Sunday, 15 June 2014

Lightscapade | Mac vs Benefit

It took me a little while to work out the importance of contouring and highlighting. It’s the only way to get that effortless dewy skin finish that we covet in magazines, whilst avoiding a greasy sheen. I have tried a few different highlight blends - mostly from Benefit.

In the past I have used ‘Watts Up’ and most recently, as featured in my Everyday Make up Routine, the liquid consistency ‘High Beam’. Watts Up’s creme stick consistency was effortless in terms of its application and delivered a crayon sheen which was gorgeous... but with a streaky tendency. The same can be said for high beam. Despite this however, I drained it to the bitter end. Overall, it’s a great product and delivers an, if not too natural finish, around the cheek bone and cupid’s bow. It’s so subtle it’s almost invisible, unless you layer the product, which has a brilliant effect over liquid foundation such as Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ which is gorgeous on a clear complexion.

My latest ‘love’ product is Lightscapade by Mac, which is of a powder consistency. This is a great, buildable highlight as it delivers a sheen but not an in your face ‘be-dazzled’ look. The powder consistency is great for people with oily skin. it allows you to build upon a mattified surface and works brilliantly alongside other Mac products. I, for example team it with my Soap and Glory pinwheel bronzer and my mac Prep and Prime transparent finishing powder. This, whilst combating grease, creates a youthful glow that is unparalleled and avoids the clumping of powder make up that is a trade-mark of both the Benefit liquid finish alternatives.

Lightscapade was not the first Mac highlight I was drawn to. I had studied lots of reviews online of the ‘Soft and Gentle’ highlight which appears slightly darker and is sort of a bronze and lift in one. It was the one that the girls at the Mac counter highly recommended, however, being unarguably pale I wasn’t sure it was the perfect tone for me. I like to build or strip back my bronzer based on my look. This product appeared to remove that versatility and I was concerned it would create a war paint bronze effect. So, I went for the lighter option - which, not only looks better - with its gorgeous mixture of pigments - but also suits my skin best.

AS the girl from Mac stated, she would rather be complimented for her lovely skin than her lovely make-up and that’s the difference between these two products. IT looks flawless and natural - but see for yourself!

I hope this was helpful if you’re looking into finding the perfect highlight <3

Katy xoxo


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