Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Kelly Osbourne | Dodgy Girl | Mac Lipstick

So, being completely out of the loop I missed the hype for this gorgeous new Mac collection. But... fate was on my side and I happened to come across this stunning mother-daughter range today. Sharon and Kelly Osbourne are both fashion icons in their own right. Both exude glamour with that famous rock and roll edge that the name dictates!

The collection was released for sale today and by 2 it was seriously depleting in the Aberdeen store, with more than half of Kelly's lipsticks gone within the first hours of sale. And, trust me, I know why! BOTH Sharon and Kelly's lines are equally flamboyant and feminine - as to be expected from such dynamic individuals. Their lines match their vibrant hair, Sharon's a bold red and Kelly's her candy-floss lilac. I was immediately drawn to Kelly. She released 4 shades, two peachy pinks and one more vibrant hot pink shade - similar to Mac's original 'Flat out Fabulous'.

For me, the choice was easy... My favourite part of Kelly's look is her candy purple do... and she released a violet lipstick that is its perfect colour compliment. 'Dodgy Girl' is a beautiful lavender inside and out - the case is indeed just as gorgeous as the product itself... As you can see in the pictures featured within this post. Don't be put off by this statement lip - it's more Barbie girl than Halloween town so don't let the 'purple' label scare you. The texture is balmy and mattified and is a gorgeous compliment to green eyes, but would contrast sweetly with ALL skin types.

I couldn't resist putting this one on straight away, although, perhaps teaming it up with bright orange isn't an ideal style choice... Honestly though, I think with this lipstick anything goes... Look to its designer for inspiration. Kelly doesn't let her bold hair dictate her colour palate does she? Maybe i'm wrong and i'll be in trouble from the fashion police for this look, but a crime of originality is one i'm happy to be guilty of.

Otherwise, if more simple glamour is your thing, this would look amazing with and LBD and an up-do. A modern twist on a perfectly classic style. Gorgeous.

Katy xoxo


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Nicole Prorok said...

That color looks gorgeous ! <33

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