Thursday, 29 May 2014

Depop | Intro to Never Fully Dressed

So... I was a bit late to jump on the Depop bandwagon.

Having, rather unsuccessfully attempted to flog my own clothes on Ebay a few times I guess I was a bit jaded and more than skeptical of my own selling abilities... One thing, however, that has never been in question is my buying ability: something that this quirky little app has fairly put to the test. It's hard to resist!

DEPOP is basically Asos Marketplace meets Instagram. I love the fusion of personality and buyability - ordering a Vintage inspired look is as simple as hitting retweet... I know what you're thinking - this could get dangerous. I had the App for a while and spent days scrolling through gorgeous brand after gorgeous brand... AND of course individuals posting pre-loved and up-cycled items - a concept that I have always tried to incorporate into my wardrobe. 

A brand that had recently come to my attention through my love for social media and out of the box clothe concepts is 'Never Fully Dressed'. They have also facilitated my first (of many to come) Depop purchase.

I really loved what i'd seen of this quirky yet unashamedly feminine brand. Like the forum Depop itself NFD incorporates a similar fusion of the sophisticated classic and the modern 'fashion forward' woman. Defining items in their Summer line are their gorgeous co-ordinates - from their knitted pastel two pieces to their skimpy bow top numbers and their beautiful lace detailed dresses. These items are appearing more and more frequently on my newsfeed. I adore the simplicity and structure of these gorgeous looks and will certainly be purchasing myself some of these for the summer months.

However, for my first NFD buy I went for an essential staple for any British summer, a cardigan. It all sounds very boring and practical until you see it. I've found it really difficult to find a cardigan that wouldn't deter from or swamp any of my sweet summer looks - that's why I was immediately drawn to the crisp and vibrant colours on display at NFD. 

This one size fits all Jade cable knit cardi was perfect. The gorgeous button detailing and pop of colour make it an outfit enhancer and not a style deterrent which a lot of other cover ups tend to be. I saw it and knew it was perfect.

The immediacy of the app was only furthered by the immediacy of the delivery which came 2 days later. I was able to communicate really freely with the seller on Depop which added a personal touch that got me all the more hyped for my gorgeous product to arrive and gave me even more love for the brand. Also the package arrived wrapped in a beautiful pink and accompanied by a little postcard - this brand finally gets it - they are personable and purchasable!! 

The cardigan arrived and... let me know what you think, but to me it's perfect - a gorgeous compliment to the British summer and a real flattering tone for blondes. NFD, i'm in love. 

Katy xoxo


Gorgeous Pastel Trend | Review

This is a review of my favourite summer palate - what Company magazine have aptly named the 'Ice Cream' pastel colours trend.

It's so summery and unashamedly feminine, which is what makes it so appealing to me! Those baby pinks we never quite grew out of are painting the pages of MissGuided and Asos this summer; they've even hit the runway.

This trend has caught the eye of SO many bloggers and Instagrammers, the self professed 'Queen of Pastels' Charlotte Fisher included. I have fully embraced this trend purchasing various lilac and sherbet yellow items, however if this trend is just too sweet to handle, here are some subtle ways to incorporate this summery vibe into your accessories...

Also, this is a brilliant way to be on trend... Without breaking the bank in the process.

I have focused mainly on nails for this feature because I am just loving the pastel nail colours I have found on the highstreet - Models Own have a brilliant collection, but the ones I have purchased include American Apparel's pink 'Coney Island' and their 'Lilac' nail lacquer. They retailed at around £8 which is quite expensive, but I got mine as part of a bargain deal. They apply really consistently and are really smooth and quick drying - but they really really do encapsulate this gorgeous pastel trend at minimal effort - making even the most basic of outfits somewhat FashionForward.

The next nail varnish is one I bought a while ago and its the BarryM texturised polish in Ridley Road. This one is different because it hardens in a rough texture which I don't really love - I much prefer their Gelly texture finish - this is a great alternative to the Nails Inc Gel Effect which are a bit more pricey. This BarryM polish was £3.99 from Boots and is a gorgeous mint green - a lot cheaper but just as on point for this pastel look.

My last pastel go to would be Primark; I had a rummage the other day and they have some gorgeous pieces in this palate - so much baby pink - it's like girl heaven - cheap and gorgeous. I picked up a dupe on my Rock n Rose crown that you know I love in a baby pink and creme /// but instead of being £24... STEEP I know, it was £4... Amazing. They also have some amazing/amazingly reasonably priced pastel necklaces for just that little touch of femininity.

You don't have to fully jump on the bandwagon with every new trend - but these are just some suggestions to dip your toes into the soft pastel colours that the HighStreet has gone mad for - Hopefully you can all give this sherbet sweet trend a try.

