ONLY person that can really make YOU feel better is YOU. For the big things, you have to help yourself. Here are some of the simple steps I take when I feel like i'm moving backwards. Steps to make you feel like 'you' again. I don’t claim to be an expert in SELF help - but I am an expert in getting by; aren’t we all? Sometimes no pressure can be just as destructive as high-pressure and it’s difficult not to LOSE yourself in the mess of mundanity. If you’re like me and you can sometimes get clouded -maybe this will help you. 

I was recently in a situation where I had to make a decision. To continue to max myself out, fixing the unfixable OR to take a step back and remind myself what i’m really trying for. I told myself “NO more steps back”; and since then, that has been my mantra. You need to breathe and recalibrate what it is that made you sure of yourself in the first place. Who it is you love. Why they love you; and what the point of all this REALLY is. 

Step one. Detox - your mind, your body, your outlook. Do something you enjoy - have a cup of tea,  watch some Netflix - OR a motivational YouTube video. Get chilled and get empowered. It’s important to find your station before you can navigate to where you really want to be. All journeys are different lengths; but they all start in the same place. Maybe that place IS in your bed with a cup of tea and Gossip Girl? You never know- but you definitely won’t find that place unless you take the time to look. 

The next thing I do to help me clear the void is to make a list. I write down all the things that are making me foggy - slowing me down - AND all the things that are important and make me the ME I want to be. Getting it out of the mist and onto a page makes it real and MAKES a resolution possible. THIS all sounds a little bit ‘Self help for Dummies’ but honestly - get it out there, onto the paper, and out of your head. 

                                  FOR ME I am motivated a lot by success - even if it’s a small one. the very slightest achievement OR recognition for something can really brighten my day. IT means a lot when someone gives you a compliment - tells you something that makes you feel better; I TRY to be that person for other people, complimenting strangers OR commenting on articles. But sometimes YOU need a little help along the way too. Set yourself a target; even if it’s a small one LIKE I don’t know, finishing that book you’ve started - it will help. 

"IF you feel like you’re achieving things, no matter how small, or how selfish - YOU will feel empowered and back in control"

                                       Remember, if you feel down - only you can REALLY get yourself out of it. But other people can help; just as much as you try to help them. GET BACK OUT THERE! Surround yourself with people who love you. People that you REALLY care about too. Make memories and make plans - rebuild what your own insecurity has broken...

No more steps back, 

Katy xoxo

Monday, 21 July 2014

Pretty in Pink | Capsule Collection

In light of me SERIOUSLY neglecting the FASHION section of my blog - this post is all about my recent AND rediscovered fashion loves. I’m digging out some of the old and showing off - and of course hooking YOU up with links to the new. This is all part of a gorgeous ‘Pretty in Pink’ capsule collection… (excuse the terrible posing - models are expensive). 

PINK. I think pink gets a lot of hate out here in girl world: and i’d just like to clear something up… There’s nothing wrong with embracing it. From magenta to pastel: there will always be something SOMEONE has to say about PINK. I’ve rejected it myself countless times. It was either too out there OR too feminine OR too, well BARBIE. But here are some subtle and sophisticated ways to embrace this love-to-hate colour. Deny it as you will - pink can be flattering, sexy and understated. Don’t believe me…

Here are some new finds that i’ve recently added to my pink collection. THEY couldn’t be MORE sophisticated and effortless - all depending, of course, on how well you can walk in STILTS...

This gorgeous twist on a court heel, with T bar detailing was hiding in the ZARA sale. They are the perfect, understated addition for anyone wary of going all out ‘Pink Lady’. They look picture perfect when paired with a simple dress - or anything WHITE for the Summer months. These heels are gorgeous and the price is EVEN BETTER. £15.99.

ALSO in Zara I picked up a pink leather jacket - reduced to £39 AND a gorgeous quarter sleeve pink dress with backless bow detailing. THEY ARE gorgeous and very Gossip Girl esque. AND as far as other new things I picked up a gorgeous and simple pink crop top in TOPSHOP which looks effortless paired with ANYTHING high-wasted  

The last few things i’ve got for you are OLDER - but i’m sure you can find dupes out there in the sales if you want to and you look hard enough. The first is a gorgeous white and pink strapless midi dress from ASOS. 
SECONDLY a beautiful JACK WILLS sale find - strapless and slouchy with pockets - but nipped in at the waist. A great shape and an even better price of around £30 - amazing for such an extortionate brand. 

WELL - the moral of this post is, get your PINK on. Don’t be afraid to embrace being young and feminine. Embrace flirty florals and pastel pinks while you still feel this good. 

