Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Lush | My Favourites

Lush, to the untrained eye, is a noxious combination of girl heaven and every savvy shoppers hell. The range of bizarre cure-all concoctions is overwhelming to say the least and the welcome stench of sweet florals will have you sneezing rose petals. 

However, Lush has come to define my pamper routine… Trust me, once you get a translation the products really are must-haves. From their bath bombs to shampoo and facial care; whether its the natural ingredients or the amazing smells, Lush is onto a winner. 
Here are some products I recently purchased from the store for my own miniature pamper evening:

  1. The face mask aptly named ‘Cupcake’.
  1. A ‘Buffy’ body butter bar. 
  1. And the amazing ‘Big’ Sea Salt Shampoo. 

If there’s one product that I would say was a Lush essential its their face masks, they work wonders, for the soul and for the skin. For some reason painting my face in one of these really makes me feel like i’m giving my skin some much loved TLC - and it doesn’t hurt when the mask smells as delicious as this chocolate flavoured ‘Cupcake’. However, may I recommend locking the door before you attempt to paint yourself into a cosmetic warrior, there is a high chance any unsuspecting flat mates or family members may get the fright of their lives when they see you in this get up. 
Cupcake is amazing and, although not recommended, delicious. 8/10
The next product ‘Buffy’ provides an intriguing combination between an exfoliator and a body butter. The bar is applied to damp skin after a hot shower and should be rubbed on in circular motions. This was amazing, the bar made my skin feel supple and smooth, and again had a gorgeous almond-y smell, which I really appreciated. The product was amazing, although really pretty messy, which was a slight downside and provided a rather gritty nights sleep with a bed full of grains… It was brilliant though and the product lasted me two weeks with frequent usage. 8/10
Finally, the salt scrub shampoo ‘Big’. This was a very adventurous purchase, but for some reason I fancied something different and have always admired that ‘beach look’ - you know the one that doesn’t really exist but is frequently featured on 90210 - well, yeah. I thought something salty might revive my altogether California deprived hair… But it didn’t. The shampoo felt amazing when I was washing my hair, I loved how you could feel it working and the texture was ‘lush’ ; but the hair ended up matted and not shiny as was promised on the eco friendly tub. Although to be fair, this is more the beachy look I remember from any of my previous interactions with the ocean. 5/10
This is a minuscule selection of the products in Lush, but you have to go in to really know how good it can be. Talk to the staff, they are really helpful and honestly not as intimidating as the huge amount of stock - LUSH is my top discovery from 2013 and I keep finding new things I love every time. 
(Other favourites - the Comforter Bubble Bar, Cosmetic Lad moisturiser - not just for boys!, any of the massage bars and the bubblegum lip scrub) 

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