Katy xoxo


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Katyjjo | Pamper Night Essentials

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So, my favourite thing to do to signify the start of summer is to stop, take a breath and appreciate the fact that all the hard work of exams and 9-5 is over and done with.
The perfect way to chill out for me is by going all out girl and having a proper Pamper Evening. You never know, I might go the whole way and even watch Mean Girls or Clueless, i’m just that much of a clich√©.
Call it what you want but there isn’t a problem, in my book, that a long soak in the bath and some sweet scented candles can’t think - and most certainly a large pot of tea!

Here are my favourites for a pamper extravaganza - you can also use some of these things for sleepovers or girly nights - possibly just the face masks though…


Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Katyjjo | May Favourites

May has been a pretty good month - so far i've managed to get my blog up and running, done a seriously concerning amount of shopping, finished my exams and started the summer! So, it only seems right that to celebrate this lovely month of May I should write the first of (hopefully) many Monthly Favourites blog posts. 
SO, here's my list of loves for this month... 

1) My Mac 'Retro Matte' Flat out Fabulous lipstick (featured in my Everyday Make Up Video) 
2. My blue and creme 'Rock n' Rose' flower crown. 
3. My gorgeous pink vintage top from the Glasgow Vintage Co.
4. 'The Valley of the Dolls' by Jaqueline Susann. 
5. For the bath... Pulp Friction body scrub by Soap and Glory & The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Body Butter. 
6. For a pamper, the Bb Creme de Cocoa Tropical Riche hair masque. 

Firstly, if you have read any of my blog posts, particularly the one dedicated to them, you will know bold lipsticks are my thing. I love them from Russian Red to Icy Pinks, with me anything goes! This rich pink by mac is just beautiful - I love it. It's an amazing combination of romance and sass. It's very legally blonde, but don't let that put you off! Summer is the time to be bold - and this lipstick is a sophisticated twist on the Barbie 'pink' effect. It's rich and vibrant. I love it. 

The next favourite, my Rock n Rose crown is never off me, it's so simple and gorgeous. It turns even the most simple of looks into something really pretty and effortless. I had heard of the brand on Youtube and seen them post on instagram - and I know exactly why people are raving about them. I know some floral pieces can seem a bit too out there, but this one is just subtle enough to be acceptable with almost every outfit. It also arrived really quickly and gets lots of compliments. 

Katyjjo | Everyday Make Up Routine

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Okay, So - I might be getting just a wee bit carried away with this YouTube thing, but it's good fun and I seem to enjoy talking to myself.

I know it's all a bit cringe but I love reading and watching other people's blogs and personal YouTubes so I thought i'd really try to give it a go. Feedback so far has been good, but i'll definitely still be writing up blog posts as well.

This is just a short (or as it turns out, pretty long) run down of exactly what I do to turn myself from spotty teenager to, well - not so spotty teenager every morning. It's particularly uninteresting but I did have fun messing around with the speed. I use some of my favourite products in this video - my Mac concealer and my Flat out Fabulous lipstick. This gorgeous pink is definitely my favourite right now! It's amazing and honestly, it looks good with just about anything...


Monday, 26 May 2014

Katyjjo | Summer Clothes Haul

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Hey, so I got quite good feedback for my blog and when I asked you guys what you wanted me to do for my next video I got a few messages saying to try a look into my wardrobe... So here it is!!

This is like a combination of my YouTube and my Blog - it's quite possibly awful but i'll let you all be the judge of that! I had fun filming it anyway :)

Hope you enjoy it - here are all the links!


Sunday, 25 May 2014

Girls Can't Pack


It's far too early for me to be packing anyway; but after a day of channeling my pre-holiday buzz into an attempt at making packing progress I have drawn one conclusion: Girls cannot pack. 

Okay, so it's only a week, but is handluggage ever really enough? From as long as I can remember I have been trained to 'always have a spare' and that all those wonder cremes in my make up bag are TOTALLY essential... Haven't we all? It seems to me the female species is entirely ill equipt for liquid restrictions and baggage limits... But no, we are conditioned into EasyJet's not so 'easy' packing policy. 

I accept that cutting down on shoes and handbags isn't exactly a first world problem, but it's one that, come holiday time, is probably a first concern for everyone who wants to look and feel their best on that long awaited getaway. I KNOW it's possible, and I will do whatever it takes to make sure I fit every last piece of 'unnecessary' junk into my oh so tiny bag, because well - what would I do without that extra handbag? (Joking - kind of...)