Katy xoxo

Friday, 18 July 2014

Skincare Products | My Regime

When it comes to Skincare, reverting to convenience is EASILY done. For those days when you want to keep the wipes at arms length; here are some products that will rejuvenate your capsule skin-care collection. I'm lifting the lid on my skincare staples AND giving you some honest reviews and critiques of drugstore cleansers and potions. 

So, in my daily routine there is always temptation to reach for the face wipes - especially at night after a long day of time wasting. BUT when you're trying to be good to yourself and really unclog your skin; here are some staples that really do it for me. 

So, for the longest time I have neglected my skin. I always got as far as buying the 'WONDER PRODUCTS' but I never quite made it to the testing stage. In the morning i'm ALWAYS rushing out the door AND in the evening i'm dying for my bed.

BUT recently; since i've had more time on my hands - i've dug out a few of the old potions. Cleansing and Toning - at least once a day has really brightened up my dull skin, creating a dewy and youthful finish. I'm aware that some of this transition to glowing skin MAY be psychological - convincing myself after years of neglect that my LAZINESS was what was making my skin tired. BUT friends and family have commented on my appearance too; which takes it out of the realms of my own imagining. I've been using the Body Shop -'Seaweed' range. This range is perfect for my combination skin type. Generally quite nice skin, but often rather oily and prone to breakouts: well, they've certainly been kept at bay since this came back into my routine. 

THIS seems like a no-brainer BUT eye make-up remover is something that often slips my daily agenda. And that is crazy. I've brought it back into my life for SEVERAL reasons.
The first of which being I was beginning to scare myself in the morning... The panda look may work for TAYLOR MOMSEN but on me it proves rather terrifying. ALSO I have white pillow cases... Well, I used to. It's crucial ladies; especially if you love trying out adventurous eye concepts - otherwise they'll just end up all over your bedsheets. I'm using the Garnier Fresh Eye Make up Remover at the mo, but any brand will do really.

I like to top-up my cleansing routine with an 'in-shower' face wash too. Ordinarily i'd say that this was my go-to face cleanser because, like I say - the two step cleanse and tone is sometimes impossible, timing wise. BUT this resolves that problem. I've tried SO MANY in shower cleansers - from Neutrogena to Freederm to trusty Boots. The one i've been loving at the moment, however is by SOAP and GLORY. I can't quite explain it. I picked it up purely for the bottle... But it's so much better than I imagined. It's effective but not sticky; with beads of solution that really tingle on the skin. An excellent and deep cleanse designed for young skin. 

AS far as exfolient here's a link to my current favourite by LUSH.  I think this is a crucial stage, especially when accompanied by a really healing face-mask. I don't like my exfoliators to be too intrusive; a gentle scrub will do. I love St Ive's range but LUSH have really got me lusting over this at the minute. Perfect for someone who is acne-prone but product sensitive. 

FINALLY i'm loving this new product from the Body-Shop. I've tried out a lot of moisturisers and have been loving the Benefit range as i mentioned in my JUNE FAVOURITES - but this product is great, and requires ZERO EFFORT. It's the Body Shop 'Vitamin E' overnight serum. This is an 8 hour moisture wonder. You apply it with the pipette and sleep on it - waking up to totally dewy and velvet soft skin. I thought it was a bit of a gimmick and bought it PURELY out of CURIOSITY. BUT it's amazing - and i've used it every night since I got it. Adore. Moisturising is crucial EVEN to acne prone skin because all the products like 'Freederm' and medicine to kill the spots, also  hardens youthful skin. Get that texture back - get a moisturiser that is right for you. 

These are my Skincare loves...

Katy xoxo


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Accessorize | Queen of Beauty Bargains

I'm notoriously USELESS at spotting a bargain. 
When it comes to SALE SEASON i'm easily distracted by the 'new'. Either that OR I lose the patience required to discover any truly hidden gems. BUT these are some sweet deals that even those who aren't bargain savvy couldn't have missed. 

I found myself in Accessorize having a browse before work, and it did not disappoint - nor did it break the bank. These were somewhat impulse purchases, although i'm sure when you find out HOW good a deal I really got, you won't judge my compulsive attitude to spending... Well, at least judge a little less. THIS is one of the last places I would EVER expect to pick up anything BEAUTY but, put your sleek palates aside because i've found some even better deals from the last place i'd expect to be the real Bargain Beauty Queen. 

Okay, so this sounds crazy and far too good to be true BUT incase you don't believe me, here are some pictures...

See more... You know you want to...

