Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Katyjjo | May Favourites

May has been a pretty good month - so far i've managed to get my blog up and running, done a seriously concerning amount of shopping, finished my exams and started the summer! So, it only seems right that to celebrate this lovely month of May I should write the first of (hopefully) many Monthly Favourites blog posts. 
SO, here's my list of loves for this month... 

1) My Mac 'Retro Matte' Flat out Fabulous lipstick (featured in my Everyday Make Up Video) 
2. My blue and creme 'Rock n' Rose' flower crown. 
3. My gorgeous pink vintage top from the Glasgow Vintage Co.
4. 'The Valley of the Dolls' by Jaqueline Susann. 
5. For the bath... Pulp Friction body scrub by Soap and Glory & The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Body Butter. 
6. For a pamper, the Bb Creme de Cocoa Tropical Riche hair masque. 

Firstly, if you have read any of my blog posts, particularly the one dedicated to them, you will know bold lipsticks are my thing. I love them from Russian Red to Icy Pinks, with me anything goes! This rich pink by mac is just beautiful - I love it. It's an amazing combination of romance and sass. It's very legally blonde, but don't let that put you off! Summer is the time to be bold - and this lipstick is a sophisticated twist on the Barbie 'pink' effect. It's rich and vibrant. I love it. 

The next favourite, my Rock n Rose crown is never off me, it's so simple and gorgeous. It turns even the most simple of looks into something really pretty and effortless. I had heard of the brand on Youtube and seen them post on instagram - and I know exactly why people are raving about them. I know some floral pieces can seem a bit too out there, but this one is just subtle enough to be acceptable with almost every outfit. It also arrived really quickly and gets lots of compliments. 

I picked up this next gorgeous vintage top whilst out shopping in Glasgow, it was only £25 which was an absolute steal - I will talk more about it in a Vintage Haul blog post/Vlog that I have got planned for the future - it's sequins everywhere and it's like a pastel pink take on Elsa's frozen dress. Wow, i've just realised... May is the month of pink!

The next favourite is a little bit different and that's because it's a book. I study English which means i'm always reading but now I actually have time to read for me, and this is a book i've been dying to get my hands on - "The Valley of the Dolls". It's a cult classic and I love it, it basically discusses the effect of fame and indulgence on 3 women and features some true divas - men included. The book was brilliant and I couldn't put it down, but it left me feeling empty and disappointed in the weak female protagonists - definitely a good holiday read though! 

The next two are products for the bath which I forgot about since I don't actually have a bath to indulge in at uni - but they are amazing - the scrub is possibly not as good as other Soap and Glory products such as 'Flake Away' which I love because it is mega salty (maybe a bit odd)... But the body butter... I mean... Wow - the body shop can do no wrong. 

Finally the Bumble and Bumble hair mask - this is a real treat. Just smother is on and leave it for as long as possible. It smells of coconuts and is a gorgeous texture - it also leaves your hair feeling weightless and silky. It's amazing, especially if like me your hair is dry and damaged - a real pamper night essential! 

I hope you like my favourites as much as I do! Let me know if you know any products I should try out for next month! 

Katy xoxo

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