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Drugstore | Affordable Make-Up Haul

SO we all love to treat ourselves with high-end make up... But, let's face it expensive taste in beauty products can be a rather unhealthy habit. Sometimes it's better to indulge in the more high-street than high-end. Although, if you're anything like me - cheaper can sometimes be more dangerous... It just makes me buy even more. AND trust me, I don't need any convincing… So, if I had the budget to buy everything from Mac and Benefit it’s possible I would… But who can resist a bargain? I think even my millionaire alter-ego wouldn’t be able to resist some of these gorgeous budget finds. But, trust me it all accumulates - low end prices can seriously add up… Here, i’ll focus on ‘Bourjois’ | ‘Topshop’ & ‘Rimmel’.

I would say my favourite ‘drugstore’ make up brand is definitely Bourjois - it’s such a beautiful brand - inside and out… The packaging is remnant of Benefit and exudes vintage glamour. I recently discovered that it is made by the same people who created the Channel make-up line. This is high-end in disguise. It’s so affordable and luxurious and I have and will continue to repurchase Bourjois for as long as I can. Gorgeous. Here i’ve included a like to ‘EssieButton’ - she has a brand focus video which I LOVE. Warning, if you’re not addicted already, you will be after seeing this…

Despite my self-professed BOURJOIS addiction, I would say in the low-priced foundation race my favourite is actually Rimmel’s ‘Wake Me up Foundation’. I wear this in the shade 010 ‘Light Porcelain’ and it is the perfect colour compliment. (£8.99)
I really love the consistency and think it lends itself beautifully to combination skin types. I wouldn’t recommend it if you want a full coverage, unless you have a very heavy duty concealer on hand. It delivers a beautiful dewy finish which is great for me. I don’t have perfect skin and get breakouts fairly regularly HOWEVER I would say underneath my skin is pretty vibrant, and so the concealer and dewy finish convo is a winner for me.

IF you have more dry skin I would recommend is the Bourjois ‘Healthy Mix Serum’ foundation. It is radiance boosting but not overly watery, which is great. DEFINITELY go for the serum and not the regular foundation because the gel consistency is the perfect mix of hydration and coverage. I use the shade 51 ‘Light Vanilla’. (£10.99)

WATCH THIS Tanya Burr link to see her top Drugstore Foundations :       

My favourite affordable blush for everyday is the Bourjois blush in 32 - Ambre D’or - which is a total dupe for NARS Orgasm blush with a deep coral pigment and golden tones.(£7.99)

However, recently I purchased a slightly more summery colour vibe from the TOPSHOP make up range. This is the definition of high-street make up. You know, if you read my blog regularly, that I love the SUMMERY pastel trend. Well, this shade lends itself perfectly to a pastel pink/purple lip tint. Its the blush in ‘Good Girl’ and is a beautiful muted Barbie pink. - if you’re a fan of benefit it’s like Dandelion but with a stronger pink pigment - it is buildable and youthful. (£7.00)


I picked up a few Bourjois eye products so thought i’d loosely mention them here - the Volume One Seconde Mascara (£9.99) and the Ultra Black Smokey Liner (£5.50). These are great, but fairly standard. I won’t bore you with the details but the mascara has a plastic wand that is just a bit too big for me and lacks precision. The liner is a standard khol pencil.
The real eye-make up find is my creme eye-shadow. Beauty blogs went a bit mad over the (£4.99) RIMMEL Colour Tattoo, and they’re amazing, but all the lighter colours are never in stock. SO I turned to my trust Bourjois to find their dupe of this formula. I picked up the 'Colour Edition 24 H’ in a gorgeous pink stained tope. It is beautiful, and is a gorgeous cream to powder consistency. The colour is very buildable and lends itself well to the Naked 3 colour scheme - it’s also very long lasting (£6.99).

I love my Mac Lipsticks, but TOPSHOP is half the price so who could resist? This one is in the shade Brighten Rock. It’s a highly pigmented coral pink - it is bold but boosted with warm tones that stop it looking too harsh against a pale face. (£8.00)
Finally, I picked up a cheaper pastel alternative to my American Apparel nail lacquer in BOURJOIS Amande Defile. (£5.99) A gorgeous minty green shade. I have also been lusting after the MODELS OWN nail varnish in Blueberry Muffin - I will definitely be getting it as soon as I have some dollas…


I hope that was helpful - I really want to try out the Sleek blushes but I can’t find them anywhere in Aberdeen, so if anyone knows where to find them please give me a heads up! I’m really happy with my drugstore finds - hope you agree!

Katy xoxo


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