Thursday, 22 May 2014

Naked 3 vs Naked 1 | Urban Decay Review

My big beauty love has always been my trusty Urban Decay eyeshadow Palate. Relatively recently though I decided to branch out of my neutral comfort zone... Well, not really. I purchased the 'not so' Naked, 3 palate. 

It's essentially the same sort of thing, however Naked 3 comprises shimmering pinks and rose gold shades where the first is slightly 'safer' with its soft creme and golds. Ultimately: I love both of these products and they have been an absolute god send to me. They seem pricey but honestly you don't need to have any more eyeshadow than what comes in these babies... It's way more than enough. 

I was really happy with my Naked 1 and honestly my purchasing of a second palate can be put down to nothing but impulse spending. I had always lusted after how good the other Urban Decay products look; i mean, they're gorgeous, but having only touched pan on one of the colours (Virgin) I really didn't NEED need it. Anyway, i'm so glad I bought it. 

I think the brand has really nailed it with their case this time; my first one looks really shabby because of the texturised material and nearly all of the gold wording has chipped off so this hard rosey case is a winner - it also has a bigger mirror which is fab for applying make up on the train...

The Naked 1 will always be my every day 'go-to' eye look and my favourite colours in it are: 'Virgin', 'Sin', 'Half-baked' and 'Toasted' - how great are the names. I find with this you can go seamlessly from day to night as the selection of shades also lend themselves to an amazing, and really achievable Smokey Eye look. 

The 3 however is so romantic and ethereal that it has become my Summer inspired favourite. The gorgeous pink tones really compliment pale skin - and maybe it's just because i'm blonde but it seems to be really flattering. I'm actually surprised by that in a way because my biggest concern with pink eye shadow has always been that it would make my eyes look really raw and sore; but it really doesn't - looks romantic and shimmery instead, which is much better. My favourite 3 colours are: 'Burnout' 'Factory' and 'Liar'.

I will never be able to say what one of these I PREFER - I love and will always love them both. They are both neutral and striking - I don't know how Urban Decay do it!? Love love... love

Katy xoxo



Helen* said...

Hello lovely, just came across your blog and it's awesome. I'm also from Aberdeen so always great to see another blogger! :D

Been lusting after Naked 3 palette for so long, it looks so gorgeous!


katyjjo said...

Aw thank you so much, i'm just getting started out and i'm not quite sure if what i'm doing is any good so that's lovely to hear. Aw that's amazing - what a small world.

I love it, you should definitely go for it. Love your blog!


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