Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Summer Shoe Collection | Casuals

YOUTUBE VIDEO - Watch here

Hey guys, so I thought it would be easier to make a video to talk you through my casual shoes for summer. Let me know if you want to see an evening edition of this tag - I really enjoyed making my little feet catwalk so let me know!

There are quite a few different styles in this clip and it's sort of my capsule feet wardrobe, so I hope you like what i've selected...


Monday, 16 June 2014

Drugstore | Affordable Make-Up Haul

SO we all love to treat ourselves with high-end make up... But, let's face it expensive taste in beauty products can be a rather unhealthy habit. Sometimes it's better to indulge in the more high-street than high-end. Although, if you're anything like me - cheaper can sometimes be more dangerous... It just makes me buy even more. AND trust me, I don't need any convincing… So, if I had the budget to buy everything from Mac and Benefit it’s possible I would… But who can resist a bargain? I think even my millionaire alter-ego wouldn’t be able to resist some of these gorgeous budget finds. But, trust me it all accumulates - low end prices can seriously add up… Here, i’ll focus on ‘Bourjois’ | ‘Topshop’ & ‘Rimmel’.

I would say my favourite ‘drugstore’ make up brand is definitely Bourjois - it’s such a beautiful brand - inside and out… The packaging is remnant of Benefit and exudes vintage glamour. I recently discovered that it is made by the same people who created the Channel make-up line. This is high-end in disguise. It’s so affordable and luxurious and I have and will continue to repurchase Bourjois for as long as I can. Gorgeous. Here i’ve included a like to ‘EssieButton’ - she has a brand focus video which I LOVE. Warning, if you’re not addicted already, you will be after seeing this…


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Lightscapade | Mac vs Benefit

It took me a little while to work out the importance of contouring and highlighting. It’s the only way to get that effortless dewy skin finish that we covet in magazines, whilst avoiding a greasy sheen. I have tried a few different highlight blends - mostly from Benefit.

In the past I have used ‘Watts Up’ and most recently, as featured in my Everyday Make up Routine, the liquid consistency ‘High Beam’. Watts Up’s creme stick consistency was effortless in terms of its application and delivered a crayon sheen which was gorgeous... but with a streaky tendency. The same can be said for high beam. Despite this however, I drained it to the bitter end. Overall, it’s a great product and delivers an, if not too natural finish, around the cheek bone and cupid’s bow. It’s so subtle it’s almost invisible, unless you layer the product, which has a brilliant effect over liquid foundation such as Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ which is gorgeous on a clear complexion.

My latest ‘love’ product is Lightscapade by Mac, which is of a powder consistency. This is a great, buildable highlight as it delivers a sheen but not an in your face ‘be-dazzled’ look. The powder consistency is great for people with oily skin. it allows you to build upon a mattified surface and works brilliantly alongside other Mac products. I, for example team it with my Soap and Glory pinwheel bronzer and my mac Prep and Prime transparent finishing powder. This, whilst combating grease, creates a youthful glow that is unparalleled and avoids the clumping of powder make up that is a trade-mark of both the Benefit liquid finish alternatives.

Lightscapade was not the first Mac highlight I was drawn to. I had studied lots of reviews online of the ‘Soft and Gentle’ highlight which appears slightly darker and is sort of a bronze and lift in one. It was the one that the girls at the Mac counter highly recommended, however, being unarguably pale I wasn’t sure it was the perfect tone for me. I like to build or strip back my bronzer based on my look. This product appeared to remove that versatility and I was concerned it would create a war paint bronze effect. So, I went for the lighter option - which, not only looks better - with its gorgeous mixture of pigments - but also suits my skin best.

AS the girl from Mac stated, she would rather be complimented for her lovely skin than her lovely make-up and that’s the difference between these two products. IT looks flawless and natural - but see for yourself!

I hope this was helpful if you’re looking into finding the perfect highlight <3

Katy xoxo


Saturday, 14 June 2014

Brand Focus | Cath Kidston

Recently, I was lucky enough to bag myself a lovely part-time job at Cath Kidston - and I couldn't be happier about it! It's an amazingly quirky, vintage inspired store that I love. Both as a customer and as an employee (eek!). The staff are so friendly, open and welcoming! What can I say? It's a gorgeous place to work!

The brand is one that really appeals to a wide range of people. Don't be put off by the prices students - you can get 10% off - which goes a long way! I know in my family all the gals, from myself to my grandma, have been known to rock their quirky floral prints. There is no age limit on effortless femininity, and that's what Cath Kidston really proves.

The staple looks that are prominent across the collection are their polka-dot prints and floral emblems. Personally, I have managed to collect a fair few Cath Kidston staples... I didn't actually realise until I started working there just how many products I actually have, and as you can see from the pictures attached its the classic prints that really do it for me... 


