Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Berlin/Amsterdam | Holiday


So, just incase you'd noticed I thought i'd explain my week long absence from 'Something out of Nothing'... Lewis and I went away on our biggest adventure yet to Berlin and Amsterdam. Honestly, it was the most amazing week of my life... 


Since i've been home the post-holiday blues have really beaten me. I've changed my profile picture on a loop for the past five hours because not one picture can possibly sum up how much fun i had on this trip... all I want to do is get on the first plane back out there.... AND of course because i'm a typical girl and nothing can ever look just right. 

Amsterdam was amazing, such a brilliant tourist trap with gorgeous ornate buildings and beautiful canals. It seems like the most incredible place to be a local, if you can afford your own boat and a 2million Euro house of course... BUT it's just as risqué  as it is picturesque which gives the ultimate 'lads on tour' location that little bit of edge - something, as a girl partial to a Heineken, I didn't really mind.

But... I have to say Berlin is my dream. Everyone is 'cool' but noone is intimidating, there's music and street art on every inch of the city and beer is cheaper than water. Cycling around this amazing place and raking through brick a brack stores is when you see the real Berlin. It's refreshing but hard hitting and open yet jammed with historical relevance. It's the place I want to call home one day. As far as style, this place is totally unique, from tailoring to fringing - everyone knows and shows off their own vibe - it's all over the walls. 

This was the best holiday of my life. (Lewis being there with me all the way helped as well). I know this post doesn't fall into my fashion/beauty category - but its an adventure I had to mention. 


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