Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mac | Lipstick Favourites

So, my biggest make-up addiction has always been lipstick.
I think for me lipstick has always been the best way to accessorise. 
It’s like a good pair of shoes - i’m forever having fat days, but you never really hear of anyone getting ‘fat-feet’ days - hence shoes are always, always the answer! Likewise; a bit of lippy can bring back the confidence that mother nature has exchanged for a full on break out. For me, this is a brilliant way to combat any kind of fat day; belly, face - or just all of the above. 
The lipsticks that have really got me hooked are the simple Mac range. From the classic Russian Red to the glow in the dark Morange, Mac really can do no wrong when it comes to the statement lip. As its creeping into summer my favourite list is a bit more specific at the moment; and incorporates some A-list shades. 

  1. Number one for summer is ‘Snob’, a gorgeous icy pink. 
  1. Then a bold orange or ‘Morange’ that is close to luminous. 
  1. A gorgeous and feminine pink, ‘Girl About Town’ 
  1. And a classic red, ‘Ruby Woo’ 

These shades are my top picks for summer as they cover all basis: from a big gals night out to a quick Starbucks date. The gorgeous shades are perfect for making a statement or for blending with pastel colours that are particularly on trend for summer 2014. 
Katy xoxo

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