Thursday, 29 May 2014

Depop | Intro to Never Fully Dressed

So... I was a bit late to jump on the Depop bandwagon.

Having, rather unsuccessfully attempted to flog my own clothes on Ebay a few times I guess I was a bit jaded and more than skeptical of my own selling abilities... One thing, however, that has never been in question is my buying ability: something that this quirky little app has fairly put to the test. It's hard to resist!

DEPOP is basically Asos Marketplace meets Instagram. I love the fusion of personality and buyability - ordering a Vintage inspired look is as simple as hitting retweet... I know what you're thinking - this could get dangerous. I had the App for a while and spent days scrolling through gorgeous brand after gorgeous brand... AND of course individuals posting pre-loved and up-cycled items - a concept that I have always tried to incorporate into my wardrobe. 

A brand that had recently come to my attention through my love for social media and out of the box clothe concepts is 'Never Fully Dressed'. They have also facilitated my first (of many to come) Depop purchase.

I really loved what i'd seen of this quirky yet unashamedly feminine brand. Like the forum Depop itself NFD incorporates a similar fusion of the sophisticated classic and the modern 'fashion forward' woman. Defining items in their Summer line are their gorgeous co-ordinates - from their knitted pastel two pieces to their skimpy bow top numbers and their beautiful lace detailed dresses. These items are appearing more and more frequently on my newsfeed. I adore the simplicity and structure of these gorgeous looks and will certainly be purchasing myself some of these for the summer months.

However, for my first NFD buy I went for an essential staple for any British summer, a cardigan. It all sounds very boring and practical until you see it. I've found it really difficult to find a cardigan that wouldn't deter from or swamp any of my sweet summer looks - that's why I was immediately drawn to the crisp and vibrant colours on display at NFD. 

This one size fits all Jade cable knit cardi was perfect. The gorgeous button detailing and pop of colour make it an outfit enhancer and not a style deterrent which a lot of other cover ups tend to be. I saw it and knew it was perfect.

The immediacy of the app was only furthered by the immediacy of the delivery which came 2 days later. I was able to communicate really freely with the seller on Depop which added a personal touch that got me all the more hyped for my gorgeous product to arrive and gave me even more love for the brand. Also the package arrived wrapped in a beautiful pink and accompanied by a little postcard - this brand finally gets it - they are personable and purchasable!! 

The cardigan arrived and... let me know what you think, but to me it's perfect - a gorgeous compliment to the British summer and a real flattering tone for blondes. NFD, i'm in love. 

Katy xoxo



Anonymous said...

That cardigan has such a lovely contrast with you hair colour!xx

Katy 'J said...

Thank you so much, it would suit you too! Must be a blonde thing, haha xx

Lindsey Elizabeth Pritchard said...

What a beautiful colour. I downloaded depop a while ago and could never get to grips with the selling on there. I've stuck to ebay but even that I might aswell just give my clothes away.

Lindsey. x

Katy 'J said...

I was the same, but honestly it is really great xo

Chloe Spencer said...

That colour is gorgeous! I've never used Depop before - maybe I should start? Haha!

Chloe x

Sindy Ng said...

this cardi is so gorgeous! i've found so many good pieces from depop! x

Katy 'J said...

you should, it's a brilliant little app! xx

Katy 'J said...

it's really brilliant - thank you! xx

Katy 'J said...

it's really good!! thank you xx

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