Monday, 7 October 2019

Hello again: The turning point

Hello, how are you doing? It’s been a while. 

Over the next few posts, I am going to attempt to make up for a stupidly long blogging hiatus by filling you in on the past 18 months. 

It’s been a whirlwind, not all of it good, but I’m delighted to report that I’m writing this now happy, healthy and hard working in a job that I love; although it took a while to get here.

Since we last spoke, I’ve had an operation, lost both of my darling grandparents, returned to University and completed my master’s degree. I’ve also secured my first full time job as a presenter on Capital Scotland’s drive time show… As I say, it’s been a lot. 

I’d be lying if I said all of that wasn’t overwhelming - to be honest, I’ve been a wreck half the time I’ve been away, but I am here, I am fighting and I am full of renewed appreciation for life. 

Throughout the next few weeks, I will trace some of the experiences I’ve neglected to share on this site. 

From coming to terms with the tremendous loss of my darling Grandparents, to going back to University to make them proud and now, to working at Capital FM in my dream job. 

Trust me, it’s been a journey, but I’ve learned a lot and hopefully some of what I’ve been through might help you to push through your own dark times.

This time eighteen months ago, I could barely envisage a life without pain - without grief and chronic illness swallowing me whole - thankfully, that is not the case now. 

These pictures were taken over my 24th Birthday weekend at home in Aberdeen.
I feel like this Birthday was an extra special one because of everything we’ve been through over the last couple of years. It feels like a real achievement to be here, in this good place, with people I love around me. 

I hope you enjoy hearing what I’ve been up to in my next post. 

Love and thanks for sticking with me.


Distilling our own gin with Still River in Glasgow

There are few better than sipping on a refreshing glass of home-brewed Scottish gin on a Saturday with your bestie.

A couple of weekends ago, my pal Anna and I were invited along to an event that incorporated both of these things - with an extra special twist; we were the master brewers, thanks to Still River Gin.

Hidden in plain sight in Glasgow city centre, is a gin school where connoisseurs and boozers alike can learn the tricks of the trade, courtesy of this delicious Deeside distillery.

Located inside the Argyle’s Street Arches, Still River Gin school offers attendees the chance to create and distil their very own gin in copper pot stills. 

The three-hour master class began with a delicious welcome gin and tonic, followed by the opportunity to smell, sample and explore the vast botanical selection on offer. 

Still River brand ambassador and master mixologist, Ryan Rhodes talked us through each of the flavours, helping us to design our very own taste profiles.

Anna opted for a winter brew, incorporating spicy, rich flavours with nutmeg and ginger at the core, where I decided to create a citrus blend. 

We distilled our flavours of choice in a copper still before decanting our delicious blends into 50cl bottles to take home - all whilst discovering more about this Banchory based brand. 
Ryan was a delight. Full of knowledge and patience as we attempted, not so skilfully, to select and then weigh out our ingredients (a process that became ever more tricky the more G&Ts we got through!)

We learnt a lot about the brand and had a brilliant time playing mixologist for the day.
Last year Still River Gin won an award for producing the ‘world’s strongest gin,’ an award winning 77% ABV strength Naked Uncut Gin. 

They make beautiful gins, rums and liqueurs and the classes run every Saturday in Glasgow. 

Tickets cost £120. 


Monday, 26 November 2018

Endo Silence Scotland @ Endo Research Now

On Saturday 17th November 2018, Endo Silence Scotland's founder and endo warrior, Katy, went along to Endometriosis UK's first endo research conference in London. (Endometriosis Research now!) #ResearchEndoNow Here's a little video documenting her experience on the day, her take-aways and info about the ongoing research that we could all benefit from very soon!
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