Friday, 11 July 2014

June Favourites | Beauty to Lifestyle

Okay, so I had reason not to post this BECAUSE it is already July and June has been and gone. BUT I tried to film a video and due to technical issues on my part... That never happened. SO here's ALL the products, clothes and lifestyle that I have been LOVING recently. Hopefully you'll like them too (even if it's July) 

I appreciate that a for a JUNE favourites post i’m putting this out there a little bit too late. BUT I have been loving these products and it would be a total waste not to share that with you. SO, here’s the lo-down on my MUST HAVES from June 2014. Some old and new discoveries from lifestyle to beauty that I couldn’t live without last month. 

Keep Reading... 


Butter Up | Body Shop Review

This is one beauty secret that I clocked onto FAR too late. 

The Body Shop have been dishing out their famous ‘body butters’ for years; but i’ve, only recently, come to appreciate just how much power is in one scoop of their fruitiness. These little indulgences are divine. From their texture to their long lasting scent and nourishment. They are the perfect compliment to any evening routine. (£13)

I apply TBS body butters now on the regular. In the past I have neglected to include a full-body moisturise in my daily routine. I always viewed these bad boys  more as clutter than a beauty must have; something that came out as rarely as the Easter bunny - a total novelty, easily forgotten. WELL what can I say - I was young, naïve, foolish… ONLY now do I really appreciate what it is to indulge in the Body Shop’s finest. Let me break it down for you…

I have 4 scents on the go at the minute - each sweeter than the next - Blueberry, Raspberry, Passion Fruit and Mango butters that I apply generously every night. Not only have I noticed a massive improvement in the texture of my skin, i’ve said goodbye to any dryness or raw areas - my skin is more supple, vibrant and nourished. BUT I also smell delicious, and that lasts all day. Some of these scents even come with a complimentary fragrance spritzer to keep that fruity scent lasting even into the evening. Thank you Body Shop, don’t mind if I do… 

These products go hand in hand with another new LOVE of mine. I’ve recently turned to St Tropez in an attempt to channel some summer vibes and these moisturisers have made my colour last so much longer. My colour doesn’t fade through the week and it can only be down to regular use of my gorgeous BBs. So if you’re loving your tan too this summer, here’s a great secret to make it last! 

I know, it’s hard enough to find time for a cuppa and a TOWIE catch up these days; let alone treat yourself to an entire pamper night… BUT if you’re going to do anything to make you feel better and keep your skin fresh and dreamy - just pick up one of these. I apply a scoop everyday - generously - all over and i’m yet to touch pan. Go on, treat yourself. 

Give your skin a holiday, even if you can’t make it to Marbs. 

Katy xoxo

Monday, 7 July 2014

Trends I LOVE and Trends I Just DON'T Get

So, when it comes to fashion i’m easily pleased. From clashing prints to simple co-ords, with me everything goes. Well, not quite EVERYTHING. There are some trends that, despite widening my styling lens, i just can’t get to grips with. It just goes to show that no matter how ‘fashion forward’ you may think you are, there will always be certain pieces that just don’t make sense. 

First i’ll break it down for you. There are SO many fashion focused trends at the minute - particularly for summer 2014 - that I LOVE. You all know I am a huge fan of pastels. They look effortless and sweet on any feature or accessory, from GRAFEA backpacks to bedazzled clutch bags - they are seamless from day to night, youthful and vibrant. 

Pastels and summer go hand in hand and i’m loving the fresh as a daisy floral crown look as an outfit enhancer. I myself have invested in a couple of these gorgeous headpieces from RocknRose and a brand new pink one that was a steal for £4 in Primark (a bargain worth checking out ladies). This bohemian touch adds ruffage to otherwise clean lines and creates an undeniably sweet seasonal vibe.
Accessory wise i’m also loving the midi ring - I think it’s a really innovative way to style up a simple look and is a gorgeous blend of elegance and style. It is elegant when adopted sparingly and adds a sweet twist to your style - an amazing accompaniment to summer nail paint. (Or the gorgeous Stiletto nails by HH - something I can’t wait to get my paws on). 

These trends that I LOVE are all effortless and accessible but i’ve included some examples on my Polyvore collage and they are listed in the ‘read more’ section. 

As far as the trends I just don’t get… There are a lot less of them, but so much more to say. This category is reserved, not only for fashion ‘no-no’s’ . But for a handful of things that, in my book, are never a good look. From pool sliders to piercings, things that just don’t float my boat. 

