Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Katyjjo | Everyday Make Up Routine

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Okay, So - I might be getting just a wee bit carried away with this YouTube thing, but it's good fun and I seem to enjoy talking to myself.

I know it's all a bit cringe but I love reading and watching other people's blogs and personal YouTubes so I thought i'd really try to give it a go. Feedback so far has been good, but i'll definitely still be writing up blog posts as well.

This is just a short (or as it turns out, pretty long) run down of exactly what I do to turn myself from spotty teenager to, well - not so spotty teenager every morning. It's particularly uninteresting but I did have fun messing around with the speed. I use some of my favourite products in this video - my Mac concealer and my Flat out Fabulous lipstick. This gorgeous pink is definitely my favourite right now! It's amazing and honestly, it looks good with just about anything...

I hope this video at the very least gives you all a good laugh - i'd really appreciate any comments as well, thanks guys!

Katy xoxo

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