MY FAVOURITE products are... my big Cath bag in Navy and my phone case. 
I use this bag all the time for Uni and it is brilliant, I can fit my laptop and all of my books in there, with plenty room for more and no need for elbow grease. My bag is in last season's rose print style, so it can't be found in store at the moment - but I have attached a similar style. I think for everyday use it is pretty perfect as it goes with every day-to-day look. It incorporates a lot of different colours within the floral design print. This is something I love because it allows me to get away with wearing a lot more colours on a daily basis! 

Another new favourite that I have also been using every day is my Bramley Sprig phone case. Initially I was opposed to the whole wallet style phone case vibe, but having dropped my iPhone numerous times I figured it was a safe and stylish option for me. This case is gorgeous in the creme and pink florals, but they also feature it in polkadot and the new London bus theme. It is also VERY practical - which is great, because the two almost never go hand in hand. It's perfect for a night out as it has little card slots which can double as a purse for when you have restricted handbag room. 

The sale is still on at the minute and I would suggest going and having a rake - if the bags/clothes don't take your fancy, have a look at the 'nick-nacks'. I love my travel ticket case and keyring that you can see in the picture...they are a perfect way to accessorise something that would otherwise lack all originality. 

PRINTS TO LOOK FOR. My favourite non traditional prints include the pink and white summer spot collection, which is selling out fast in sale but is a girly twist on the basic polkadot. I also adore the Safari print which incorporates a more uni-sex print with giraffes on various colour back-grounds. AND finally the new season London Bus print. Some customers have called this look out for being too edgy but honestly for the ones bold enough to try it out, all I can say is WOW it looks amazing (especially the new skirt). 

Go in for a look, the sale won't last for long!

Katy xoxo


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Kelly Osbourne | Dodgy Girl | Mac Lipstick

So, being completely out of the loop I missed the hype for this gorgeous new Mac collection. But... fate was on my side and I happened to come across this stunning mother-daughter range today. Sharon and Kelly Osbourne are both fashion icons in their own right. Both exude glamour with that famous rock and roll edge that the name dictates!

The collection was released for sale today and by 2 it was seriously depleting in the Aberdeen store, with more than half of Kelly's lipsticks gone within the first hours of sale. And, trust me, I know why! BOTH Sharon and Kelly's lines are equally flamboyant and feminine - as to be expected from such dynamic individuals. Their lines match their vibrant hair, Sharon's a bold red and Kelly's her candy-floss lilac. I was immediately drawn to Kelly. She released 4 shades, two peachy pinks and one more vibrant hot pink shade - similar to Mac's original 'Flat out Fabulous'.

For me, the choice was easy... My favourite part of Kelly's look is her candy purple do... and she released a violet lipstick that is its perfect colour compliment. 'Dodgy Girl' is a beautiful lavender inside and out - the case is indeed just as gorgeous as the product itself... As you can see in the pictures featured within this post. Don't be put off by this statement lip - it's more Barbie girl than Halloween town so don't let the 'purple' label scare you. The texture is balmy and mattified and is a gorgeous compliment to green eyes, but would contrast sweetly with ALL skin types.

I couldn't resist putting this one on straight away, although, perhaps teaming it up with bright orange isn't an ideal style choice... Honestly though, I think with this lipstick anything goes... Look to its designer for inspiration. Kelly doesn't let her bold hair dictate her colour palate does she? Maybe i'm wrong and i'll be in trouble from the fashion police for this look, but a crime of originality is one i'm happy to be guilty of.

Otherwise, if more simple glamour is your thing, this would look amazing with and LBD and an up-do. A modern twist on a perfectly classic style. Gorgeous.

Katy xoxo


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Berlin/Amsterdam | Holiday


So, just incase you'd noticed I thought i'd explain my week long absence from 'Something out of Nothing'... Lewis and I went away on our biggest adventure yet to Berlin and Amsterdam. Honestly, it was the most amazing week of my life... 


Since i've been home the post-holiday blues have really beaten me. I've changed my profile picture on a loop for the past five hours because not one picture can possibly sum up how much fun i had on this trip... all I want to do is get on the first plane back out there.... AND of course because i'm a typical girl and nothing can ever look just right. 

Amsterdam was amazing, such a brilliant tourist trap with gorgeous ornate buildings and beautiful canals. It seems like the most incredible place to be a local, if you can afford your own boat and a 2million Euro house of course... BUT it's just as risqué  as it is picturesque which gives the ultimate 'lads on tour' location that little bit of edge - something, as a girl partial to a Heineken, I didn't really mind.

But... I have to say Berlin is my dream. Everyone is 'cool' but noone is intimidating, there's music and street art on every inch of the city and beer is cheaper than water. Cycling around this amazing place and raking through brick a brack stores is when you see the real Berlin. It's refreshing but hard hitting and open yet jammed with historical relevance. It's the place I want to call home one day. As far as style, this place is totally unique, from tailoring to fringing - everyone knows and shows off their own vibe - it's all over the walls. 

This was the best holiday of my life. (Lewis being there with me all the way helped as well). I know this post doesn't fall into my fashion/beauty category - but its an adventure I had to mention. 

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