Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Katyjjo | Pamper Night Essentials

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So, my favourite thing to do to signify the start of summer is to stop, take a breath and appreciate the fact that all the hard work of exams and 9-5 is over and done with.
The perfect way to chill out for me is by going all out girl and having a proper Pamper Evening. You never know, I might go the whole way and even watch Mean Girls or Clueless, i’m just that much of a clichĂ©.
Call it what you want but there isn’t a problem, in my book, that a long soak in the bath and some sweet scented candles can’t think - and most certainly a large pot of tea!

Here are my favourites for a pamper extravaganza - you can also use some of these things for sleepovers or girly nights - possibly just the face masks though…

You’ve been Mangoed Bath Melt - LUSH -

Sultana of Soap, body soap - LUSH -

Early Harvest Raspberry Shower Gel - The Body Shop -

Scrub ‘em and Leave ‘em body scrub - Soap and Glory -™-Body-Buff-300ml_999405/

Mango Body Butter - The Body Shop -

Mask of Magnanimity - Face and Back Pack - LUSH -

Creme de Cocoa, Tropical Riche Hair Masque - Bumble & Bumble -

Pink ‘White Jasmine and Amber Scented Candle’ - Primark -

I hope you find this video helpful if you love the occasional pampering as much as I do - treat yourself, you deserve it! AND if you like the sound of any of the products, go for it - they are honestly all wonderful.

Katy xoxo

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