Two new trends that I simply cannot get my fuzzy head around are the ‘pool slider’ sandal and the choker necklace. I got over the socks and sandals faux pas AND i’ve even swallowed my fear of the Birkenstock - but this… It’s just gone too far. It’s a trend i’ll never grasp, I mean there are ALREADY so many gorgeous summer shoes from gladiators to Haviannas there was no need to bring this look back... just no need. Even if these were baby pink and completely be-dazzled I don’t think i’d like them. 
AND the choker -  I get it for Halloween, but can’t we just put this trend back in the coffin until October? I like to channel a bit of gothic glamour every now and again, but this… It’s a full on Morticia, Spice Girls combo that has got me reeling - I DON’T get it. Breathe. 
Another trend which I more don’t suit than don’t get is the skort craze. I appreciate that it’s innovative - I mean it’s the spork of the fashion world after all AND it means you will always be free from accidentally flashing the postie. BUT this is the most unflattering look, they worked for girls PE at school, but does that qualify high fashion status? Not to me. The cross over affect of most high-street ‘skorts’ is more than camel friendly and honestly just leaves me sorely disappointed. 

Trends go beyond fashion. At the risk of sounding like my mother there are some literary trends that have got me stumped. I get reem, but who or what is Bae? These are some ‘trends’ that I seriously hope die out soon. Let me know what you think - this is just one girls unimportant opinion. 

Holla if you like any of my faves or feel the same way about my fashion loathes - see the picture for more. 

Katy xoxo


Saturday, 5 July 2014

Sexiest Nudes Ever | Benefit Review


I can see why these neutrals are WORLD famous.
This Sexiest Nudes Ever palate by Benefit was such a brilliant purchase for me this month. It was a little bit of a luxury purchase, retailing at £23.50. BUT don’t let that put you off. Within this sexy packaging are some gorgeously flattering eye shades.

The palate is a little wonder book with two luxurious creme tints and four blendable shimmer shadows. I have been using this beautiful package a little every day and its crossover value from day-to-night is SO high.

I use it myself if i’m looking to create depth : working the gorgeous creme shade ‘Holy Smokes’ into the crease and pairing it with the effortless white ‘milk it’ along the waterline and liner boundary. But i’ve also used it on a few nights out now and adore the romantic, more seductive look that can be created with the purple additions. They’re right to call this product sexy! It’s a perfect colour compliment with the Naked 3 palates rose golds and pink tones.

I incorporated both palates when creating a look for my friend’s school dance/prom where a used the creme tint ‘Bikini-tini’ from this palate and paired it with the ombre shades in the Urban Decay collection. This palate is versatile and super easy to use - it even comes with gorgeous make up tips and tricks inside to help you look your absolute SEXIEST.

It is not alone in the benefit collection: there are two other neutral palates and I wouldn’t shy from giving them a try too, it’s just this one was a little bit more appealing to me because the purple shades deliver something I haven’t found in other eye compacts.

Benefit have got it right here - the gorgeous effort they put into the product itself, from packaging to quality makes YOU feel special before you’ve even added the finishing touches to your look… And the lack of fallout from these shadows makes sure your look is finished to perfection.

A brilliant staple in the make-up kit.

 Katy xoxo

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Statement Necklace | Favourites

So… I’ve always been a huge believer in the power of a statement necklace.They immediately accentuate the simplest of looks or provide a sophisticated distraction from cluttered prints. I have a few that I alternate between to enhance my capsule summer wardrobe. My favourites are fairly neutral and a perfect colour match with the pastel trend. AND as per usual most of mine are from my fashion fave TOPSHOP. 

ALTHOUGH, there are loads of cheaper necklace alternatives - I feel it can be good to splash out sometimes.  I'd rather have a few that I LOVE than loads that get forgotten about and lost in drawers. 

The bold necklace is an effortless hint of glamour that for me transforms an outfit.  I don’t like to bombard my looks with too much jewellery - it can be heavy and uncomfortable AND that never makes you feel sexy. Also, adding too much clutter to a look, especially if you're rocking clashing prints already, can be a bit of a headache. For an elegant addition the go-to necklace is such an easy way to brighten your look and cross your glam from day to night. 

Here is a link to Dolly Bow Bow who shows you HOW to wear the statement necklace. She also makes some beautiful pieces that you should all check out - i’ll be placing an order very soon!

The first two necklaces are slightly older for me and are from TOPSHOP. (on the right top and bottom) I have worn these so much already this summer because they are so delicate and classic. They are lightweight and adjustable which makes them suited to every neckline. They are ALSO amazingly coloured with lilacs and pinks being so on trend a pastel necklace is the way to go when embracing this trend. It’s subtle yet stylish. 

The next one is also a toppers number and is equally effortless - I wore it the other day paired with jeans and a slouchy neon jumper BUT I think it is dying for a special occasion - this necklace brings hughstreet elegance. It’s very gossip girl glam and I will be pairing it with an evening look soon. The broach style pendant is a love for me. 

Hope you love these necklaces as much as me. 

Katy xoxo

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