Saturday, 14 June 2014

Brand Focus | Cath Kidston

Recently, I was lucky enough to bag myself a lovely part-time job at Cath Kidston - and I couldn't be happier about it! It's an amazingly quirky, vintage inspired store that I love. Both as a customer and as an employee (eek!). The staff are so friendly, open and welcoming! What can I say? It's a gorgeous place to work!

The brand is one that really appeals to a wide range of people. Don't be put off by the prices students - you can get 10% off - which goes a long way! I know in my family all the gals, from myself to my grandma, have been known to rock their quirky floral prints. There is no age limit on effortless femininity, and that's what Cath Kidston really proves.

The staple looks that are prominent across the collection are their polka-dot prints and floral emblems. Personally, I have managed to collect a fair few Cath Kidston staples... I didn't actually realise until I started working there just how many products I actually have, and as you can see from the pictures attached its the classic prints that really do it for me... 


MY FAVOURITE products are... my big Cath bag in Navy and my phone case. 
I use this bag all the time for Uni and it is brilliant, I can fit my laptop and all of my books in there, with plenty room for more and no need for elbow grease. My bag is in last season's rose print style, so it can't be found in store at the moment - but I have attached a similar style. I think for everyday use it is pretty perfect as it goes with every day-to-day look. It incorporates a lot of different colours within the floral design print. This is something I love because it allows me to get away with wearing a lot more colours on a daily basis! 

Another new favourite that I have also been using every day is my Bramley Sprig phone case. Initially I was opposed to the whole wallet style phone case vibe, but having dropped my iPhone numerous times I figured it was a safe and stylish option for me. This case is gorgeous in the creme and pink florals, but they also feature it in polkadot and the new London bus theme. It is also VERY practical - which is great, because the two almost never go hand in hand. It's perfect for a night out as it has little card slots which can double as a purse for when you have restricted handbag room. 

The sale is still on at the minute and I would suggest going and having a rake - if the bags/clothes don't take your fancy, have a look at the 'nick-nacks'. I love my travel ticket case and keyring that you can see in the picture...they are a perfect way to accessorise something that would otherwise lack all originality. 

PRINTS TO LOOK FOR. My favourite non traditional prints include the pink and white summer spot collection, which is selling out fast in sale but is a girly twist on the basic polkadot. I also adore the Safari print which incorporates a more uni-sex print with giraffes on various colour back-grounds. AND finally the new season London Bus print. Some customers have called this look out for being too edgy but honestly for the ones bold enough to try it out, all I can say is WOW it looks amazing (especially the new skirt). 

Go in for a look, the sale won't last for long!

Katy xoxo


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