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Naked 3 vs Naked 1 | Urban Decay Review

My big beauty love has always been my trusty Urban Decay eyeshadow Palate. Relatively recently though I decided to branch out of my neutral comfort zone... Well, not really. I purchased the 'not so' Naked, 3 palate. 

It's essentially the same sort of thing, however Naked 3 comprises shimmering pinks and rose gold shades where the first is slightly 'safer' with its soft creme and golds. Ultimately: I love both of these products and they have been an absolute god send to me. They seem pricey but honestly you don't need to have any more eyeshadow than what comes in these babies... It's way more than enough. 

I was really happy with my Naked 1 and honestly my purchasing of a second palate can be put down to nothing but impulse spending. I had always lusted after how good the other Urban Decay products look; i mean, they're gorgeous, but having only touched pan on one of the colours (Virgin) I really didn't NEED need it. Anyway, i'm so glad I bought it. 

I think the brand has really nailed it with their case this time; my first one looks really shabby because of the texturised material and nearly all of the gold wording has chipped off so this hard rosey case is a winner - it also has a bigger mirror which is fab for applying make up on the train...

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

What's In My Bag? | Essentials

I'm no Mary Poppins; but I reckon every girl in the world has had days where they wish they could nick her never ending bag...

... Or maybe that beautiful beaded one that Hermione manages to stash a months supply of clothes into in Harry Potter ... Yes, that would do nicely!
Alas, I have to cope with squeezing all my necessities into my highly impractical... but, highly gorgeous lilac number. 

As lilac is the flavour of the month for high-street fashion, it makes sense that my choice for a summer bag encapsulates this pastel trend. Mine is from Fossil and it is perfect for the holidays, it's only fault is in its size. But, the two pockets somehow compensate and I always manage to squeeze my 'essentials' in there, all be it with a bit of elbow-grease. 

Its really refreshing to have some spare time on my hands in the holidays. As an English lit student i'm practically always reading - but i'm really embracing having some spare time on my hands to read something, just for me. My Kindle is therefore my number one Summer bag essential. At the minute i'm reading 'Paper Aeroplanes' by Dawn O'Porter. It's exactly what the doctor ordered, a bit of girly, light hearted rubbish - I love it! After that i'll start the 'Valley of the Dolls' which is a book i've i've been meaning to get into for a while, so hopefully it lives up to expectations - I will maybe post a review when i'm done. 

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Met Gala | Best Dressed

Most people have already had their say on the gorgeous turn out at the Met Gala this year. Being late into the blogging scene i've neglected to have my, all be it far from ground breaking, two cents on the matter. I stayed up to catch the hashtags on US time, and it was well worth it. Some of the event's show-stoppers go without saying, the gorgeous girls of Topshop, Kendall Jenner included! 


Mac | Lipstick Favourites

So, my biggest make-up addiction has always been lipstick.
I think for me lipstick has always been the best way to accessorise. 
It’s like a good pair of shoes - i’m forever having fat days, but you never really hear of anyone getting ‘fat-feet’ days - hence shoes are always, always the answer! Likewise; a bit of lippy can bring back the confidence that mother nature has exchanged for a full on break out. For me, this is a brilliant way to combat any kind of fat day; belly, face - or just all of the above. 
The lipsticks that have really got me hooked are the simple Mac range. From the classic Russian Red to the glow in the dark Morange, Mac really can do no wrong when it comes to the statement lip. As its creeping into summer my favourite list is a bit more specific at the moment; and incorporates some A-list shades. 

  1. Number one for summer is ‘Snob’, a gorgeous icy pink. 
  1. Then a bold orange or ‘Morange’ that is close to luminous. 
  1. A gorgeous and feminine pink, ‘Girl About Town’ 
  1. And a classic red, ‘Ruby Woo’ 

These shades are my top picks for summer as they cover all basis: from a big gals night out to a quick Starbucks date. The gorgeous shades are perfect for making a statement or for blending with pastel colours that are particularly on trend for summer 2014. 
Katy xoxo

Lush | My Favourites

Lush, to the untrained eye, is a noxious combination of girl heaven and every savvy shoppers hell. The range of bizarre cure-all concoctions is overwhelming to say the least and the welcome stench of sweet florals will have you sneezing rose petals. 

However, Lush has come to define my pamper routine… Trust me, once you get a translation the products really are must-haves. From their bath bombs to shampoo and facial care; whether its the natural ingredients or the amazing smells, Lush is onto a winner. 
Here are some products I recently purchased from the store for my own miniature pamper evening:

  1. The face mask aptly named ‘Cupcake’.
  1. A ‘Buffy’ body butter bar. 
  1. And the amazing ‘Big’ Sea Salt Shampoo. 
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