Wednesday, 14 May 2014

What's In My Bag? | Essentials

I'm no Mary Poppins; but I reckon every girl in the world has had days where they wish they could nick her never ending bag...

... Or maybe that beautiful beaded one that Hermione manages to stash a months supply of clothes into in Harry Potter ... Yes, that would do nicely!
Alas, I have to cope with squeezing all my necessities into my highly impractical... but, highly gorgeous lilac number. 

As lilac is the flavour of the month for high-street fashion, it makes sense that my choice for a summer bag encapsulates this pastel trend. Mine is from Fossil and it is perfect for the holidays, it's only fault is in its size. But, the two pockets somehow compensate and I always manage to squeeze my 'essentials' in there, all be it with a bit of elbow-grease. 

Its really refreshing to have some spare time on my hands in the holidays. As an English lit student i'm practically always reading - but i'm really embracing having some spare time on my hands to read something, just for me. My Kindle is therefore my number one Summer bag essential. At the minute i'm reading 'Paper Aeroplanes' by Dawn O'Porter. It's exactly what the doctor ordered, a bit of girly, light hearted rubbish - I love it! After that i'll start the 'Valley of the Dolls' which is a book i've i've been meaning to get into for a while, so hopefully it lives up to expectations - I will maybe post a review when i'm done. 

Everything else is fairly self explanatory; i've got my purse - which Lewis got me for my birthday and is probably my most valuable possession, despite it always being empty... And my phone; which typically doesn't even make it into the bag because i'm checking twitter, instagram or taking pointless pictures of myself to prove i'm doing something valuable... Hence the need to carry around my iPhone charger. Anyone who has sold their soul to Apple (guilty) will know it is absolutely crucial to get through a long day of social watsits and doodas. 

I carry a little bit of make up around with me, but to be honest I hardly ever touch up during the day - not that I don't need to; because I know that I do... but just because I never really have the time. But still, I like to know concealer is on hand should there be any face related disaster. Or incidentally should anyone else be having one...

The last thing that I carry around; aside from my glasses which I obviously could not survive without is my wee Cath Kidston Rail-Card holder - which I love. I travel quite a lot - most weekends actually so it's a great idea to keep me organised and it swaps out really well if I don't want to take my whole purse with me on a night out - it's a neat alternative. 

So... that my friends is what's in my bag. 

Katy xoxo


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